Fibromyalgia, such pain has become hard to manage. On the other hand, prolonged sitting further aggravates this health problem. For managing this pain effectively, you can capitalize on high-quality chairs that are only meant to manage fibromyalgia pain. With their usage, the back of your head, shoulders, upper back muscles, knees, buttocks and lower back will remain in the pain-free zone.

So, make high expectations from these high-end chairs because they bring maximum comfort and relaxation in your pain-filled areas. These are fully ergonomic chairs and offer 100% lumbar support. Their usage claim to reduce back pain while you have long shifts and long working hours at the office! In addition, they have a high-density mesh headrest, resilient foam cushion as well as height-adjustable armrest. Thus, have a look at their reviews and pick out the most comfortable chair:

Comparison Table of Best Office Chairs for Fibromyalgia:

ProductsFurniture base movementDesignTechnology
SUNNOW Office ChairSwivelWaterfall-edge designIntelligent sitting posture kind of adaptation system
Allguest Office ChairRecline, swivel and inclineErgonomic designErgonomics Technology
AUAG Office ChairSwivelErgonomic 3D designIntelligent adaptation system
ERGOUP Office ChairSwivel and recline5-point steel base designCore Bionic Ergonomics Technology
EROMMY Office ChairSwivelSGS explosion-proof gas designTilt-Lock Mechanism Technology
JAJALUYA Mesh Office ChairRecline, swivel and inclineThe mesh designS-shaped design  bionics technology
Cedric Office ChairSwivel and reclineHuman-oriented designEN1335 standards meeting technology
FUNSHION Office ChairSwivelSturdy designComfortCore technology
NOBLEWELL Office ChairRecline, swivel and inclineBreathable mesh designCore Bionic Ergonomics Technology
Tribesigns Mesh Office ChairSwivelHuman-oriented designTilt-Lock Mechanism Technology

1. SUNNOW Office Chair

4.8SUNNOW Office Chair



  • Waterfall-edge design
  • Strong tensile strength
  • 1-year warranty
  • It has a higher price tag

Health conditions like fibromyalgia bring a lot of pain to your whole body. Extended sitting along with this respective health problem brings severity to this health issue. So, what can you do in this scenario? Invest in SUNNOW Office Chair and try managing your pain.

If you are more sensitive to pain, we think that using these chairs will be effective and healthy for them. It offers adjustable lumbar support, adjustable headrest and armrest, comfortable foam seat and tilt functioning. For adjusting the lumbar support height and even its depth, you can do that either in upward, downward, or in the front and back directions.

Using it will get the most fantastic experience because it fully supports your spine, and you start becoming less vulnerable to pain. Besides, it handover comfortable arm support and bring down neck pain issues. The makers have incorporated a waterfall-edge design in it so that the chair does not deform quickly. Its design and structure will give immense support to your buttocks and thighs.

SUNNOW Office Chair

Now, managing the pain of fibromyalgia seems possible because these excellent chairs have arrived in the shops. They allow you to sit for 6 to 8 hours without witnessing any pain in your back. It is due to the breathable mesh of the backrest that the person feels strong tensile strength.

You can lean it from 90 to 135-degrees, and the backrest can be adjusted up to three different locations. The user simply has to adjust the knob and control the tilt tension in the desired manner. Thus, what are you thinking? Have this chair that is meant for people having fibromyalgia. The instructions to assemble it are written on the carton; you can look at it from there. You will get a 1-year warranty.

2. Allguest Office Chair

4.7Allguest Office Chair



  • Comfortable high-back
  • Build-in Lumbar Pad
  • Premium quality material

You may find difficulty when adjusting the armrest

You no longer have to experience pain and stiffness in your back, buttocks and hips. Allguest Office Chair is here, and it has come out as a blessing for people having fibromyalgia.

If you sit around for hours and hours in the office and your spine remains in the discomfort position, have this chair to be used and see how productively it works. It helps you change the body positions in any manner you want to. You can move around easily and conveniently while sitting on it. Your whole body is going to be utmost supported, and that is for sure!

Most importantly, the respective recommendation has a comfortable high back, build-in lumbar pad and ergonomic design. It gives maximum support to your spine, and your pain arising because of fibromyalgia may get reduced. All in all, your body parts will be brought in the correct ergonomic positioning.

If the chair that you are presently using is not believed to be a comfortable resting place, try this suggestion right away. It contains a high-back, breathable mesh and gives proper circulation to your back so that it does not sweat at all.

In addition, the high-grade lumber pad gets fully adapted and contours to your body, and no pressure get to be placed on your lower back. The all-around headrest protects your neck, and it gets easier for you to embrace any of the reclining positions that you feel like doing while sitting.

We hope that your working hours will become excited, energized, and fully relaxed with such a chair. Elements like a well-polished plastic frame, high-quality elastic mesh, high-density foam cover ensure long-time use.

The highlighting part is that it has passed the BIFMA test, and you will get a 2-Year warranty. It is guaranteed that people having fibromyalgia will now be able to better deal with their health issues if they promise and ensure to use high-quality chairs.

3. AUAG Office Chair

4.4AUAG Office Chair



  • 3D Adjustable Armrest
  • Evenly disperse hip pressure
  • 5-Point Base 
  • The packaging style looks outdated

The health problem of fibromyalgia, its victims generally suffer from muscle and joint pain. At the same time, long sitting work hours deteriorate this health issue more and more. So, to ease and prevent the pain, have AUAG Office Chair and bring your body in the fully supported and comfort-filled mode.

Its usage will help you distribute the weight evenly. In addition, it alleviates pressure residing in your hips and knee joints. We recommend it to office going people because it promises to relax your pain-filled body parts quickly. The reviewed chair is packed with elements like high-density as well as high-elasticity ElastoMesh.

It is ideal to be used during summers because its material and construction will not sweat your back during this hot season. The 3D Adjustable Armrest and self-adjustable Lumbar System make it a popular choice among professionals. It shows a 135 Degree Back Tilt and supports maximum points of your whole body.

When you notice that your neck and back are in pain and sitting for long hours has become unbearable, it means you should get a superior-quality chair. It has an adjustable seat cushion that is adopted with an ergonomic design element. You can slide the seat cushion either in a forward or backward direction. Your body posture will become perfect, and all pain-related issues will be better dealt with and managed by you.

So, are you looking for a chair that is comfortable, productive to use and looks breathable? If yes, have this! Its curved surface disperses and distributes the pressure in your whole body rather than just placing it in your hips. Rest, the 5-Point base gives more excellent stability. The presence of SGS gas lift and BIFMA nylon feet construction pushes this chair to hold up to 330 lbs.

4. ERGOUP Office Chair

4.1ERGOUP Office Chair



  • Imported breathable mesh 
  • Four-stage air pressure bar
  • Easy to install and warrant 

Limited colour options are there

It is time to prevent your neck, back and shoulder pain issues on your own. Have ERGOUP Office Chair and get rid of these issues, make your working hours productive and transform your aching body relaxed-looking one. No doubt, it is a great option that we have shared with you.

Most noteworthy, its height and angle are adjustable. To support your neck and back for hours and hours, it is a reliable model for you. We know that many people living with fibromyalgia have reported tenderness and numbness in their shoulders and upper back, and these chairs have arrived to prevent this issue. Its wide backrest support people having broader shoulders.

On the other hand, it comprises a tapered mid-section so that your spine gets aligned fully. Many people have loved using the chairs of this brand as it has an imported breathable mesh, offers more adjustment options, and avoids sweating and sticking. It maintains comfort, and you tend to sit comfortably for hours and hours.

The inclusion of adjustable armrests and adjustable 2D headrests makes it a suitable and healthy choice among people who often complain about back pain problems. Rest, it has an adjustable elastic waist pillow, and you can tilt it up to four lockable positions. You can adjust and set it according to your inclination angle.

ERGOUP Office Chair

We think that now it seems possible to have a thoroughly relaxing time during working hours. Use this chair and avoid getting exhausted while working in sitting mode. A 5-point steel base and polymer nylon frame give this recommendation a super high stability time.

Your core strength will get improved, and no extra pressure will get injected into your body. It is time to improve your work comfort zone, and it is only accomplishable when you invest in high-quality chairs. Customers get a 30-day replacement guarantee time and clear instructions to assemble.

5. EROMMY Office Chair

4.0EROMMY Office Chair



  • Retractable foot pads
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Heavy-duty nylon base 
  • Absence of Four-stage air pressure bar

How about buying this EROMMY Office Chair? You can give it a try as it is ideally meant for people with fibromyalgia. Suppose you often experience the issue of having arthritis and unbearable pain occurring in your joints while sitting. In that case, it means you have to immediately stop using that chair and get a new productive and healthy chair option.

Its usage supports your spine, knees, and even your feet, wrists, and hips. Its height is adjustable, available in ergonomic design and comes with an extended footrest. You can recline and lock its back from 90 to 155 degrees. Thus, it is now conceivable to bring your body in any rest mode with the help of such office chairs.

In addition, its arms are adjustable as well. On the other hand, its height can be adjusted from 16.5 to 20.5 inches by the handle. Elements like a movable waist cushion create a more comfortable sitting experience for the users.

If your job requires long hours sitting, investing and using a comfortable chair is a must for you. You can order this suggestion as it offers neck and waist support and thus ends up making your office working time more relaxed.

The retractable foot pads relieve the pressure on your feet and legs and bring them in a comfortable and exhausting-free position. Lastly, the package includes all needed instructions as well as hardware for assembling it. You will surely get satisfactory customer service.

So, do not waste any time and have this recommendation in your office setting. Its structure is excessively sturdy looking. The kind of frames and brackets used in it are of high quality. Besides, its design is composed of top-strength plastic, and the user will eventually witness the best durability. The inclusion of a flexible structure will let you move and rotate thousand times without any hassle. And its mesh back is ideally stretchable.

6. JAJALUYA Mesh Office Chair

3.9JAJALUYA Mesh Office Chair



  • Rotate 360 degrees
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Sturdy and guaranteed
  • Lack of retractable foot pads

JAJALUYA Mesh Office Chair is suitable to be used by those people who sit for long hours and frequently become the target of fibromyalgia. The usage of this chair will bring improvement in your body posture. In addition, it does not stretch your tendons, alleviate hip pain and transform your entire body in a healthy posture state.

While you use it, it gets easier for you to shift the weight of your body in any manner you want to. You can move around it quickly and periodically and keep your hip flexors in a relaxed state. So, what are you planning? You can order it right now and see how it improve your body posture and prevent back pain problems.

It makes use of the proprietary seat cushion that comes with built-in air pockets. Besides, it fully contours your body and alleviates all tension residing in your hips and back for a long time.

Note that the seat edge is bendable so that you release the pressure points that exist under your thighs. Undoubtedly, it is a valuable office chair that we have identified for you. You can rotate it up to 360 degrees.

Lots of cheap offices chairs do not offer high tensile strength, maximum flexibility and utmost support to the core. Still, the mentioned recommendation possess all these exceptional qualities. It withstands abrasion and allows vapour, air and the rest of the breathing elements to pass through. Its design gets perfectly and ideally fit on your spine, and you enjoy working for endless time. There are other budget-friendly office chairs under 200 we have reviewed that support your back.

Suppose there comes a time in your office routine when you have to sit for long hours, so in this concern, never and ever sit on a low-quality chair. You can try this suggestion and see how this chair gives such strong support. It does not shake while you sit or change the body position. In addition, its seat area release pressure on your thighs and you enjoy an excellent sitting time without any hassle.

All in all, it has become a favourite choice in most office settings. You can also keep such chairs in bedrooms, living rooms, as well as meeting rooms. Its sturdy base is its highlighting point, so go and give it a try.

7. Cedric Office Chair

3.7Cedric Office Chair



  • The breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • More active customer service is expected

Cedric Office Chair model works well on people having fibromyalgia! This one great and highly effective-looking chair is meticulously designed. It mimics and copies the human back, and that is the excellent quality of it. Besides, it shows BackFit adjustment and fully aligns and contours the natural curve of your spine.

If you think that your office desktop chair is not helping achieve a healthy posture, try replaying it with this model. In addition, its structure makes sure that the body receives the right amount of support, strength, and flexibility. It is highly comfortable to use, featured with breathable mesh and offers extensive back support. 

The design of it is based on state-of-the-art technology. It shows lots of adjustable features. Like, you can adjust the headrest concerning its height and angle. You can adjust the height and depth of the lumbar support part as well. It is just this breathable mesh that will manage to keep your back cool for a long time, and it will not sweat at any cost. It is useless to sit on traditional chairs now. Try it out and manage your pain issues conveniently and smartly.

With its usage, you will not be likely to develop any pain issue at your end. Most importantly, with the help of its recline feature, you can tilt the backrest back and find a comfortable sitting position.

The lumbar support is adjustable up and down 3CM as well as back and forth 5CM. Thus, the highest-quality chair is selected for office going people. Its soft cushion seat and sturdy arm, rollerblade caster wheels bring work comfort! You will get a 100% money-back guarantee, and the warranty period is up to 2 years.

8. FUNSHION Office Chair

3.6FUNSHION Office Chair



  • Unique Linkage Armrest
  • Large Seat Cushion
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Running out of stock

There is no excuse that you ignore the presence of the FUNSHION Office Chair. Get it for yourself and see how magically it improves your seating needs. Besides, it is highly appropriate to be used by people who are the victim of fibromyalgia.

It usually gets tougher for heavier people to sit for long hours, and the condition becomes double damaging when they have a prolonged sitting time on a low-quality chair. That is why we have come up with this suggestion! This exclusive chair lessens the pressure residing on your back, core, and thighs. It distributes the weight and pressure evenly.

If you notice that your chair is causing excessive stiffness in your thighs and joints, you can try this suggestion then. It uses the signature ComfortCore technology and gets injected with a wide number of layers of memory foam padding. These memory foam cushions hug and contour your body shape, and you manage to reduce the tension in your body.

The makers have used soft bonded leather while constructing it. Note that it is encompassed by a rich mahogany wood base and looks elegant in your office settings. The 6 points adjustable support allows you to opt for different postures. Besides, its design holds your spine perfectly and tends to ease and bring down the body pressure. All in all, you enter into the comfy work zone, and it is successfully possible now with the arrival of good-quality chairs.

It shows the tilt function, composed of a unique linkage armrest, carries a breathable mesh back and further comprises a large seat cushion. You can move its backrest from 90-155°. The user can sit straight on this chair, or he can tilt the backrest for rest. On the other hand, the USP is that you can transform it into a reclining chair. Have it for your napping time and give 360-degree relaxation time to your body.

You should not settle for that chair that gives you an unhealthy and not so productive sitting experience. Recommendations like these can give you a better idea of what sort of chair you should go for fibromyalgia! It comes with a linkage armrest and fully supports your forearms.

9. NOBLEWELL Office Chair

3.5NOBLEWELL Office Chair



  • Independently adjustable headrest
  • High-density sponge cushion
  • Silent casters 
  • The design looks not so upgraded

The following recommendation on the best chair model for fibromyalgia, we have this NOBLEWELL Office Chair for you. It is composed of a foam cushion and does not bring your body in aching mode. It would be best if you try getting a chai that brings less compression on your spine and hips, and the recommendation mentioned here meets this world-class standard.

It is a kind of chair that comes along with a thicker cushion, and this element is going to relieve pain. Besides, it supports your lower back and does not compromise the health of your spine. If your workstation chair is not offering you proper lower back support, you have to look for other options and choices, and among them, you can try an office chair for Sciatica.

It contains built-in lumbar support, two-way knob control and you are allowed to adjust the depth and height. No pressure will come on your lower back, and in fact, this model will reduce the pressure making its way into your lower back. It is composed of and encompassed with 4D adjustable armrests.

These 4D armrests will make your shoulders load-free, and you will experience no pain points. Thus, it eases pressure, reduces back pain and is ideal to have for everyday use. Its adjustable headrest, cushions support, and the element of multi-level height adjustment make it a perfect choice for people with fibromyalgia. Note that the backrest is adjustable up to 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

The last important point that makes this suggestion so much eye-catchy among people who have fibromyalgia! It all looks comfortable and breathable as well as durable and reliably designed. The model has encapsulated itself with a breathable mesh design for preventing the accumulation of heat. 

We have given our thumbs to it; you can try it as well. It has SGS certification and even the BIFMA 300 lbs maximum load certification. The casters metal base improves stability and protects the flooring at the same time. So, lots of qualities have been mentioned that pushes you to place such chairs in office settings! 

10. Tribesigns Mesh Office Chair

3.3Tribesigns Mesh Office Chair



  • Excellent build quality
  • R350 metal base
  • Worry-free experience 
  • A bit time-taking to assemble

Tribesigns Mesh Office Chair is an outstanding office chair, and it is desirable for people having back pain problems or being targeted from fibromyalgia. It possesses lots of ergonomic properties, and that is the exceptional quality of it.

It is a kind of chair that looks more productive and comfortable to use. It makes your long sitting time phase exhausting-free as well as pain-free. The presence of a soft seat cushion and 3D adjustable armrest makes it a healthy choice among professionals who often complain of having back pain problems by using a low-quality chair. It has a wide headrest and constantly offers superb lumbar support.

Its adjustable system is quick and straightforward to follow. The user is permitted to adjust the headrest, backrest, armrest, and seat height in any way he wants. Thus, a kind of executive-style chair is reviewed that shows the top-notch swivel and 100% ideal tilt mechanism.

Investing in these chairs has made your life easy. It comprises a strong backrest, breathable mesh and 135-degree tilt lock mechanism. Rest it ensures a good balance in your body, and you no longer feel tired no matter you have been sitting for a long time.

Its whole construction is based on metal and nylon, and it is highly ideal to be used by adults up to 300 lb. The injection of a solid R350 metal base and heavy-duty wheels, good elastic nylon mesh will make your office sitting time truly enjoyable.

Apart from keeping your body posture well-maintained, this reviewed chair keeps the skin temperature of yours comfortable as well. Its lengthy usage will not sweat your back. Make sure to read the detailed instruction while installing and assembling it. Along with the product, you will get assembly tools, Instruction Manual. 

Buying Guide Best Office Chairs for Fibromyalgia:

It has become a must for people who often complain about fibromyalgia and back pain problems to invest in a chair that shows human-oriented construction. If you do not know how to make the right choice, we can help out with the help of this buying guide. The below-mentioned details will help select an ergonomic office chair so you maintain and retain a healthy posture.

Many experts have pinpointed that sitting for an extended period brings your body into pain, and many problems, including fibromyalgia, come in your way. So, never bring your body in the wrong position while you work and get hold of superior constructed chairs only.

The chairs, as mentioned earlier, do not bring any pain factor on your neck, back, shoulder, and you do not feel any strain in your core and spine no matter you have been sitting for over 7 hours. Thus, the high-end models minimize the damage your body is already facing because of other health-related issues.

Best office chairs for fibromyalgia
Infographic: Buying Guide Best Office Chairs for Fibromyalgia

Premium features

Giving you a general idea, some premium features are a must to be present in office chairs. Those models ensure the health, productivity, and well-being of employees.

  • Like, look for the model that shows adjustable lumbar support and hugs your back. It should have an adjustable seat and fits your buttocks perfectly.
  • Other premium features include 3D Adjustable armrests, 90-130 degree tilt function, 360-degree swivel, maximum mobility and Full Mesh material.

Woven mesh for maximum and optimum airflow

Any office chair needs to be packed with woven mesh for experiencing optimum airflow, and your back does not sweat in any case.

PU casters

You can have those office chairs that have PV casters so that you can roll those chairs quietly as well as smoothly on the floor.

SGS & BIFMA certification

Try praising those chairs that have received SGS & BIFMA certification. They should have passed thousands of times risk and safety tests.


That is all we have on the best office chairs for fibromyalgia? Which one do you want to pick now! These ergonomic models will reduce the pressure and overall strain coming on your shoulders, neck, back and spine, and your sitting phase will become tiring-free and filled with a lot of relaxation.

Our top choices are:

  • SUNNOW Office Chair
  • Allguest Office Chair
  • AUAG Office Chair

So, if your job is about sitting for long periods, have these chairs and eradicate discomfort and soreness coming in between your working routine. These are the top picks that support your back, improve posture and evenly distribute the pressure. It does not strain your back, and your extended sitting time becomes pain and exhausting-free.