You may have seen your favorite YouTuber or streamer with a gaming chair and now you are planning to buy one. But after seeing the price tag of the best gaming chairs and comparing them with others, you are having second thoughts about whether you should spend money on a gaming chair or not.

That’s where this blog post will come in handy because it answers the most asked question about gaming chairs: ‘are gaming chairs worth the money?

But before getting to the answer to this question, let’s see how a gaming chair differs from a regular chair. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

Gaming chairs have become very popular recently because they offer many benefits over typical office chairs. They’re also appealing to an increasing number of people who spend hours each day staring at their computers or consoles. However, let’s look at some key factors that separate gaming chairs from regular or office chairs.

  • Gaming chairs are more aesthetically pleasing than office or regular chairs because of their bucket seats, colorful accents, and winged backs. However, the discussed fortes do not increase the functionality of the chair. Instead, they only boost the price tags of gaming chairs.
  • Since gaming chairs are for gamers, most gaming chairs come with built-in speakers and vibrations. These features are present to enhance the immersive gaming experience of gamers.
  • Unlike regular or office chairs, gaming chairs offer more adjustability options.
  • Most people do not know that gaming chairs also have some further types, such as:
    • Pedestal gaming chairs.
    • Racing seat gaming chairs.
    • Rocker gaming chairs.

Now, you know the significant differences between gaming chairs and office chairs. So, it is time to answer the elephant in the room.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth the Money?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’ because gaming chairs are aesthetically pleasing. So, as long as they are aesthetically pleasing, their fan base is not going anywhere.

But gaming chairs are not for everyone. That is why you will often see a lot of criticism on gaming chairs. So, let’s discuss a few factors that will help you decide if a gaming chair suits your use case.

1.     Aesthetically pleasing design

The design of gaming chairs is their most significant selling point. However, this doesn’t mean that gaming chairs are not comfortable.

Most mid to high-end gaming chairs are comfortable. But if you want comfortability (only) and the aesthetics of a chair are not a concern for you, there is no need to spend extra bucks buying gaming chairs because you are better off them. In such a case, office chairs will do the job for you.

As we’ve discussed in the ‘Gaming Chair vs Office Chair’ section, the entire focus of office chairs’ manufacturers is on the comfortability and ergonomics of chairs. So, when it comes to the design of office chairs, they hold their investments a bit low.

A prime example of gaming chairs is racing cars’ bucket-style driving seats. Although they hold the racers in place during a competitive racing competition, they are not the ideal design for long-term sitting.

However, this doesn’t mean you will not be comfortable in bucket-style chairs. They are comfortable but not as comfortable as non-bucket-style chairs. So, if you can compromise a little bit on comfortability and ergonomics, you can choose bucket-style gaming chairs.

2.     Height and weight of the user

Many gaming chairs get easily broken because they are too small for users. So, your height and weight are vital in deciding on a gaming chair. For example, most gaming chairs will not work for you if you weigh 250 pounds or more and are six ft. five-inch tall.

Thus, experts recommend checking gaming chairs’ height and weight requirements before buying them. However, if you don’t buy a gaming chair according to your height and weight, one of two things will happen to you:

  • Your chair will get broken.


  • You will be uncomfortable in your gaming chair.

There are some rare scenarios where the manufacturer has not mentioned gaming chairs’ height and weight requirements. So, if you are in such a rare situation, you should look for other options, which is the next point in this (are gaming chairs worth the money?) post.

*** Pro Tip: You can pick the ‘DXRacer Formula’ or ‘Secretlab Omega’ series if you are a small user. However, the Tank series of DXRacer is ideal for larger users ***

3.     Renowned brands vs. smaller companies:

Like GPUs, most gaming chairs in the $200 price range are made by the same companies, but different brands rebrand them for selling. In business terminologies, this technique is called private labeling. A prime example of private labeling is listings of the same product by different brands on Amazon.

So, before purchasing a gaming chair, look at the other available options. If the only difference is the design and logo on the chair, you may be able to find the same design on the other chairs at a much lesser cost. This situation is ideal for those who have a tight budget.

However, if you don’t have limitations on the budget, buying gaming chairs from well-known brands is essential because reputable brands have better customer support than smaller random companies. Some most respected names in the gaming chair world are:

  • DXRacer.
  • Secretlab.
  • Vertagear.

4.     Adjustment options:

Apart from the aesthetics, adjustment is another key forte in a gaming chair. In fact, adjustment is one of the significant reasons gaming chairs are more comfortable than office chairs. However, this doesn’t mean that office chairs do not have adjustment options. They also come with reasonable adjustment options. But compared to the mid and high-end gaming chairs, office chairs have limited adjustment options.

So, suppose you think the limited adjustment options in office chairs will be best for you. In that case, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to buy a gaming chair. However, picking the gaming chairs is a better option if you want the additional benefits of chairs’ adjustability.

5.     Lumbar support:

Most gaming chairs come with lumbar support. However, the offered lumbar support in gaming chairs is not perfect because some are too bulky, whereas others are too skinny. That’s because every individual has a different mindset about what excellent lumbar support will feel like in gaming chairs. The same is the case with office chairs.

High-end office chairs from Herman Miller have excellent lumbar support. But those chairs cost more than a thousand bucks. So, unless you don’t have a problem paying 1000 dollars (or more), you can easily find a chair with excellent lumbar support.

Thus, before deciding to pick a gaming chair, you should know that the lumbar support of most gaming chairs is not up-to-mark. And gaming chairs with close to perfect lumbar support cost a lot of money. So, if this situation is not an issue for you, you can buy a gaming chair.

*** Pro Tip: According to our experience, the Secretlab Titan has the best lumbar support because it doesn’t have a lumbar support pillow. Instead, the manufacturer has directly built the lumbar support into the chair. However, the lumbar support of Secretlab Titan is ideal for taller users ***
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Are Gaming Chairs Worth it? – the Conclusion:

Overall, gaming chairs are not terrible because some are even better than others. However, as mentioned earlier, everybody has a different mindset about the ‘perfect’ gaming chair.

So, what looks perfect to you may not be ideal for others and vice versa. That is why we have discussed a few factors that will help you decide whether gaming chairs are the right choice for you or not in this blog post.

Thus, please read the above discussion thoroughly because sometimes, you won’t get a chance to try gaming chairs while buying them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     Are gaming chairs better than regular chairs?

The answer to this question varies according to your use case. So, we have prepared a comprehensive guide of five factors to help you decide whether the gaming chairs are better for you or the office chairs are most suitable for you.

Thus, read the above guide to find the answer to this question.

2.     Are gaming chairs comfortable?

Yes. Manufacturers have designed gaming chairs to bring more comfort and enhance the gaming experience of a gamer’s setup. So, they are more comfortable than most office or regular chairs.

3.     Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Yes. Gaming chairs reduce users’ stress by keeping the spine aligned to the back. This reduced stress results in an increased energy level. So, users can sit on gaming chairs for long hours and focus the increased energy elsewhere to be more productive.

However, the aforementioned benefits of gaming chairs are only helpful if you pick the perfect gaming chair. And by perfect, we mean a gaming chair that supports your upper back, head, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, and hips

4.     Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, only perfect gaming chairs are suitable for your back. And by perfect, we mean a gaming chair that supports your upper back, head, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, and hips. But what is perfect for you may not be perfect for others. So, please read the above guide to find a suitable gaming chair.

5.     Are gaming chairs with speakers worth it?

Yes. Gaming chairs with speakers increase the overall gaming experience. However, those are not suitable for regular users and even for some gamers. So, test those chairs before buying them.

6.     Are Secretlab gaming chairs worth it?

Like the Formula series of DXRacer, the Omega series of Secretlab gaming chairs are ideal for smaller users. So, if you are a small user, you can buy them because they are worth it.

7.     Do gaming chairs make a difference?

A gaming chair will undoubtedly make a difference compared to an office chair. For example, a gaming chair is an ideal solution if you have poor sitting habits or bad posture. However, a gaming chair can only fix lousy posture or poor sitting habits if you have picked a perfect chair.

And by perfect, we mean a gaming chair that supports your upper back, head, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, and hips.

8.     What is the purpose of a gaming chair?

The purpose of purchasing a gaming chair is to comfort the gamers while adding aesthetics to their gaming setup. However, a gaming chair can do more than enhance a setup’s look.

Some gaming chairs have built-in vibrations and speakers to improve the gaming experience. But they are more expensive than simple gaming chairs.

9.     Who buys gaming chairs?

Although manufacturers design gaming chairs for gamers, nowadays, remote workers and some office users also use them because they find them more comfortable than conventional office chairs.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should also do the same if other people from your background are also buying gaming chairs. Instead, it would be best if you read the above guide to find out whether gaming chairs are for you or not.

10.   Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Gaming chairs enhance the gaming experience of a setup by adding aesthetics and providing additional features, such as vibration and speakers. These additional features are the primary reason gaming chairs are more expensive than office chairs.

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