With the prevailing trend of e-sports in the world, people who were unaware in the past are now trying to indulge themselves in this amazing gaming platform. But there are many issues like mostly persons ignore their health and play games 24/7 as it gives a chance to earn huge money. In this crucial case, gaming chairs are introduced that are specifically manufactured to meet gaming needs. And one of the most incredible ones is Autofull Gaming Chair!

This marvelously high-quality product is an ergonomic racing-style gaming chair. It covers the whole body of the person who sits on it with its high back and is perfect for giving support. Autofull Gaming Chair can also be the best choice for a person suffering from Fibromyalgia. This chair meets all the standards of the video game. This affordable pro chair has a thicker backrest with a comfortable seat cushion. The lumbar pillow and the headrest, with the adjustability, fit the needs of the waist and neck.

A good gaming chair takes your gaming experience to the next level by improving it. And this article prevents you from fatigue because it can rotate with its wheel anywhere on your computer table. The armrests are nicely designed to make room for your arms that saves you from cramping and pain. Its high-strength base and frame offer a high load capacity without any risk. Although the market is stuffed with many products, preferable are those with a valid certification to use because they save you from any later consequences.

It offers a money-back guarantee and parts return warranty within a certain time limit to increase the appeal and convince the buyers to buy this wonderful product. With all these matchless qualities, it can recline back to adjust to a certain angle to take a nap and remain relaxed in the hassle and bustle gaming time.

If you want to buy this premium designed ergonomic racing chair, then here is a complete product review of this product with the details of its features. Give a complete read!

Autofull Gaming Chair – Best for Gaming and Work

4.5Autofull Gaming Chair



  • 348.3 lbs average load capacity
  • Adjustable 2D armrest
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Strong nylon base
  • Affordable price
  • The seat height piston is not satisfactory

Product Overview

Autofull Gaming Chair is the best of all gaming chairs because of its efficiency and high-quality features. Its lumbar pillow is backbone-friendly as it supports the backbone for longer hours. The sitting area is wide, giving enough room to sit an adult with all comfort and a 16.1″ × 20.9″ (L×W) area. The chair is highly adjustable because it can recline at any angle between 90 to 155 degrees and then be locked at that set angle to give you high relaxation. The 2D armrest supports the arms and wrists while playing. Besides this, the nylon base and high strength, durable improved material have a carrying capacity of a maximum load of 348.3 lbs. The characteristics of this product do not end here because it offers safety to its users as it has an SSG certified4-level cylinder that gives ultra-protection. So what can be better than the parts warranty and money-back guarantee of a product!

Key Specifications

Load capacity348.3 lbsMaterialLeather
Product weight44 lbsAge rangeAdults
Reclining angle90°-155°Wheel rotation360° swivel
HeightAdjustableArmrest2D adjustable
Product dimensions20.9″ × 20.9″ × 47.6″ (L × W × H)BaseSturdy Nylon

Features in Detail

Rotating Mechanism

A rigid chair is never a piece of fancy for anyone because it does not let the user move freely. But in the case of the Autofull Gaming Chair, you find this ease because it has wheels that can be rotated up to 360° so perfectly that you can work anywhere on your computer desk while playing without standing to manage the whole task.

Ergonomic Design

One main and common thing among all the gaming chairs that customers always notice is its ergonomic style. If a chair has this feature, then people buy it without thinking anymore. The chair is equipped with a 5″ seat cushion with a thick backrest that gives you a superior feeling. The lumbar pillow and the headrest are highly adjustable, so do not worry about getting tired while playing.

Autofull Gaming Chair
Infographic: Buying Guide for Autofull Gaming Chair

SSG Level 4 Gas Lift

An SSG level cylinder is placed beneath the seat cushion that makes adjusting the height easy and quick and helps to sit comfortably for long periods of work. Moreover, it is evidence that the chair has a high level of protection.

Strong Nylon Base

Its unique in style nylon base is very powerful and sturdy and can carry more than heavy loads. Maximum it can carry 2000 lbs, and for the average, it can carry 348.3 lbs weight.

Comfortable Seat Cushion

Autofull Gaming Chair has a 50% extra density in the seat sponge compared to the other gaming chairs present in the market; it has a 5″ anti-collapse cushion.

Integrated Metal Frame

The frame is made of sturdy metal that is reliable in working and is strong enough to carry heavy loads, and gives high protection and safety to the person sitting on it.

Recline Back

This incredible chair can recline back to a particular angle between the range of 90°-155°, and its locking mechanism helps set and lock that particular angle to sleep during the busy schedule.

Adjustable Armrest

The 2D armrest is very adjustable; it can rotate left and right up to 45° and can lift down to 2.8″ depending on your priority.


Q: What is the material of the frame? Is it preferable for use?

Yes, it is preferable and never hesitate to use it. The material is not metal, but it is a sturdy plastic frame.

Q: Does the company offer the best customer service because I always have many questions regarding my articles?

Yes, the customer service is good although it takes a little more time to reply to you they are willing to answer all your questions.

Q: Does the chair have satisfactory cushion padding because I can not bear pressure on the back?

Obviously, yes, the chair cushion has satisfactory padding, so do not worry about the softness.


Autofull Gaming Chair is a matchless premium-designed addition to your computer desk because it is the most recommended chair for esports. This featured gaming chair is suitable for playing games for hours and also gives you relaxation when you feel tired. An adjustable armrest, height, lumbar pillow, SSG certification, sturdy frame and base makes it is worth buying!