Being a gamer is not easy because one has to manage to sit in front of a PC for hours, along with good dexterity, exceptional motor skills, full concentration, and excellent eye and hand coordination, right? Moreover, gaming also demands an investment in equipment. Then what to do to accomplish all these requirements efficiently? The two words answer is “Gaming Chair.”

A gaming chair helps build a comfortable environment to enjoy the games for as long as one likes. Most people think that a good gaming chair is costly, but not necessarily. You can surely get a good-quality chair at a very low price. All you need to do is to have a glance at our list of the 10 best gaming chairs under $150. We’ve compiled only those products that offer maximum features with minimum prices for you. 

Let’s discuss the best gaming chairs, and don’t forget to read a Buyer’s Guide that is specially written for your ease so that you may select a gaming chair under $150 effortlessly!

List of 10 Best Gaming Chairs under $150

  1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair 
  2. GTRACING Gaming Chair
  3. OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (Green)
  4. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair
  5. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair (White)
  6. X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair
  7. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair
  8. Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair
  9. AJS Ergonomic Cheap Gaming Chair
  10. Huracan PC Game Chair Camo Camouflage Computer Gaming

1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair  – Best Seller on Amazon in Computer Gaming Chairs

4.9Homall Gaming Chair



  • 300 lbs load capacity
  • Padded fixed armrests
  • Comfortable sharing sponge
  • Sturdy Steel frame
  • Amazing reclining
  • Quite heavy to handle

If you are looking for a racing-style high-back computer desk chair with executive ergonomic adjustability, then here is the best office chair named Homall Gaming Chair!

This exclusively designed ergonomic chair has a class 3 gas lift, so it is durable and sturdy enough to accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs and has a firm metal base with smooth and tested rolling casters that free up the movement of the user and makes the tasks easier with 360° swivel. The thick steel frame is another assurance of its reliability and safe use; with the very fine reclining function between 90 to 180 degrees, you can work on this chair and manage reading and sound sleep at 120° and 150°, respectively.

The seat height is also adjustable, so you will never find difficulty or cramps while sitting and gaming for a long time. The rocking mechanism also has a separate comfort level as you can move back and forth for the proper adjustment of your body, especially the pelvic portion. The comfortable padded armrests of Homall are fixed and non-adjustable. 

Moreover, this amazing chair has an adjustable back lumbar support and headrest so that you can enjoy a superior feeling of comfort. This stylish gaming chair has a comfortable and not easy-to-collapse sponge, and the angle adjuster of the chair is the best element as it fits the body position. It has rubber PU wheels that are the racing style wheels and has a PU leather fabric which is body friendly and resistant to wear and tear.

Enjoy the great service life and shop for this versatile chair now!

After buying it and testing it, its assembly is too easy, but it requires two personal jobs. Its fixed armrest can be long for some people but shouldn’t cause that much trouble. But the unique leisure of reclining is on another level. Most of it can be wiped off, and it’s excellent that you can change the filling by opening zippers on the backrest and support cushions.

The main drawback is that due to the way it is fastened, the seat cushion cannot be changed. Additionally, there is a crevice along both sides of the seat cushion that is virtually impossible to clean without a vacuum cleaner designed for that purpose.

2. GTRacing Gaming Chair  – Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

4.8GTRacing Gaming Chair



  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • PU leather with foam
  • Comfortable waistrest system
  • Lumbar and height adjustments
  • Difficult and long time assembly required

If you are searching for a computer desk racing style gaming chair with all new quality features and comfort adjustment, here is a surprise for you in a single package of GTRacing Gaming Chair!

This incredible and perfectly designed gaming chair is considered as most suitable for gaming even if you want to pursue it as a profession; then, with this chair, you will never miss a single second without comfort.

Besides the good posture and the body-friendly sitting, it has a high load capacity of 300 lbs which is quite exceptional in such an affordable range of $150. This amazing chair can recline back between the range of the angle 90° to 160° so that users can manage all tasks in a single chair and even rest during busy gaming hours.

The armrests are adjustable height means you can set the chair’s arms level according to your suitable placement. The metal frame is sturdy and ergonomic in design as it does not bind the user to sit in a single uncomfortable position but allows him to adjust the seat height. 

Additionally, the cushion support system is a phenomenon character because it is spongy and soft but firm enough to resist compression. A headrest waitress system keeps the head, shoulders, neck, and lower back relaxed. The smooth nylon rolling casters give flexibility and freedom to the user for movement. You can use this marvelous 50 lbs chair not only for gaming but also as an office task chair and for other purposes.

What can be more perfect than this?

After testing the GT Racing gaming chair, we will say the price point of this item is just amazing. More than what you paid for is provided. It is a wonderful chair and quite cozy. It gives us excellent support. Excellent chair, ever. we mostly use it for computing chores, but I also play Xbox games on it.

For us, putting the assembly together took roughly 3.5 hours. The manual’s assembly instructions aren’t the finest, but if you search for a video on them, it will be quite helpful. Additionally, it is advised to have two people. Overall, I think it’s a terrific chair that is well worth the price. We like the way it looks, functions, and feels. Suggest.

3. OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair – Best Quality Gaming Chair

4.6OFM Racing Style Bonded



  • Flip-up padded arms 
  • 275 lbs weight capacity 
  • Premium SofThread leather 
  • Tested durable wheels 
  • Tilt control 
  • Fabric on forearms is an issue for sensitive skin type 

If you are looking for a gaming chair in a green color to add beauty and class to your office room, then here is a green bonded leather gaming chair that you will surely fall in love with, and that is the OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair!

This ergonomically designed computer gaming chair has a characteristic green color and has a bonded leather material that has enough resistance against daily wear and tear. This innovative car-style computer gaming chair is the epitome of luxury and comfort because you can work in it without a single second of waiting. The flip-up padded arms can easily move upward and downward, and it all depends on your needs and preferences.

This aggressive style chair has a great combination of green and shiny black leather. It has contoured segmented padding of the seat, which keeps the bums and legs in their best position and optimizes blood circulation. It has a sturdy base and swivels rotation wheels that can move up to 360° to free up the user to manage all the tasks and has a maximum load capacity of 275 lbs. This highly adjustable chair has a padded headrest with a window that keeps the head away from sweating as it retains adequate airflow.

Furthermore, this chair has great lumbar support, 46.6 miles of casters durability which never drops out during long sessions of gaming hours, the tilt control has another level of comfort so that your muscles remain relaxed, and the height of the chair is also adjustable and an upholstered form factor with five years limited time warranty. Shop your comfortable pack now!

It was ours two years ago. Since then, it has been used almost nonstop. There was almost no peeling. That is the most wear we can think of. Its structure is strong throughout. All components that move are sound. Everything is stable. Zero noise.

Lean has a wonderful tension that is neither too little nor too much. we’ve worked in this chair for around two years without any noticeable back issues. Great value all around. If we needed additional office chairs, I would buy more or repeat the purchase.

4. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair  – Best Gaming Massage Chair

4.5BestOffice PC Gaming Chair



  • 250 lbs load capacity 
  • Non-adjustable armrests 
  • 5-star casters and base 
  • The base can bear 2500 lbs weight 
  • Retractable footrest 
  • The chair wobbles a lot 
  • Unsightly non-padded armrests

Innovation is all we need in a gaming chair. If this innovation is associated with comfort, it would be a desire because comfort and luxury at an affordable price are just a dream. Still, with BestOffice PC Gaming Chair, you will have the most surprising and comfortable experience!

The unique feature of this nice chair is that it is a massage office chair as it has a vibrator with a remote control system that works to decrease fatigue by the slight vibration that relaxes the muscles and keeps them away from stress. This human-oriented stylish, and ergonomically designed chair has a 90° to 135° reclining angle, and you can lock the chair at any desired point so that you can use the chair for working, gaming, reading, and napping.

The lumbar massage cushion relieves the back, especially the lower back, from pain with the USB power supply, and you can even remove this cushion when you do not need it. The chair has a thick padded seat that releases all the pressure around the bums and gives you a stress-free experience for ultra-comfort. This BIFMA-certified chair has 250 lbs load capacity with SGS verified Class 3-gas lift function for height adjustment with non-padded and non-adjustable armrests.

Moreover, this chair has sturdy 5-star nylon casters that give a swivel movement up to 360°, a retractable footrest, a high-density sponge with water resistance, 2500 lbs capacity sturdy base, a control handle for tilt adjustment, a broad chair back, high strength body-friendly PU leather that lasts for the longest time and maximum tilting of 135 degrees. Make your task easier with this comfortable chair!

we think we’ve ever had to put together a chair, and this is the easiest. we spent little more than 40 minutes on it (only because we kept grabbing the wrong screws and having to double-check stuff so often).

Other than that, setting up the chair was simple. The only “problem” we had was that one of the holes in the base wasn’t aligned properly, so we now have one additional screw.

We’ve been sitting in the chair ever since we set it up, and other than wishing the seat or back were a little bit bigger, it’s quite comfortable. Although I’d want the arms to be lower, you get what you pay for.

5. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair – Best Budget Computer Chair

4.3GTPLAYER Gaming Chair



  • 300 lbs weight capacity 
  • Linkage armrests 
  • Massage lumbar pillow 
  • Ergonomic metal frame 
  • SGS certified 

No quality welding 

If you are searching for an in-budget gaming computer desk chair in a black and white classy combination with all adjustable features and premium quality, then here is our very own GTPLAYER Gaming Chair, which will offer you all this!

This relaxing and comfortable gaming chair has a USB-powered electrical padded massage lumbar pillow that keeps the back and the lower back portion in the best comfortable state with a slight vibration and relieves the user from all types of fatigue. The headrest pillow is also adjustable to fit greatly with the head and the neck. It has padded linkage armrests that help you place the wrists on the soft arms.

Unlike the common and cheap gaming chairs, it has a sturdy base due to the built-in metal frame with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs with the class-4 SGS certified gas lift technology. The footrest is extra soft to place the foot on it, and surely you can retract it back when you do not need it.

The nylon wheels casters rotate up to 360° swivel without creating any scratch on the floor. The thick padded but extra soft seat cushion is anti-collapse and withstands the long sessions of gaming hours. 

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

Additionally, with this incredibly amazing chair, you can get a 90 to 135 degrees reclining angle to work in an upright position or to read a novel and to take a sound sleep without going to bed. The seat height is adjustable with a height range of 49.21” -53.15”. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and looks like a brand-new gaming chair. Buy this thousand times tested chair now!

Following testing, we’ll state: Without needing to consult the internet, the assembly instructions were simple to understand, and they even included a few additional pieces.

One of the greatest gaming seats available now is perfect for gaming in particular. The chair has excellent stability and support. Although a little challenging to put together, it is worthwhile. The icing on the cake is the design and massage.

Furthermore, the customer service is excellent. When I lost a component, they immediately sent me a replacement. I’d unquestionably suggest it to anyone searching for a chair.

6. X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair – Best Hi-Tech Gaming Chair

4.2X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker



  • 275 lbs weight capacity 
  • No armrests 
  • Premium sound and versatile
  • Foldable 
  • Rock and recline 
  • Not Xbox controller 

If you are looking for a foldable plastic gaming chair that does not require extra space for placement and has high-quality premium features, then here is a unique type of chair known as the X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair!

This ideal and innovative style black and silver chair has a classy look and is perfect for office use and even to place in the game room, dorm room, or living room. This hi-tech gaming chair has Bluetooth connectivity, making the sitting experience more incredible because you can play games or work with this chair and enjoy music with the two speakers. Besides the wireless connectivity with external devices, you can playfully enjoy this phenomenon chair’s other rocking and reclining positions.

There are no armrests, but the seat padding is soft and perfect for sitting for long hours, and you can pursue gaming as your profession. The chair has no pedestal and is placed directly on the floor to cover the minimum space. This marvelous chair is foldable so that you can conveniently store it when not in use. The chair has a 275 lb load capacity, which means you do not have to worry about bulky.

Moreover, this floor rocker chair has a special Ace furniture style that adds more beauty to your gaming room; speakers are mounted on the headrest with the total dimension of the chair 31” x 16.5” x 27.5” with a weight of 12.34 kg with a compatible and versatile design and a seat size of 17” width and 19” height. Buy your unique AFM technology gaming chair now! We have covered a detailed review of the X Rocker Gaming chair, please have a look.

Following the test, the best feature we found was its comfort and foldable features. Although it has no armrest and maybe a lot of people dislike it, for this reason, we will still recommend you use this chair at least once in your life.

With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, it is suitable for everyone. It is also very versatile. Its reclining feature is also amazing, so it is recommended.

7. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair – Best Video High-Back Gaming Chair

4.1VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair



  • 250 lbs load capacity 
  • 2D armrests 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Class 3 gas lift 
  • Massage lumber support 
  • Collapsible seat padding

If you are searching for a multifunctional racing-style video gaming chair at an affordable price with extra support, comfort, and adjustability, here is the best surprise for you named VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair!

This innovative and modern racing-style gaming chair has an integrated USB electric massager in the lumbar cushion, perfect for working as the vibration relieves the back from pain. The armrests are adjustable as they can move left and right and up and down to give the perfect placement to the wrists and elbows so that no pain and cramps remain.

You can adjust the chair’s back angle with the help of the adjuster lever, and the backrest has 3-dimensional spine support that keeps the spinal cord in its original shape and adjusts itself every time you change your position. The chair is made with PU leather and premium soft padding, which is resistant to daily wear and tear and has easy maintenance with 250 lbs maximum weight capacity. The chair has a reclining and locking mechanism; you can recline the chair back between the angle range of 90 to 135 degrees for working, reading, and sleeping, and then you can lock the chair at that specific angle. 

This plush, comfortable, and easy-to-assemble chair have a soft and padded retractable footrest that keeps blood circulation normal. The rolling casters have 360 degrees of swivel movement to give flexibility and a flat wide seat cushion for easy sitting. The commercial class 3 gas lift and sturdy starbase have a 1-year limited-time warranty. What can be more perfect than this?

With simple instructions and the one required tool already supplied, it only took less than 20 minutes. After seeing some of these pictures, we were quite astonished to see that the fit was excellent and the construction was robust. Any thin, bony posterior is not at all unpleasant, and it fits well.

The thigh rest is larger than we had expected, and because of space restrictions, we probably won’t use it very often. However, it is simple to fold away. The massage cushion is just a marketing ploy, and we’ll keep the cable wrapped and tucked beneath the pillow. However, it’s comfy now that we’ve spent a few days sitting for hours at a time working on a few things.

8. Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair – Best Feature-Packed Gaming Chair

4.0Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair



  • 260 lbs weight capacity 
  • 4D covered armrests 
  • 3 point reclining 
  • Supreme fabric comfort 
  • Polyurethane material 
  • Little wobbling armrests 
  • Complex assembly 

If you are searching for a wide back and comfortable gaming chair with an ergonomic design and high adjustability, then here is the best chair for you, which is known as Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair!

Ventrix is a smart choice for customers and is categorized under their favorite gaming chairs. It has a great level of adjustability as the lumbar support is adjustable and removable. With this chair, you can not feel bound to prioritize your primacy, needs, and preferences. The armrests are amazing and have premium quality because they are 4D adjustable, and the cover is also removable so that you can prevent your arms from sweating.

The headrest is also removable and has a great capacity to support your head and neck portion and keep your muscles relaxed during long gaming sessions. This chair has a class 3 hydraulic gas lift which is why it has a maximum load capacity of 260 lbs which is quite an ideal limit to support a bulky man. The chair is equipped with a toluene interior and mesh upholstery to make the seat’s fabric breathable so that the user remains cool during the hottest weather.

Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair

Moreover, with this superior quality gaming chair, you can recline back up to the highest limit of 180° means this chair is not only for gaming purposes, but you can also make this your bed for the most relaxing position. It has a multifunctional tilt mechanism with 360 degrees of swivel rotation of the sturdy wheels. You can move the chair up and down because of the integrated lifting system, high-strength welded steel frame, 3 points adjustable recline, and adjustable height with a firm nylon base. Buy this affordable comfort pack now!

After testing, we will state that the aesthetics of this chair are just amazing. However, the assembly is appalling. You will have to watch some YouTube videos before assembling them, and it is going to take too much of your time.

Another amazing feature is that it has a 3-point reclining. The sloppy backward reclining characteristic of a gaming chair and the downward and upward reclining characteristic of an office chair. It is made of polyurethane, which is very comfortable.

9. AJS Ergonomic Cheap Gaming Chair – Best High-Back Video Game Chair

3.8AJS Ergonomic Cheap



  • 220 lbs load capacity 
  • Padded and heights adjustable armrests 
  • Tilting and rocking
  • Five wheels 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • No reclining 

If you are searching for a comfortable and durable computer desk chair with multifunctionality and easy to assemble so here we are presenting one of the most anticipated and patent ergonomic gaming chairs named AJS Ergonomic!

This cheap but high-quality gaming chair has a black and red combination with adjustable features. No doubt the chair has a leather material, but still, the leather of this chair is quite different from the leather of other cheap chairs as it has a comfortable and breathable fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. The backrest has a slight curve which fits the waist perfectly. This human-oriented chair has padded and height-adjustable armrests with fabric and cotton upholstery that keep elbows in their best posture and prevent cramping the wrists and arms.

The chair has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs with a 360° swivel of the rolling wheel casters that do not bind your sitting but give the user enough freedom to move and work. The lumbar support is ergonomic and is best for the neck, shoulders, and spine as it seems like a natural curve. You can adjust the seat’s height between the range of 17.2-21.2 inches with the help of the lever moving it from 0-4 inches located beneath the chair on the right side.

Additionally, this chair can tilt back between 90° and 120°, which supports working and reading, and with the assistance of the turning knob, the chair can also rock. The packaging has an easy instructions manual with 15-20 minutes required assembly and a money-back guarantee within 30 days after purchasing the chair with a 1-year limited-time warranty. Shop this reliable chair now!

This was delivered on schedule and has clear instructions. Everything was clearly labeled, and assembly was simple. Fortunately, they had a little box of spares with all the screws required to put it together, even though one screw was missing.

Excellent comfort. The most amazing feature is that it has an adjustable armrest, so it is quite comfortable. It also has five standard star shape five tires, which make it more stable. 

10. Huracan PC Game Chair Camo Camouflage Computer Gaming Chair – Best Supportive Gaming Chair

3.6Huracan PC Game Chair



  • 300 lbs weight capacity 
  • Linkage armrests 
  • Rotate freely 
  • Carbon fiber leather 
  • Screw pre-installation 
  • Low-quality chair 

If you are looking for a unique gaming chair that differs from the others in look, here is a como print chair known as Huracan PC Game Chair!

This computer gaming chair is made from carbon leather with a high-back ergonomic design. It has an elegant Como or camouflage print on the armrests, seat cushion, headrest, lumbar support, and chair back. The portion where the chair back and the lumbar support are connected to the print is in a V shape that denotes the sign of victory. The chair’s backrest, seat cushion, and headrest are made with carbon fiber leather to make it more body-friendly, soft, and breathable than normal leather.

This incredibly amazing chair has high-class PU soft leather that can last longer for years. The chair has a linkage 3 cm sponge-filled armrests with a streamlined grill design and a reclining angle of 90 to 150 degrees and 5 PU silent wheels with 360° swivel rotation that smoothly rollover over the carpet or the floor without any damage. With the cold foam sponge and the ergonomic, streamlined frame. This sturdy chair has a maximum load capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Furthermore, with this 38.5 lbs chair, there is double protection and SGS Class 3 gas lift, non-slip texture, excellent supporting capacity, effortless assembly, and no more screws needed for the installation, and you can finish the whole task in only 10 minutes, and low ground high stability. You can get a money-back guarantee in just 30 days in any case of inconvenience or damage. Buy this high-support and affordable gaming chair now!

The chair is quite simple to assemble. On my back, it’s incredibly cozy and supportive. It is quite durable. The reclining feature is simple to operate, and the wheels glide effortlessly. The camouflage colors are accurate and look excellent. To make the entire chair easier to clean, we do wish the camo pieces were made of the same leather-like material as the black parts.

We had an issue with the headrest pillow’s zipper. The chair was damaged when it was delivered to us. After contacting them via an Amazon message, we received a prompt and kind answer, which was fantastic customer service. We submitted images showing the zipper’s damage. A replacement pillow was delivered to us very quickly.

Comparison Chart

NamesLoad Capacity (lbs)Armrests Type
Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair 300Padded fixed
GTRACING Gaming Chair300Height adjustable
OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (Green)275Flip-up padded
BestOffice PC Gaming Chair250Non-adjustable
GTPLAYER Gaming Chair (White)300Linkage
X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair275No
VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair2502D
Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair2604D covered
AJS Ergonomic Cheap Gaming Chair220Padded and heights adjustable
Huracan PC Game Chair Camo Camouflage Computer Gaming300Linkage

Testing Methodology

There is a lot of saturation in the market for gaming and office chairs. And one can get confused about which one to buy. That’s we have collected all the best budgeted under 150 dollars gaming chairs for you. We have also tested all the chairs vigorously, so there can be no confusion and you can get what you want. 

We have tested almost all the features, like the armrest, seat comfort and adjustment, price, size, weight capacity, overall stability and comfort, lumbar support, and the material used. So you can trust us and go with this list.

Buying Guide for a Best Gaming Chair under $ 150

Most people think that there is not much variety under $ 150 when purchasing a gaming chair, but this is wrong! Several chairs are designed accordingly within this range. Many of them compromise on the chair’s material while collecting all the features of the high-class chair in this cheap model.

Judgment is the basic thing that makes you choose the right chair for you. You should consider the chair’s features to fulfill your requirements and don’t focus on the unwanted features!

Best Gaming Chair under 150
Infographic: Best Gaming Chair under 150

Things to Consider While Buying a Best Gaming Chair under $ 150

1. Types of Gaming chairs

There are different types of chairs, but mainly they are three types. Each chair has advantages as well as disadvantages. People choose the type of chair according to their interests and demand to fulfill their needs. The three major types of gaming chairs are given below:

i. Game Rocker

These are the chairs designed so that you can tilt and sway while playing. There is no conventional basis, and you can sit directly on the ground without any problem. These chairs are preferred for console games. It isn’t easy to get it under $ 150.

ii. Racing Chair

The wheels are present at the base of this chair, and it is the common type of gaming chair. You can adjust this chair according to your height and move anywhere or tilt during the game. This is affordable and budget-friendly as you can easily find it under $ 150 with all the common and necessary features.

iii. Pedestal Chair

It is just like a rocking chair and allows you to swivel due to its suction cup-shaped base. It allows you to tilt or move in any dimension while gaming. It is available for under $ 150 if you do not have much cash to buy the expensive one.

2. Recline

The tilt is the mandatory feature that should be ensured in every type of chair, whether cheap or expensive. The chairs under $150 allow you a smooth tilt with maximum support. There are 3 to 4 tilt settings, and a lock is there to adjust the tilt in place. Lightweight tilt support must be available if no full recline support is present there where you can slightly recline the chair while gaming. The rocking function must be there in any gaming chair under $150 to rock back and forth on the base of the gaming chair.

3. Materials

The gaming chairs under $ 150 are mostly made of polyurethane leather. It is generated with leftover leather coated with polyurethane to give the expensive leather appearance. Fabric mesh is also used for breathability which helps to cool it on summer days. 

PU leather chair is coated with fire retardant chemicals, and you feel a musty smell. This is the outer coating, while the inner material of the gaming chair is made of foam. Slight padding chairs are dense padding, while chairs with much padding to give strength are generated with non-dense padding.

4. Size and Weight Capacity

The only feature that ensures the chair’s comfort is not its ergonomic design but the size that matters first in the case of a gaming chair. The accurate size of the chair should be ensured, especially in the case of a gaming chair. The small size of the gaming chair will not allow the easy adjustment of the user, and the large size of the gaming chair will not provide a strong grip for the person sitting on it.

So, make sure its size while purchasing the gaming chair is under $ 150. The weight capacity of a gaming chair under this range is 275 lbs or 300 lbs. the slight variations can be bearable in the weight of the person sitting on it.

5. Additional Features

All the chairs have some additional features to make them different and preferable from others, whether cheap or expensive. Padded seats, armrests, and backrests are the additional features that should be there. The good quality chairs have these features, even the gaming chair under $ 150. Chairs A and B have similar quality and price options, but footrest, vibrating massage, and headrest pillow features are available in chair A. It will be easier for you to make the final decision.

What is the purpose of gaming chairs?

A gaming chair’s adjustable lumbar, headrest, and armrests make it easier to sit upright when using one. It provides adequate spinal support and comfort for prolonged sitting when compared to an office chair.

Is purchasing a gaming chair worthwhile?

For those who spend a lot of time at a computer, gaming chairs are an excellent purchase. Gaming chairs address bad sitting patterns and instruct you on how to sit properly. A gaming chair is very comfortable and beneficial for your health.

Which chair does Ninja use for gaming?

Ninja mostly utilizes the gaming seats from NeedForSeat and Maxnomic under an exclusivity agreement. Both the Maxnomic Pro and Maxonomic Dominator have a reputation for being extremely customizable and coming in a variety of hues and patterns.

What are the names of gaming chairs?

Gaming seats come in three major varieties: floor, rocker, and PC and racing. PC & Racing: Since their seats are elevated off the ground, PC and racing gaming chairs are the ones that are most frequently used for sitting at a desk and playing video games.

Should I use or get an office chair or a gaming chair?

The gaming chair is the best option if you’re only buying a chair for its aesthetics rather than its usefulness. I would advise choosing a conventional office chair if you’re searching for a supportive, adjustable, ergonomic chair to sit in.


Gaming chairs are a good investment in productivity and health maintenance. Sitting on a gaming chair provides you with the environment you need for a proper gaming experience. Hopefully, this list of best gaming chairs under $150 will help you choose your best gaming partner – A Gaming Chair at affordable prices; good luck!