It has become a general misconception that replicas and duplicate copies are always cheap quality, but these below-mentioned Eames chair replicas are indeed of high and superior quality. You will spot the element of utmost originality in these replicas. In addition, these replicas look modern, and their designs look iconic as well. They show the kind of style and comfort as present in the original models.

Besides, their construction ensures longevity. They are heavy-duty and moulded contemporary designs. Most of the recommended replica chairs have a matte finish and are made of sturdy wood. They are injected with a wire base and do not scratch your floors at all. Now, you can have ergonomically styled chairs and that too in a pure Eames style. Do put them in your living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, nurseries. You can even place them in the offices, waiting areas, and banquets.

Comparison table of Top 10 Best Eames chair replica in 2021

Products ConstructionSwivel/ InclinationWeight-bearing capacity
TOOMOO Leather Lounge Chair Full Grain Cow Leather and 8-layer laminated wood360-degrees swivel300lbs 
RIMDOC Mid-Century Lounge ChairFull genuine leather and laminated wood 15° inclination330 Pounds
LAFII.T Lounge ChairTop grain leather and palisander wood15° inclination330lbs
TOME Mid-Century Lounge ChairSolid walnut wood and full-grain leather360-degree swivel function440lbs
SUAKL Recliner Chair with OttomanSolid wood360° rotation and 15° inclination300lbs
Mcombo Chair with Ottoman FootrestFaux leather and wooden base140 degrees recline330 lbs
Flash Furniture Recliner Ottoman Chair Leather Soft upholstery360-degree motion330 lbs
Modway Upholstered Ottoman 2-Piece SetSolid walnut wood and full-grain leather360° rotation and 15° inclination330 lbs
Giantex Lounge Chair with OttomanSteel frame, aluminium base360-degree swivel330 lbs
Bench Master Swivel Ottoman Recliner Bonded leather and walnut wood360 degrees swivel and recline 45 degrees300 lbs

1. TOOMOO Leather Lounge Chair 

4.5TOOMOO Leather Lounge Chair



  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Humanized Design
  • Perfect Customer Service
  • The order may arrive late

Many Eames chair duplications and copies have arrived in the market, but TOOMO Leather Lounge Chair genuinely grabbed our attention. It is one of such chairs that can make your lounge room ambience coziest kind of looking one. In addition, it gives you the relaxed sitting time that you have not so far experienced from other traditional lounge chair models.

At the end of a long, tiring, and extremely exhausting day, you need one chair where you can toss your whole body and enjoy getting the perfect nap time, so the TOOMO Leather Lounge Chair is here in front of you! It comes in the form of a Leather-Soft upholstered and premium recliner chair and ottoman set. Besides, it ensures to give exceptional comfort as well as long-lasting durability.

If you are looking for some excellent swivel recliner options, we suggest you have this one as it seems ultra-comfy. In your lounge or reading room, it can indeed be the latest and stylish addition.  You can make it set in your bedroom, nap room and end up giving a high-end look and feel to that respective home space of yours.

We know that not all people can afford to buy the original Eames chairs; that is why such excellent replicas have been launched. It is made of upgraded and premium Aniline Leather. The full-grain cow leather is imported from Italy, and the whole chair is encompassed with the high-density and 8-layer laminated kind of wood.

Moreover, it supports 300lbs and promises to give ultimate comfort. The whole design and concept of it match with the Ottoman. Besides, the presence of wide armrests and high-density calibre memory foam transform this chair to show high resilience and high permeability. It is time that you should enjoy your nap time.

Time to sit on the comfortable chairs, and it seems possible if you try out such replicas. Its humanized design, wide application, and perfect customer service make it an appealing suggestion.

Its whole design gets instantly integrated into any decoration style. Feel free to keep it in your living room, study, and leisure room. Use it while reading, watching a TV show or playing games.

2. RIMDOC Mid-Century Lounge Chair

4.5RIMDOC Mid-Century Lounge Chair



  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Full Genuine leather 
  • Heavy-duty feet 
  • Slow replies coming from the support team

You do not have to worry now if you cannot find one reliable Eames chair replica; we have the RIMDOC Mid-Century Lounge Chair recommendation. It is an exclusive kind of set that has a jaw-opened massive number of people. Most importantly, it is completely covered in Leather-Soft upholstery.

If your current recliner chair is not giving you the best relaxed time, time to have this one because it lets you experience structured comfort. In addition, it brings the highest amount of elegance to your room. The designers have given it a neutral colour complementary look. It gets to match up with all décor styles and provides the user with the plush feel that he desires to see in a high-end lounge chair.

The induction of ample foam padding, wide seat, back, and armrests makes it an exciting and valuable recommendation. It delivers an exceptionally luxurious feel and 100% structured comfort. On the other hand, the integrated headrest support and hug your whole body for getting complete relaxation without any hassle.

There is no need to invest in cheap Eames chair replicas and duplications; you can order this suggestion now and get a satisfactory experience. The original version and this one replica are both presents an iconic design. All in all, this duplicate version will not give you the feel as if you are not sitting on an actual Eames chair. It has become the symbol of luxury as well as exclusivity.

The time has arrived to get one of the most comfortable chairs! Elements like unique design, high-grade construction, luxurious feel, easy to clean features make it a rich choice for all of us. In addition, it shows the 15-degree tilt angle and comes in a unique ergonomic design.

The incorporation of Full Genuine leather material and high-density laminated wood give the utmost support to your body. It has become one of such Mid-Century lounge chairs that you can conveniently place in the living room, bedroom, leisure area, open roof and study room.

3. LAFII.T Lounge Chair

4.5LAFII.T Lounge Chair



  • Ensure long-term use
  • Eight layers of carved wood construction
  • Inclined seating 
  • The feet lack heavy-duty construction

Uncountable choices have arrived while looking for the best and most reliable Eames chair duplicates, but LAFII.T Lounge Chair is one of the best and top-class. It seems like an iconic piece and shows the authentic vibe of being original. Most importantly, this reviewed suggestion has been in the furniture market for years, and people are going crazy after it. 

No doubt, it has become one such piece that is demanded and needed by everyone. You can call it a highly coveted chair that meets the standards of the original model and looks equally better. In addition, it is with the help of sturdy looking wood that the base section of the swivel recliner is crafted. The whole finishing of it is also done with that sturdy wood.

It is available in a rich mahogany colour and brings the most timeless look to your room. You can conveniently take it from one room to another because it ensures smooth swivel movement and showcases ball-bearing construction. 

The catchy part is that you can adjust the recliner in any manner that matches well with your body needs. You can modify the recline position from upright to full recline mode. Thus, you can sink your body into stress-free comfort mode. Invest in LAFII.T Lounge Chair and introduce the most relaxed and comfortable environment in your home.

Besides, it is well-designed, carefully constructed and offer better softness the minute you jump on it. It even endorses breathability, is composed of clear texture and ensures long-term use. The construction of 8 layers of curved wood is precisely made by hand.

Rest, this recliner set has a wide armrest so that people of all body shapes and weights can comfortably sit it. Note that the seat cushion has been tilted at 15° so the person can quickly move backwards and support the spine in a relaxed style.

4. TOME Mid-Century Lounge Chair

4.5TOME Mid-Century Lounge Chair



  • High-density calibre kind of memory foam
  • Simple appearance
  • Ideal to be placed in a living room
  • The height is not adjustable

One should not ignore buying the TOME Mid-Century Lounge Chair! It is one of the ideal and perfect Eames chair replicas that you can opt for. The whole construction is composed of full-grain leather, and a total number of 8 solid layers of walnut wood are injected into it.

This suggestion comes with an aluminium base and is ideal to set up in living rooms and bedrooms. If you are tired of using traditional and entirely outdated faux leather recliners, try this one, and you will feel amazing. All genuine leather material is used in it, and it supports 440lbs. The provision of ultimate relaxation, humanized design makes it fabulous and highly appealing Eames chair replicas.

It is useless and completely pointless to sit on hard chairs; that is why such great recommendations have arrived in the furniture market. It comes along with an ottoman and ensures to give you all-day relaxation. The highlighting part is that it has wide armrests and calibre memory foam.

The presence of rubber shock mounts will make it easy for you to connect the head and backrest for flexibility. It is in multiple scenes that you can put it. Like, feel free to place it in your TV lounge room, reading or napping room. It syncs with all decoration styles, and that is the catchy trait of it. So, what are you thinking? Do you want to have a TOME Mid-Century Lounge Chair? You should be!

Its setup process is simple, and you can assemble it in a few minutes. The wide armrests and high backrest, and provision of enough seating space have made it one of the high-quality Eames chair replicas.

5. SUAKL Recliner Chair with Ottoman

4.5suakl recliner chair



  • Strong structure
  • Comfortable Armrest
  • High-density sponge filling
  • Limited warranty

Make a plan and try getting this SUAKL Recliner Chair with Ottoman! It is made of leather and marked as a super soft and high-quality swivel lounge chair. Individuals have loved keeping it in their homes and offices as it comes with a stable aluminium base and makes your relaxation time more superb.

 It is entirely contemporary and ergonomically designed and comes along with a footrest feature as well. If you do not have a relaxing chair in your office, bedroom or reading, lounge and napping room, have this one right now. In addition, it is first layer cowhide and 100% hand-sewn.

The unique selling point is that it shows fine workmanship. On buying this one replica, you will indeed feel as if you are using an original model. All in all, you will not be able to spot any difference between real and duplicate models. This exclusive suggestion delivers delicate touch and good breathability. It is encompassed with the simplest, elegant and beautiful appearance.

Note that the seat cushion manages to maintain a 15° inclination. Incorporating an inclined sitting surface helps your body move backwards and relaxes your mind and body on the fullest notes. It is its broad headrest that will give your head plenty of space. So, it is up to you whether you want to sit or lie on SUAKL Recliner Chair!

It is made exclusively using eight layers of carved wood and surrounded by solid wood texture. You will find such a recommendation more robust as well as more durable. It will surely not get deformed ever and ever.

Thus, an exquisite looking replica is here in front of you. Get it one for yourself, and let us know your feedback. Its gorgeous and elegant appearance will give you the most modern feeling. You can keep it in your living room, bedroom, open roof and study room.

6. Mcombo Chair with Ottoman Footrest

4.5Mcombo Chair with Ottoman Footrest



  • Swiveling Base
  • Comfortable and Streamlined Design
  • High Quality and Thick Sponge Pad 
  • It fails to recline to a flat position

Mcombo Chair with Ottoman Footrest is a duplicate copy that looks so stunning from all angles. Most importantly, it is wrapped with a wooden base and casually styled. If you want to get a leather recliner for your lounge eagerly, have this one as soon as possible.

It looks so much comfortable and delivers 100% relaxation time. In addition, it brings your body to a good angle, and you tend to sit in a relaxed manner for hours and hours. You can adjust the seat angle automatically, and feel free to bring your body in any seating position that you want to! Along with that, you can recline it for relaxing your legs. 

Individuals have loved using this Mcombo Chair with Ottoman Footrest as it is included with a swivelling base and support maximum weight. You will find it uniquely designed. It helps you make 360 degrees swivel seamlessly and effortlessly. Due to its comfortable and streamlined design, the popularity of this Eames chair replica is getting higher.

The whole design looks cross-functional and comes in the form of slimed down and simple piece of furniture. It retains the comfort and remains to look luxurious as well. The thick sponge padding gives the utmost support to your back and neck and even your head and arms. The pressure on your neck and back will eventually get decreased the minute you will sit on it.

Most importantly, it reclines up to 140-degrees. The only drawback is that you cannot recline it to a flat position. Thus, if you want to get a relaxing chair with thick foam padding, increased and adjustable seat height, wide and adjustable armrests, try this suggestion then!

7. Flash Furniture Recliner Ottoman Chair 

4.5Flash Furniture Recliner Ottoman Chair



  • Multi-position lever recliner
  • Plush arms
  • Mahogany wood base

The overall design should become more streamlined

You will surely get impressed by looking at the quality of the Flash Furniture Recliner Ottoman Chair. Your eyes will not believe that you have ended up getting a kind of replica that looks the most original of all. You can now indulge yourself and sink your body in this most comfortable chair.

Note that this one is a multi-position lever recliner that comes with an ottoman set. Undoubtedly, it is a fabulous chair that is the name of delivering maximum luxurious feel, comfort and relaxed time. It has plush arms, looks highly accommodating and is convenient to adjust. In addition, its 3-inch seat is thick padded, and it even comes with CAL 117 fire retardant foam.

Elements like an integrated headrest ad Leather Soft upholstery makes it a unique-looking recliner. So, are you ready to buy Flash Furniture Recliner Ottoman Chair? You can give it a try. You are allowed to make infinite adjustments while setting it. Besides, you can bring it in an upright position and even in a fully reclined form. It is with the help of a pull of a lever that you can make these adjustments.

We hope that such replicas will meet your seating requirements as it shows 360 degrees of smooth and premium ball-bearing motion. The presence of swivelling wood base will not damage your floor, and you can hassle-free take it from one location to another. Thus, keep it in the lounge room as it contains plush upholstered arms. It ensures to give hours of comfort. 

Beyond, the reclining lever brings the whole chair into a full reclining position, making it more superior-looking. It is evident by looking at the cheap Eames chair replicas that they do not show such great qualities, but this suggestion seems exceptional. It is composed of ball-bearing construction and serves effortless swivel movement.  It is time to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing seating solution now!

8. Modway Upholstered Ottoman 2-Piece Set

4.5Modway Upholstered



  • Tufted button seat
  • Ideal for lounge spaces
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • The arms do not look much plush-looking

Lots of satisfied customers have become a die-hard fans of Modway Upholstered Ottoman 2-Piece Set. The minute you look at it, you will not believe that this one is a duplicate version of Eames chair. It makes your lounge spot modern-looking and shows superior construction.

Besides, it is packed with fine upholstery elements and is available in the most contemporary style. If you are looking for a seat that seems cherished and comes in the form of a tufted button seat, have this suggestion right now. It is suitable to get set up in all sorts of lounge spaces. You can sink your body hours and hours in it, and you will witness no discomfort.

Most noteworthy, its ramp is professionally expertly crafted. The polished cherry look and stained beech wood legs make the whole set more appealing looking! It boasts fabric upholstery, packed with the most comfortable foam padding and emboldens the overall décor look of your lounge space. On buying it, more depth will come into your room, and it will look extensively iconic.

Thus, this one Eames chair replica is composed of a mid-century modern design. You can have it, and you will surely love it as it contains smooth sweeping lines and a hopeful style that embodies sophistication.

Now, you can have a carefree seating time because suggestions like these have brought magic to the lives of individuals. While jumping on it, you will enjoy quality quiet time. No doubt, it is perfect to be placed in modern living rooms.

9. Giantex Lounge Chair with Ottoman

4.5Giantex Lounge Chair



  • Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Universal Design
  • 360 degree Swiveling kind of Rocker Design
  • The padding construction needs more upgradation

One of the best and premium-quality full grain recliners has arrived in the furniture shops, and among them, we have Giantex Lounge Chair with Ottoman. This one is a 360 Swivel Leather Lounge seat Ottoman. It has an Aluminum Alloy Base and includes in the category of most Comfy Upholstered chairs. Moreover, it supports up to 330lbs. If your current lounge seat does not satisfy the comfort needs, have this Eames chair replica and pay your thanks later on.

You will surely fall in love with the reviewed swivel lounge seat, as it is infused with top grain cowhide and stuffed with a resilient sponge. All in all, it gives you the maximum comfortable support that you expect in a high-end lounge seat. The wide and adjustable armrests take the element of comfort to a whole new and epic level. 

Talking about the other essential qualities of this recommendation, it has an aluminium alloy base, ensure strong stability, is available in the universal design and is quick to get set up. The whole structure of it is backed by the steel frame as well as four claw aluminium bases.

It promises to give excellent balance and surrounds itself with an anti-rust design. Now, you can have such relaxing seats that show lasting quality and withstand the maximum weight, and among them, we have this exclusive suggestion. 

It creates a kind of leisure and relaxing ambience that you have not seen and experienced before. You can place it in your office, living room or keep it in the study room. You can benefit a lot from such relaxing chairs as they show the simplicity and maximum support to your body.

Its design and colour will easily get matched up and complemented with your room décor theme. Lastly, it delivers a gentle rocking motion. The provision of full-view rotating functions makes such leather recliner seats push the user to enjoy their leisure time. 

10. Bench Master Swivel Ottoman Recliner 

4.5Bench Master Swivel



  • It reclines 45 degrees.
  • Taupe bonded leather
  • Wood walnut finish base.
  • The structure does not look humanized

Bench Master Swivel Ottoman Recliner is made of bonded leather, metal frame and a tiny bit of walnut wood. So, what are you thinking now? Have this fantastic and super popular Eames chair replica, and let us know your reviews on it. It is fully adjustable, and you can adjust its armrest feature as well. It holds and supports up to 300 lbs.

The beautiful part is that this seat swivels up to full 360 degrees as well, as it manages to recline up to 45 degrees. The incorporation of taupe bonded leather and wood walnut finish base makes it a durable and long-lasting seat model that you can try out now. Rest, steel springs are there, and the high-density foam is CA fire retardant 1.8, even with Dacron filling.

In addition, the replica seat version is California foam compliant. You can clean and wipe it quickly, and you will face no hassle. The only thing that you have to remember is to avoid using any insolvents and detergents on it. If you do so, its whole look and design will get ruined. Thus, one of the wonderful and highly comfortable seats is here to get placed in your lounge area.

Do order this contemporary recliner and end up giving your lounge area the sleekest as well as stylish profile. Customers have preferred buying such replicas because it is highly durable and easy to clean. Besides, it swivels up to a full 360-degrees note.

The presence of elements like a retractable footrest, adjustable backrest makes the whole structure more functional looking. It delivers optimal comfort, and you should use chairs while having your napping and reading time. Lastly, the respective model is designed on the ergonomic principle. It successfully supports your neck, arm, and back and legs and keeps your body at the correct angle while you have your nap time.

Hence, we have recommended such an Eames chair replica that relieves anxiety and tiredness. The package includes an easy-to-understand manual. You can go and give it a read and assemble it quickly. No doubt, it will retain its strength and stability for years and years because the metal frame is injected into it. So, bring ultimate comfort to your lounge room upon buying this relaxing chair.

Buying Guide for Best Eames Chair Replica

Best Eames Chair Replica1
Infographic: Best Eames Chair Replica1

Swivel Glider Recliner

You should have the Eames chair replica that comes in the swivel glider recliner version. It should be able to rotate up to 360 degrees. If it shows flexible rotation and rocking mechanism design, you should go with such comfortable and humanized design chairs for your napping and reading time. In addition, such a structure ensures smooth gliding, seamlessly movement and smooth rocking motion.

Adjustable Backrest

It is better to have such an Eames replica that shows an adjustable backrest. The glider needs to come with an ottoman, and it should allow the user to adjust the backrest reclining angle anywhere between 105-135 degrees. The provision of such a quality will bring your body in the most comfortable and relaxing posture. All in all, you will get a blissful relaxation time.

Comfortable Upholstery and Premium Construction

Try getting Eames chair replicas that show comfortable upholstery and premium construction. It has to be overstuffed upholstery padded and constructed of a high-density sponge. Most importantly, this exclusive quality will bring your body experience the utmost comfort. On the other hand, the smooth faux leather will give the user a soft feeling, anti-felting and anti-pilling time.

Easy Assembly

Lastly, look for the option that shows easy assembly time. It has to be quick to assemble and meanwhile offer long-term and efficient customer service. With easy assembly, we mean to say that minimum tools should be needed to set it up.


So, the best and super fantastic looking Eames chair replicas have been identified to you. Replace the current lounge chairs with these suggestions and see the remarkable difference in your lounge décor space and relaxation time! No doubt, these chairs are simple, elegant and highly functional. Though they are available in duplicate versions, still they work remarkably. 

Our top choices are:

  • TOOMOO Leather Lounge Chair 
  • RIMDOC Mid-Century Lounge Chair
  • LAFII.T Lounge Chair

In addition, they have been filled with high-density sponge, carries metal frame, walnut wood base, first layer cowhide and are further composed of Aluminum alloy tripod. All of them are modern looking and ensure long-time use. They fit your body perfectly and tend to nap more and more. Stay tuned with us to catch up with more unbiased reviews.