About Us

Our company Chairs experts are well known for making a wide variety of chairs for different purposes. Back in 2012 was a one-person show, as all team members wrote reviews for all kinds of chairs and tested them for all aspects. As the team members have grown over the past few years, we must introduce our new authors to these innovative chairs.

Edward john

Edward John is an ambitious writer for gaming chairs from Canada. He is a professional game developer and recently completed a master’s in information technology. He wrote many reviews for gaming chairs used in different types of computer games.

He is an expert in writing about PC gaming chairs, Rocker gaming chairs, Racer gaming chairs, and Pedestal gaming chairs, as these chairs can be adjusted for height, are ergonomic, and comfortable, comes with wheels for ease of transportation, improve concentration while playing and can be used for relaxation.

Peter Chris

Peter Chris, a senior executive officer in a multi-national company and specialist from Norway, is very well known for writing reviews for office chairs. He wrote about the strong production capacity, R&D investments, and strict quality control of auditorium chairs, sofas, Lounge training chairs, mesh chairs, and leather-made chairs.

He described the chairs as pros like boosting comfort, improving productivity and posture, improving employee engagement, and reducing workplace injuries.

William Brook

William Brook is a senior medical officer and plastic surgeon in a well-reputed hospital in northern California. Being a senior doctor and passionate about writing about hospital equipment, especially medicated chairs, he wrote reviews about chairs used in the medical field.

He is skilled in writing about, Mammography chairs, ophthalmology chairs, X- rays chairs, surgery chairs, sampling chairs, and dental chairs. His reviews define the benefits of these chairs as reducing neck pain, posture support, relieving hip pressure, improving blood circulation, and boosting productivity levels.