Be it gaming, reading, napping, working, or studying chairs; it has to remain comfortable to use. Most gaming chairs are Low-quality and cheap chairs that bring problems like backache, slipped disc and exhaustion, and a lot of pain in the shoulders and spine. So, how do tackle all these situations? Check out the best gaming chairs within the 100 budget range and get a top-quality experience. These suggestions will give you everything you need in one complete package.

We believe that your gaming sessions will become enjoyable and no more hurting and discomforting because such luxurious and productive options have arrived. These gaming chairs keep your back fully supported, improve posture, do not hurt your legs, joints, and shoulders, and your overall gaming experience gets significantly improved.

The induction of a metal tubing frame gives added strength; an adjustable armrest allows you to set it at different desktop heights. Now, you have to prefer those pc gaming chairs that ensure excellent mobility, swiveling, and reclining. You can try these recommendations and then let us know which pick has become your favorite and loved one:

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs under 100 in 2022

ReclineWeight capacityBase
PatioMage Gaming Chair90°-180300lbs5-point base
Homall Gaming Chair90 to 180 degree300-pound Heavy-duty
GTPLAYER Gaming Chair90° -160°300 lbsMetal frame
Ninecer Gaming Chair90° -160°400 lbs5-point base and steel frame
Dualthunder Gaming ChairUp to 160°400 lbsSolid base
ORISTUS Swivel Gaming ChairUp to 160°300 Lbs5-point base and steel frame
VICTONE Gaming Chair90 to 180 degree280 lbsSolid base
Devoko Gaming Chair90 to 180 degree300 LbsHeavy-duty
PUKAMI Gaming ChairUp to 180 degree300 LBSErgonomic
Polar Aurora Gaming Chair90 to 180 degree300lbsSolid base

1. PatioMage Gaming Chair

4.5PatioMage Gaming Chair



  • Strong metal frame
  • 5-point base
  • Wear-resistant wheels
  • Slow customer service

PatioMage PC Gaming Chair is one of the affordable options you can go for. If your current pick does not suit your seating needs and you often feel exhausted, have this gaming chair. It comes in an ergonomic design, high-quality materials, multi-function, easy assembly process, and most popular gaming chairs with wide applications. You will remain in the fatigue-free seated position on using it.

It is pointless to use those chairs that bring exhaustion to your legs and does not let you enjoy your streaming and reading activities; you can try this suggestion. It includes a strong metal frame and thus keeps you comfy for hours and hours. Whether working and playing games for endless hours, you will remain utmost fresh and tired-free if you are using the right chair!

The reviewed model has a thick padded seat, and it will surely take your comfort to the next level. Many gaming chairs have arrived on the market, but it gets tough to select which one is right and not so good quality for you. The brand has infused it with smooth and premium PU leather.

In addition, the whole set looks durable and sturdy. Many people love watching games and movies or reading, and they often use low-quality chairs. Such a practice brings health problems like slipped disc, backache, fatigue-filled legs, and hurting joints and muscles. That is why it has become essential to invest in a high-end chair.

The respective model has a heavy-duty base, smooth-rolling casters, and withstands weight up to 300 lbs! In any gaming chair set, it has become of utmost necessity to look for the features like recline features, adjustable armrests, and height. And the same quality is seen in this set!

Its design supports your whole body, elbows, shoulders, and legs, and you do not get exhausted no matter you game for hours and hours. It shows a 360-degree swivel as well as a 5-point base. The presence of smoothing rolling wheels has managed to remain wear-resistant, and you can quickly transfer it from one gaming zone to another.

2. Homall Gaming Chair

4.5Homall Gaming Chair



  • Elasticity resilience 
  • Long service life
  • Multi direction wheels
  • The wheels are not much wear-resistant

Suppose you are extremely worried while looking for the best and most affordable options; stop worrying and waste your money on those expensive gaming chairs now. We have an excellent surprise for you! You have to discard using old and outdated PC gaming chair and try this recommendation as soon as possible. It is made to make your gaming sessions so much more enjoyable.

If you love to game, watch a movie or show and read a book for endless hours, and your current chair often brings tiredness and lethargy in your legs and shoulders, then it is advised to have this pick. It will indeed bring comfort to your whole body, and you tend to game or perform your respective task while doing prolonged sitting.

Most importantly, it is packed with high-density and premium shaping foam. It claims to give immense comfort, maximum elasticity resilience, and long service life. If you are confused about which gaming chair to choose, and many options are placed at your doorstep, we suggest you pick and opt for this set. It is both cost-friendly and shows high-quality performance.

The induction of a 1.8mm thick steel frame, stable structure, sturdy properties, skin-friendly construction, and wear-resistant property makes it an eye-catchy recommendation. It comes in the upgraded configuration mode, shows multi-function, and offers wide usage.

Incorporating a Class 3 gas lift, rubber casters, and 360-degree swivel has made it a popular option among gamers. Regardless of the fact you want to play video games for endless hours, it does not matter if you want to watch a movie or perform your office task, and all these jobs need prolonged sitting!

In such scenarios, pick up this option. It shows recline function between the range of 90 to 180 degrees, and the rocking function shows both the back and forth motions. Thus, get this gaming chair that is ergonomically designed, and it is even orthopedically approved. In addition, the product includes a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow. We have a detailed review of the Homall gaming chair.

3. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

4.5GTPLAYER Gaming Chair



  • Built-in metal frame
  • Premium materials
  • Worry-Free Purchase
  • Absence of Elasticity resilience

Feel free to have GTPLAYER Gaming Chair and it will surely meet your seating needs no matter what your game and work for long hours. It is the best overall gaming chair kind of option that does not bring pain to your legs and back and instead makes your body extraordinarily active and lethargy-free. The old and low-quality chairs are known for bringing pain, a lot of aches, and immense soreness in your joints and muscles.

But this exclusive recommendation has arrived to make your gaming times the utmost comfortable and pleasant-filled. Most noteworthy, it comes with a headrest as well as a massage lumbar pillow with adjustable lumbar support. It will not make your neck feel any kind of soreness with neck support, no throbbing in your legs, and no pain in your back. Besides, it keeps your waist in excellent posture.

So, what are you thinking now? Have this pick for yourself as it offers more stable performance as compared to other traditional models. The presence of plastic legs will not scratch the floor and the built-in metal frame will keep the chair constantly stable. The time has come to liberate your feet in an energized manner, keep your back posture improved and shoulder muscles relaxed enough.

Its design relaxes your feet and makes the back ache-free as it is a high-back gaming chair. You must say goodbye to low-quality gaming chairs. Invest in this respective recommendation and see the magic. It is among the super best choices we have picked for you.

It withstands and bears the long-term use and you can play video games for hours and hours without witnessing any soreness and throbbing in your body. Get your hands on the Worry-Free Purchase and get back to us with your feedback. On buying it, you will get a free replacement in case of any defects and you can even claim a refund within 30 days.

4. Ninecer Gaming Chair

4.5Ninecer Gaming Chair



  • Sponge seat cushion
  • Comfortable experience 
  • Heavy-duty base 
  • The frame lacks quality

Cheap-quality chairs often bring aching, distress, and a lot of discomfort to your body. That is why it is recommended to get a Ninecer Gaming Chair because it is an absolutely high-quality one.

Most importantly, it comes in an ergonomic design, comprises a premium emulsion seat, and adjustable armrest, and gives the best and most highly desirable seating experience. It keeps your spine in a healthy position and you do not feel any aching and soreness in it. Its overall design gets fit on your whole body and you experience immense comfort while you play and game for infinite hours.

The seat height seems adjustable between 18.7” to 22.6”, and you can adjust the angle from 90° to 160° angle. All in all, it gives wider back support, comprises a thicker seat, and relieves hip pressure so that you tend to enjoy your playing and watching times.

The induction of soft and premium emulsion seats gets further filled up with honeycomb pores so no heat remains produced by the seat fabric. If your current chair produces a lot of heat and sweat and you are not satisfied while using it, time to invest in this recommendation. Its fabric keeps your body warm in the winter and even cool in the summer, how amazing it is!

It is not at all healthy to use those chairs that bring aching in your body while you work or game, that is why these exclusive recommendations have arrived in the 21st century. It is definitely the most budget-friendly option and works supremely each day.

The catchy part is that its height, depth as well as width, and armrests are adjustable. So, what are you thinking now? You can try buying such chairs and make your gaming, playing, and working time the utmost relaxed and aching-free.

5. Dualthunder Gaming Chair

4.5Dualthunder Gaming Chair



  • Angled seat edges
  • Fully adjustable
  • Hours of comfort
  • Limited colors are available

Dualthunder cheapest gaming chair is designed in a way to make your game playing time epic, so order it right now and let us know your honest and unbiased feedback on it. The usage of premium materials, lumbar pillow, adjustable headrest, solid base, and other premium features have made it the top choice among people who game and work for prolonged hours other than outdated average gaming chair.

You should not compromise your health if your job is all about prolonged sitting or you love playing games for extended hours. The only solution available for you is to invest and capitalize on high-quality chairs and the respective choice will indeed give you a healthy and ache-free sitting experience.

Its design gets uniquely contoured with your whole body and not a minor soreness and burning sensation will be experienced you. It ends up giving you a healthy and most productive sitting posture. Now, it seems possible to game in a comfortable manner for endless hours and exclusive suggestions like these have made a revolution in the chair manufacturing niche.

The whole chair gets wrapped with premium and top-class materials and all in all, this construction makes it a tougher, sturdier, and stable-looking chair so far. It withstands the extended hours of daily use, carries adjustable armrests, and brings your body in the perfect position.

Suggest it to your friends and fellows if they are currently using a low-quality chair. It protects your spine and you eventually get the most contented and comfortable experience. Dedicated gamers never compromise on having low and cheap-quality chairs, that is why an exclusive pick is here in front of you.

You can only enjoy the game playing time if the right chair set is used by you. In addition, it remains stable no matter whether you are intensely moving and rocking it back and forth.

6. ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair

4.5ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair



  • Wide application
  • Fully foldable
  • No assembly
  • The seat edges do not look angled

You might have seen this common practice that high-quality chairs meant for working, playing and reading ensure 100% comfort and relaxes your body. So, we have arrived with this exclusive model, ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Chair.

This one is a genuine and top-quality swivel gaming chair that comes with a 360-degree swivel base. While playing, your body position and posture has to remain fully supported and this element is ensured by the reviewed pick. Its height is adjustable and you can set it up to five different positions, how impressive it is.

The catchy part is that you can transform such chairs into single sofas. Now, you have to make sure that your chosen chair offers maximum comfort while you work and play for endless hours and this pick will guarantee to meet this requirement and benchmark standard. In addition, you can even keep it in your living room or bedroom.

Apart from using it for game-playing sessions, utilize such chairs for reading and watching TV. The fully foldable design makes it an eye-catchy and impressive recommendation. It comes in a compact size and you can easily store and take it wherever you feel like it! Simply open the package and assemble it right away.

To all gamers out there, if you have set up a proper video playing room and you want to place high-end chairs over there, try such suggestions. Hopefully, they will work for you as they give optimal comfort and do not dare to bring soreness and fatigue to your body.

7. VICTONE Gaming Chair

4.5VICTONE Gaming Chair



  • Thicker Seat
  • Widen Backrest
  • Multifunctional Adjustment
  • It does not have a foldable design

Playing video games in a comfortable manner has to become your top priority. So, why not try out this VICTONE Gaming Chair? Here you can check out its unbiased review and let us know your experience once you have tried it. The reviewed chair has a thicker seat, and widen backrest, is made of a luxurious kind of leather material, shows multifunctional adjustments, and offers wide applicability.

If your present video gaming chair is functioning poorly and it brings pain and aching in your body, it means you have to immediately stop using it and try the chosen model. In addition, the induction of elastic sponge, PU leather, and tight stitching make it an appropriate pick for you. No matter whether you are a beginner or expert level gamer, get hold of such chairs and sit on them in the most relaxed and aching-free manner.

The highlighting part is that it has a got concave design and the whole structure conforms to your body in the best manner. It does not matter whether you have been playing video games for hours and working on your office assignment since morning, use this chair and relax your body in a super amazing manner.

Its seat comforts your hips and ideally relaxes reducing fatigue. Rest, it is covered with PU leather and other premium details and exquisite stitching makes it an appealing recommendation so far. Besides, the brand claims to call it Skin-Friendly and Dirt-Resistant. It is also easy to clean and you can use it for gaming, working, and reading purposes for years and years.

So, do you want to capitalize on such chairs? You should be! It relieves the possible amount of soreness from your feet and legs and keeps you comfortable so that you can play games for endless and limitless hours on this chair.

Its rocking function works ideally and you can conveniently move it back and forth simultaneously enjoying your video playing sessions as well. Along with that, the 5-star base, 360-degree mute kind of wheels, and the maximum weight-bearing capacity make it a healthy choice for all gamers out there.

8. Devoko Gaming Chair

4.5Devoko Gaming Chair



  • Integrated and premium metal frame
  • Explosion-proof construction
  • Lock-tilt adjustment 
  • The backrest is not widen

Next, we have Devoko Gaming Chair which is claimed to be the best ergonomic video-playing gaming chair that you have not tried out till now. It is made of breathable leather, offers lumbar support, and protects your shoulders, neck, and spine in a productive manner.

If you notice that your video-playing chairs are only hurting your back, it means that is a clear sign to stop using that option and invest in some healthy and productive choice. It shows 360-degree rotation and you can swivel it in any direction you want to. The mute rolling time is offered by it and no noise is produced regardless of the fact you move it from one room to another.

No doubt, this one is the heavy-duty gaming chair that we have selected for you and it is also budget-friendly. It comes under the price tag of 100 and all those people who have a limited budget should buy such chairs.

Most importantly, elements like an integrated metal frame and explosion-proof kind of gas spring make it an impressive pick. It manages to relieve all tiredness from your back and legs and your session of playing games becomes relaxing enough. You will also get the installation tools along with the package. It is better to read out the instructions before assembling them in your gaming room.

9. PUKAMI Gaming Chair

4.5PUKAMI Gaming Chair



  • 360 degree swivel
  • Free replacement
  • 12 months warranty 
  • The order might arrive late

PUKAMI Gaming Chair has grabbed the utmost attention of all gamers. We know that for a gamer, using high-quality chairs has always been of prime importance for them. That is why we have chosen this model for you because it is made of skin-friendly materials, carries an ergonomic design and you will get the most professional after-sale service in case of having any issues.

You have to instantly stop using chairs that bring fatigue and super exhaustion to your back. Such drawbacks are not offered and showcased by high-end chairs and among them; you can try out the PUKAMI brand.

Most noteworthy, it is ideal to be used during scenarios when you play games for endless and infinite hours, and using a top-quality chair is the only solution to deal with backaches and soreness. If you have started to feel that lots of chair models have made you confused and overwhelmed regarding what kind of chairs to buy, so to shortlist a few of the choices, you can have a PUKAMI gaming chair.

Once you open up the package, you will get all tools and screws for assembling it. In case of any issues and ambiguity, you can contact their customer team and ask for further guidance. So, easy to assemble and effortless to move gaming chairs are here in front of you. You will not believe that such a comfortable and fatigue-free gaming experience is offered by it.

Use it on your own and see how satisfactorily it works no matter whether you play video games or work or read on it. In case of quality problems, you will get a free replacement. Customers get 12 months of warranty time on the replacement parts. So, if you are a passionate gamer, have this reviewed gaming chair!

The presence of high-density and premium memory foam seats has made it a favorite piece among gamers. We hope that now you have got the most satisfactory solution for your backaches.

10. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

4.5Polar Aurora Gaming Chair



  • Five casters
  • 1,000-mile rolling test is passed
  • High-density shaped sponges
  • A bit of the limited use

So, the last suggestion that might double grab your attention is this Polar Aurora Gaming Chair. Lots of qualities and USPs are seen in it and the penned-down unbiased review will make you fall in love with it. Most importantly, the smooth-rolling wheels, noise-free operations, catchy design, and comfortable seating time makes it a super cool choice among gamers and working people.

The model gets accompanied by five casters and you can roll and move it wherever you feel like, this is so amazing. It is so lightweight and compact that moving and storing it will not be a problem for you. In addition, its smooth wheels do not damage the floor and you can worry-free roll and transfer it from one room to another. In other words, you can easily move and shift it on the carpet tiles, and wood flooring. Gamers have preferred this recommendation because it has passed the 1,000-mile rolling test, so do try it out and let us know your view.

The model guarantee to offer safety and comfort and your body will remain relaxed no matter if you play games for prolonged hours. It has successfully cleared the SGS test and BIFMA test. The usage of PU leather, as well as high-density sponges, gives a moderate and comfort-filled hardness to this chair.

It does not sore your legs and buttocks and that is the catchy quality of it. If you love playing video games for hours and hours and your present chair hurts your back right after five minutes of sitting, it means you have to replace it with some high-quality option.

One of the least important qualities is that it is ergonomically designed and hugs your body in a relaxed style. Besides, you can recline it in between the angle range of 90 to 160 degrees. So, it is time to lie down with comfort and enjoy playing games on the best quality chairs.

Buying Guide to Pick Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

We have penned down the buying guide that will tell you how to choose the budget-friendly gaming, working, desktop, and computer chairs. The below-mentioned points are of great importance and we hope that your selection process will become error-free. The buying guide has illustrated to look for the chairs that come with durable and smooth wheels, offer360 swivel ability, deliver easy moments and support the maximum weight. You can check out the rest of the information below:

Best gaming chairs under $100
Infographic: Best gaming chairs under $100

Ergonomic and Swivel chair

First of all, you have to look for those video-playing gaming chairs that get included in the category of ergonomic and swivel chairs. Such chairs will take your gaming time to other epic and amazing levels and your legs will not feel any soreness and aching no matter if you had been sitting on the chair for a long time.

Heavy-duty and sturdy steel frame

The presence of a steel frame encourages a comfortable seating position. Your body remains comfy and you enjoy having your gaming time for the longest hours. The induction of other ergonomic features like adjustable height, reclining back as well as adjustable armrests should be present in your chosen chairs.

PU leather kind of upholstery

If your chosen chairs are made of PU leather kind of upholstery, it means they will remain easy and quick enough to clean. The usage of high-quality and premium PU Leather makes the respective chair skin-friendly and also wear-resisting. 

Removable head and adjustable armrest

The back cushion and removable head will bring extra comfort and support while you have your game playing time. On the other hand, the latest models have a 30° adjustable armrest that helps for relaxing and comforting your hands after long time gaming sessions.


Thus, the most cost-friendly chairs have arrived and they offer the best experience as well. You can assemble them in less time and no additional tools are needed. The package includes all tools and screws and you can effortlessly assemble them. So, which of the best gaming chairs under 100 do you want to try out and order now:

Our top choices are:

  • PatioMage Gaming Chair
  • Homall Gaming Chair
  • GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

Undoubtedly, they have become ideal and the favorite choices among working, studying people and those who love to game, read, and nap. You can keep them in any room of your home and see how comfortable they are going to be! Stay tuned and connected with us.

1. What is so special about the gaming chairs?

Well, there are several distinctive features of a good gaming chair that are not present in ordinary chairs. Since they are specially designed to offer extra comfort and reliability to gamers, the gaming chairs have a higher backrest to ensure maximum support to the lumber and shoulder area of the gamers.

2. How does a gaming chair manage stress and sweat during long hours of gaming?

As the gamers indulge in gaming for hours together and they feel stressed out of the pressure, they also sweat a lot. The gaming chair manufacturers mostly make sure to avoid materials that get heated up easily.

3. What material should I prefer in a gaming chair; fabric or leather?

Now that comes from the aspect of reliability and also the reaction of the material to extreme temperature. Overall, fabric gaming chairs are better as the cloth does not get hot or cold with the surrounding temperature, unlike leather. Besides, fabric chairs last longer than leather ones.

4. Can I use gaming chair for office use?

Although the purpose of both the chairs is the same but if you are not a budget, you should go for a specialized office chair instead of a gaming chair for your office work.