The desire to make your working routine as productive as possible goes hand in hand with high-end computer chairs. You can check out reviews on the best computer and workstation chairs that have become ideal choices for long periods of sitting time.

The below-mentioned suggestions have user-friendly designs, adjustable height properties, and great designs that deliver personalized comfort. Indeed, they are believed to be best-selling and high-in-demand chairs that you can try out. Top-notch and reputed brands have made them and they give you the most perfect and fatigue-free sitting time.

If you want to take care of your body posture needs, try these suggestions and let us know your experience with them. They end up making you workstation warriors and promise to give all-day comfort. Other features like tilt lock and tilt tension, a five-star base 360-degree swivel offers you freedom of movement. Now, you can see the reviews and see which suggestion suits you:

Comparison table of Top 10 Best computer chair for long hours in 2022

SeatWheelsDesign and shape
Furmax Computer ChairThick padded360-degree swivelErgonomic
Amazon Basics Computer Desk ChairUpholsteredDual wheel castersHuman-oriented
NEO Computer ChairMid back cushion seatSwivel rolling wheelsFully adjustable and ergonomic
OFIKA Computer Desk ChairUpholstered360-degree rolling wheelsHeavy-duty design
HON Task Chair4-way stretch seatRolling casters Synchro-tilt mechanism
ETasker Office ChairMid back cushion seatDual wheel castersS-curve
KOLLIEE Computer Office Chair 4-way stretch seatRolling casters 360 degree swivel
Vnewone Computer Office ChairUpholsteredDual wheel castersStable and Human-oriented
OWLN PHILI Computer Office ChairMid back cushion seatPU wheelsHuman-body oriented design
BOSSIN Computer ChairThick padded360-degree rolling wheelsEngineering design

1. Furmax Computer Chair

4.9Furmax Computer Chair



  • Thick padded Seat
  • Bifma certification
  • Heavy duty base 
  • Expensive

While working for long hours, you have to invest in exceptional quality chairs and among lots of choices, we have Furmax Computer Chair. If your job is about working on a PC system for endless hours and your legs and back often get sore because of extended sitting, we suggest you have this pick. It is the exclusive model that energizes your legs, shoulders, back, and neck and does not emboss any fatigue or tiredness in it.

The reviewed pick has an ergonomic design office chair, a thick padded seat, and BIFMA certification. It gives a great amount of adjustable lumbar support by up and down position as to your height and weight and your back does not produce any sweat while you work on it for hours and hours.

The chair felt sturdy and strong as you sat on it, and the swivel action was smooth. Its material was better than I was expecting, and it also had a very modern appearance.

The Furmax Computer Chair is not only a great buy if you’re on a budget, but it also has a lot of features and functions that a low-quality office chair does not have, in fact, those chairs are impossible to use. No matter whether you use them for any computer-related activity, job task or gaming, reading, or napping purpose, they simply hurt your back and bring lethargy to your legs.

So, try investing in great quality options. This kind of pick will give you a more reliable and comfortable seating experience. The maximum weight-bearing capacity offered by it is 265 lbs. In addition, the presence of a 5-star and heavy-duty base, and swivel wheels makes it an ideal model.

If you think that your current work chair looks hopeless to use and it is just bringing pain and sensation to your back, then try this recommendation. It manages to make your seating routine, and body posture improved as well as healthy. The Furmax office mid-back, swivel lumbar support desk computer ergonomic mesh chair has a larger size padded seat for extra comfort.

Other factors like tilt mechanism, adjustable seat height, and comfortable usage have pushed the users to fall in love with it. If you have been given the assignment and it needs prolonged sitting, such chairs can make your journey of completing that assignment quickly and easily. It relaxes your shoulders and back and you can work for infinite hours tirelessly.

Lastly, it has a space-saving design and fully supports your back, arms, shoulders, and neck upon consuming limited space in the room. So, what are you thinking now? Have such a collection of chairs in your home and let us know your feedback about them.

Stop using outdated chairs because they are hopeless and miserable to use. And they will also make your health, spine, and body health miserable. Time to switch to productive chair choices and among them, you can try out the Furmax brand.

Analysis and Test:

So, here’s everything you need to know to decide whether or not you want a computer office chair to support you for a long time. It is most important for you to consider the purpose for which you would like to use the chair because by sitting for hours and hours over a chair, you might get back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain. 

Even if you are on a tight budget and need all premium features, this would be a great choice and highly recommended though I would recommend that the armrest be raised 1-2 inches above my desk level. However, the rest of the product is good

2. Amazon Basics Computer Desk Chair

4.8Amazon Basics Computer Desk Chair



  • Seat-height adjustment
  • Dual-wheel casters
  • Upholstered seat 
The seat padding seems not of high-quality

The next suggestion that might suit your prolonged and extended sitting needs, is this Amazon Basics Computer Desk Chair! Regardless of this fact what your working routine is, you should use such chairs because they keep your back and spine healthy, straight, and fully supported. In addition, its usage will keep your legs and shoulders pain-free.

The minute you see that your reading, working or gaming chair is bringing immense hurting and burning sensation in your body, time to stop using that chair and invest in this exclusive pick. Most importantly, its design looks extremely comfortable and supportive looking. It remains upholstered and packed with durable as well as Puresoft polyurethane. 

You can surely and confidently have it for office, gaming, and personal use. Rest, the KD metal frame, dual-wheel casters, and maximum weight-bearing capacity has made it an impressive suggestion. These days, it has become a must for people to get chairs that are BIFMA certified and it seems possible now to get those models.

Recommendations like these have brought comfort and ease to our working routines. It is the best budget office chair with hydraulic controls, which allow you to adjust the chair’s height to your needs. Moreover, if you game for long hours or read for an extended duration, your chair has to look comfortable and this respective model possesses all these qualities. Note that it is 25.75 inches deep as well as 24.25 inches wide.

Amazon Basics Computer Desk Chair

The product is packed with an upholstered seat. It is specifically built in a way to remain long-lasting and you will get maximum coziness, well-being, and comfort out of it. It has satisfied the needs of so many people including both kids and adults and they have received the best seating experience.

The only drawback is that it only tilts back 25 degrees at a time, and if you’re not top-heavy and small like me, forget about staying tilted – it forces you back upright.

Thus, try the respective model which would be your first choice if you are on a budget, and do not forget to share with us your rating and reviews on it. Working for long hours will now become no hassle and your back, joints, muscles, and legs will remain ache-free because the top-quality chair suggestion is in front of you. Also, have a look at the best gaming chairs under 150.

3. NEO Computer Chair

4.7NEO Computer Chair



  • Supreme and premium quality guaranteed
  • Passed the BIFMA certification
  • Stain-resistant 
  • Limited use

Sitting for long hours brings backaches and an immense number of other health problems. So, that is a warning and alarming sign that you should use high-quality chairs. Among them, you can blindly trust the quality of the NEO Computer Chair.

It is indeed an excellent recommendation and the best ergonomic office chair that you should keep in your home or workplace setting. Instead of hurting your legs and back, it makes them active and filled with comfort. The product comes in an updated design and is made of premium quality materials. 

The Ergonomic Office Chair features two different ways(adjustable features) in which you can move its lumbar support. With dials on the back of the chair, you can move the piece up and down, as well as in and out, to find the most comfortable position for your body

Moreover, it is relativity compact and small and can be set up even in a limited space. Along with that, it has upgraded armrests, keeps your spine straight, improves and enhances the body posture, and does not bring any single element of fatigue and tiredness to your body. 

The model is the name for ensuring increased resistance and an amplified amount of durability. It offers anti-shock protection and you conveniently sit on it for infinite and limitless hours. It is time to take out all old chairs from your home or office and replace them with high-end and healthily productive chair choices.

Besides, it has passed the furniture benchmark standards. People from the medical field have praised its use of it because its design and construction look ideal if you work for long hours and you need a good chair in this concern.

Thus, you can have the ultimate and most desirable sitting experience. If someone has suggested you use low-quality chairs, you should not pay heed and attention to his advice. Invest in those chairs that ease your body position, posture, and movement and help you sit and work comfortably.

The NEO brand is known for high-quality models and among them, the respective pick has made an immense hype out there in the furniture market. Your waistline, back, and legs will feel 100% relaxed. The person will get the vibe as if he is getting nap time. This is so amazing! Beyond, the brand ensures to give 100% customer satisfaction.

After analysis and testing, and receiving user reviews, this elegant, classy diamond stitch lifestyle best computer chair offers:

  • With flip-up armrests and many color options.
  • The most heavy-duty chair, able to hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Stylish rocking chair with adjustable tilting tension which can lead up to 130 degrees.
  • Height-adjustable opportunities for even the smallest child up to adult weight.
  • High-density sponge seats with premium LU leather quality.

4. OFIKA Computer Desk Chair

4.6OFIKA Computer Desk Chair



  • Nylon wheelbase
  • Quick to assemble
  • Free replacement for any quality issue
  • Slow customer service

Prolonged sitting just brings health problems, backache issues, tiring legs, and exhausted joints and shoulders. So what is the ultimate solution to deal with these problems? We have one solution and quick remedy for you and it is to get an OFIKA Computer Desk Chair.

The best and most promising part is that this one is an upgraded and high-back chair type that you should try out. The minute you will sit on it, your fatigue and all tiredness will get relieved. The computer operators, programmers, graphic designers, illustrators, and data entry operators have to sit for long hours and this practice gives them a backpack. But using a good-quality chair is the healing solution and cure to lots of problems.

This model has a cervical vertebrae style and it hugs your body in a way that you are getting a nap, yes it is true! It heavily brings down your back pain and brings an immense reduction in your vertebrae pain. Those people who have to bear their long time sitting working hours should invest in a high-end chair then.

Right now, you can try this suggestion and see great and noticeable results. The back and seat of it give ultra and immense cushioning and that is why your lower and upper back will remain comfortable. The chairs that are not designed in a quality manner, always make your working routine boring and less productive. But high-class and premium chairs make your whole working phase dynamic.

Its design makes sure that you rest and work at the same time. You can quickly assemble it in a minute and no hassle will be faced you. Besides, the brand has offered a money-back guarantee. For pain relief solutions, an effective chair model is here in front of you. You should buy it and suggest it to your friends and colleagues as well.

5. HON Task Chair

4.5HON Task Chair



  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Customizable controlling
  • Limited certifications

A golden piece of advice from our side! You should try keeping a distance from using those chairs that only bring lethargy and a tiring feel to your body. Prolonged sitting has become a part and parcel most of working people and in this concern, using good-quality chairs matters a lot. That is why you can have HON Task Chair right now and see how excellent it functions for your body.

It comes with a 4-way stretch seat back, offers lumbar support, carries adjustable arms, and possesses lots of ergonomic features. Its construction looks undoubtedly breathable and the 4-way stretchable designs of its cradle your spine in the best manner. Now, if your boss has given you a task that needs infinite sitting and the job has to be processed using a computer, so try to complete that work on a high-quality chair. You can try this recommendation as well.

It will eventually make you a workstation warrior and your body will not get the vibe as if it had been working since morning. Thus, try this suggestion as it shows high resilience, is made of foam cushion, is composed of high density, and works on the ideal notes. No matter if you sit on it for a lengthy duration, your body will surely remain ache-free and super relaxed.

It ensures non-deformation and offers all-day comfort. So, whenever your colleague or friend of yours complains that his prolonged sitting job is giving him backache and deteriorated spine health, you can suggest him using this chair. It guarantees to give good breathability, a lot of comforts, and improved posture, and body movement.

We are of utmost confidence that your long and extended sitting tasks will become hassle-free. Chairs like these relax our body and mind on the peaceful notes and we tend to focus more on our work.

6. ETasker Office Chair

4.3ETasker Office Chair



  • Healthy sitting posture
  • Ten years of warranty
  • Skin-friendly fabric

There is no point in making blunders when it comes to buying computers, gaming, or reading chairs. Lots of experts have advised and suggested buying the ETasker Office Chair because it has clear-cut illustrated what we mean by a high-end chair quality and how it supports your body posture and movement needs.

The current design is an updated and upgraded design. In addition, the German designer Etasker has designed it. It shows the combination of lots of scientific and health-related properties that give you a relaxed sitting time. You should not use those chairs that do not have the S-curve and that specifically lack the high-density element. That is why we have arrived at this suggestion!

It fits and adjusts your spine in the best manner and you tend to work for the lengthiest hours in a comfortable manner. The brand has promised that you will get a healthy and 100% productive sitting posture and that is the main requirement that is demanded by computer professionals.

Besides, the attractive part is that it is BIMFA certified and hugs your body in a way as if you are taking a nap. Simply stop using those chairs that use cheap and low-quality re-bonded sponges. Such material will only hurt your back and nothing else. So, try this suggestion as it has a widened frame and also a solid five-star base.

ETasker Office Chair

The induction of soft cushion, breathable mesh, and skin-friendly fabric simply gives you a cool sitting time and that seems another catchy quality of it. If you have an office and you notice that your employees often complain about having a backache, it means you have placed poor-quality chairs in your workstation.

It is your duty to look after the health of your employees and make them use high-quality chairs and premium desktop stations. Thus, one of the suitable recommendations is identified for you. Try it out and does not bring any ache or pain in your back.

7. KOLLIEE Computer Office Chair 

4.1KOLLIEE Computer Office Chair



  • Human-oriented construction
  • High density mesh
  • Premium and high resilience kind of foam cushion
  • Available in fewer colors

The next suggestion we have for you is KOLLIEE Computer Office Chair! If your chair collection is becoming hopeless and no longer gives you the right amount of support, then get hold of this pick right now.

Lots of superb qualities are present in it. Like, it has a swivel design, adjustable height, ergonomic structure, superior quality, and an easy installation process. In the current times, professionals whose job needs prolonged and extended sitting, have preferred using only those chairs that support their body posture and do not bring any pain and ache in their legs, shoulders, and other joints.

So, why not try this recommendation, you should be! It has flip-up armrests, brings down back pain, and is made by the responsible manufacturer. The high-density mesh is American made and the inclusion of a resilient foam cushion and gas lift cylinder makes it an impressive and superb pick so far.

In addition, it does not deform or lose its shape and design. No matter how heavy the person sits on it for hours and hours, it will not lose its original shape. Other features like 360-degree rotation and hooded sort of caster wheels have pushed the current generation of working professionals to use only these kinds of chairs.

It makes your daily working routine aching-free and your legs and back do not get tired despite you have worked for endless hours while sitting. 

This computer desk chair features a breathable 4-way stretch mesh back to help relieve stress and pressure. Combined with the plush, padded seat, the back offers superior comfort.

In addition to reclining the seat and back, the office chair is equipped with a synchro-tilt mechanism.

8. Vnewone Computer Office Chair

4.0Vnewone Computer Office Chair



  • Ergonomic Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Easy to Move 
  • The mesh is of less high-density nature

Besides, you can have Vnewone Computer Office Chair. You should not ever feel the need to use low-quality chairs. They just make your working routine a lot more hectic, non-productive, and filled with a lot of pain. The only solution to deal with these problems is to use a good-quality chair.

Pick up this suggestion and see how productively it works for you. All in all, it functions like magic and makes your working time a napping time, yes it is true! It has become a lot better and more effective choice if your job is based on extended sitting.

The presence of ergonomic design, quality assurance, and comfortable structure has made it an appealing pick. It does not put any pressure on your back and hips and even on your legs and joints and they remain relaxed and exhausted-free. Every single component of it has passed the BIFMA test, which means you will get a productive experience out of it.

The usage of hard-wearing, as well as high breathable kind of nylon mesh, makes it a premium option. Other promising features and qualities like durable star base and solid rolling casters have made it a popular option among people doing computer-linked jobs of data entry related.

You can see that it comprises a middle back design, offer maximum lumbar support, easy to move, comes with a control handle, and keeps your legs and hips in the comfort-filled style. So, what have you decided now? You need to upgrade and update your chair collection now.

No matter whether your home or office chairs have gone outdated and hurt your back, replace all of them and try such recommendations. The highlighting part is that you can raise and lower their seat in any manner you want to.

9. OWLN PHILI Computer Office Chair

3.9OWLN PHILI Computer Office Chair



  • S-shaped backrest
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Three-stage gas lift 
  • It needs regular cleaning

If you think that you could not find a comfortable chair that functions on the ache-free design, you are wrong then! Have OWLN PHILI Computer Office Chair and get the ultimate experience. This one is a mid-back chair that comes with S-shaped backrest. It fits your spine in a healthy manner and you no longer get tiredness and any exhaustion in your body.

Most importantly, the reviewed pick gives wide lumbar support, and maximum degree of elasticity and does not put a single pressure on your back, waist, and legs. It is time to make your working routine comforting and less painful. And it seems only possible if you have such chairs.

You can adjust its seat height between the range of 16.9 to 20.1″ with the help of pneumatic controls. And if you will pull out the height adjustment lever, you will be able to release the tilt lock and feel free to enjoy the rocking time on this computer chair. In addition, you can flip up its armrests and push back it in any desired style you want to.

We think that the arrival of such chairs in the 21st century has brought ease and enjoyment to our working routines. Most noteworthy, it has a breathable back, and a stable structure, and does not hurt your back at any cost.

It is composed of skin-friendly mesh and prevents discomfort. The usage of airtight chairs has just become hopeless. That is why you have to change your choices and taste now and get hold of these models. It improves breathability and your back will not produce any little sweat no matter whether you sit on it for the longest duration.

10. BOSSIN Computer Chair

3.8BOSSIN Computer Chair



  • Open mesh design
  • Supportive Backrest
  • Multi-function Mechanism
  • The fabric does not look stain-resistant

Now, we have arrived at the last suggestion and it is none other than BOSSIN Computer Chair! The immense love and support gathered by this recommendation have made it one of the top-class and premium quality options. Stop worrying about your prolonged sitting job requirement. We have one healthy solution for you and it is to get this exclusive chair.

Most importantly, it has an ergonomic design, comfortable-looking mesh, supportive backrest, and multi-functional mechanism. If your current workstation chair lacks all these primary and basic traits, it means you have to throw it away and get a new set for yourself. Its cushion and armrest conform to your body in an ideal manner.

The presence of open mesh design, ventilated backrest, mesh seat, pneumatic controls, and provision of maximum lumbar support has made it a favorite pick. Computer and data entry operators, their job style needs prolonged sitting, and using low-quality chairs will not ever give them a productive day. Instead, cheap options will make their whole day hectic and filled with a lot of aches and pain.

We suggest you have this option because it aligns your spine and brings down the pressure and your whole body eventually feels relaxed. In case of any quality issues, you can claim the free replacement. Besides, you can avail the money-back guarantee option as well within 30 days.

So, do you want to get this comfy-looking and upholstered chair? You should be! It has a low-back design and gently curves your back so that it does not get hurt while you do prolonged sitting. The induction of handrail design and adjustable and rotatable properties have made it a promising and healthy furniture option.

Now, you can relax and soothe your back, shoulders, waist, and legs. Invest in this suggestion and hand over complete support to your body while you sit and do your work for endless hours. It is featured with user-friendly controls and you will not face any struggle while lowering and raising the seat.

Buying Guide for the Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours

You can see the buying guide and know how to pick the best chair for your working, gaming or napping, and reading needs. Go through the below-written details:

Buying Guide for the Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours:
Infographic: Buying Guide for the Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours:

S-shaped design

Primarily and most importantly, you should have a computer chair that comes with an S-shaped design. Such a design keeps your back and hips fully supported and does not put unwanted pressure on them. Look for the option that has a streamlined design and offers maximum lumbar support.

In addition, it needs to have silent castors as well as pneumatic height adjustment property. Thus, look for the option that gives you a dynamic and comfortable sitting posture experience. It should be able to reduce spinal pressure and also prevent physical fatigue.

High-density premium sponge and breathable mesh

The great-quality workstation chairs have filled seat cushions. They are encompassed by anti-collapsible designs and offer the most comfortable use. Besides, the high-end desktop chairs have a breathable mesh. They seem not at all easy to hook and prevent back discomfort. Instead of investing in airtight chairs, you should try exclusive and high-quality options.

Heavy and premium mechanism plate and SGS- gas lift

Prefer buying those chairs that get injected with the premium mechanism plate and also SGS-gas lift property. Avoid buying those models that do not have a thickened plate and fail to show stable performance. The superior quality options and top picks offer maximum load-bearing performance. On the other hand, the factor of the SGS-Gas lift allows smooth lifting and remains to stay easy to assemble.


Thus, we believe that the above-mentioned best computer chairs for long hours will give you a top-notch experience. They ensure quality, great experience, maximum body support, and improved spine health, and posture. What else do you expect from any chair? So, try these recommendations.

Our top choices are:

  • Furmax Computer Chair
  • Amazon Basics Computer Desk Chair
  • NEO Computer Chair

They have human body engineered and thoughtfully constructed design. You can adjust their height and armrest section. In addition, the above-suggested chairs have pneumatic controls, an extensive lumbar support system, and breathable mesh back and keep your body cool as well as sweat-free. Stay in touch with us so that more genuine quality computer chair types can be mentioned and reviewed for you.

1. How long should a good computer chair last?

A good quality computer chair, that you use for long working hours, should last for 5 years to 10 years. However, it might be advisable to replace it with a new one if you are having any medical problems.

2. Can a computer chair break?

Well, it can surely break if you do not use it the prescribed way. There is a manual with every computer chair. It is recommended to have a good look at it before you start using the item. The common reasons for breaking include spinning it all the time especially unnecessarily or adjusting the height of the seat.

3. How a bad computer hair may affect my health?

A low-quality computer may harm your health in multiple ways, including poor blood circulation, weight gain, back problems, digestive issues, and increased fatigued.

4. What are the features of the best computer chairs?

Ideally, if a chair has the lumbar adjustment, i.e. the height and depth can be adjustable, has a proper backrest, and comfortable support for the shoulder and neck area, it is considered to be the best computer chair.

5. How do I clean my computer chair?

Most of the computer chairs can be easily cleaned. First, vacuum the seat and the back and then use a soap solution and wipe it off the surfaces. You have to, then, dry the chair with a clean cloth.