Low-quality chair and neck pain problem, they go hand in hand. Cheap chairs always end up giving you poor posture, worst body support, stiffness and soreness in your neck and immense aching in legs and joints. We have arrived with the best recommendations and here we have reviewed the top 10 high-quality chair options for neck pain. They prevent strain entering into your neck, brings your body in the comfortable working position.

The below-suggested models have sturdy bases, universal lift cylinders, reclining lock systems and adjustable backrest and height. You can have them for office use. If your neck or other body part often get exhausted and strained because of prolonged sitting, you can try these suggestions. Have a look at their reviews now:

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain in 2022

DesignBaseSeat padding
KERMS Executive Office ChairErgonomicSolidSponge
Hbada Office ChairHigh-back designBIMFA certifiedPU leather
OHAHO Office ChairMulti-functionSturdy and reliableFoam cushion
Ergousit Office ChairQuick to assemble designFive-star baseWell-padded seat
ZUNMOS Office ChairBreathableFive-star baseThickened seat cushioning
OFIKA Office ChairHeavy-dutyMetal baseDouble padded seat
Duramont Office ChairAdjustable and ergonomicBIMFA certified baseThick and padded seat cushion
HOMEFUN Office ChairUser-friendly reclinerFive-star baseFully padded
DICTAC Office ChairHigh-back designHeavy-duty BaseThick and padded seat cushion
La-Z-Boy Office Chair
High-back designSolidDouble padded seat

1. KERMS Executive Office Chair

4.5KERMS Executive Office Chair



  • Multi-function Adjustable
  • Stable and Durable
  • Quick Assembly
  • Limited guarantee

For dealing with problems like neck pain, shoulder soreness, legs stiffness, you should get a good-quality chair and among them, you can surely and indeed have this KERMS Executive Office Chair. We know that for office going people, it gets tougher for them to look after their body posture needs, but the simple solution available for them is to invest in a high-end chair.

Low-quality chairs brings immense neck pain and soreness, they make your work routine non-productive and makes your body filled with lot of soreness and throbbing. The reviewed model is an excellent pick that makes your office working routine quite active and energizing.

If your current chair has worsened and intensify the neck pain and brings maximum exhaustion and fatigue in your shoulders, you can try this suggestion. It helps you sit and work for endless hours and no soreness gets injected in your neck and shoulders. The catchy quality is that it brings down muscle tightness as well as spasms.

In addition, it allows you move your head and body in the relaxed manner. It is useless to use those chairs that just bring muscle tightness, headache and spasms in your body, try to invest in the healthy options and feel free to try this suggestion. It has an ergonomic structure, remains to be multi-function adjustable, durable and also 100% stable. Its seat looks quite large and high-back looking.

It is due to the high-back design that your back and waist will get the full support. Your whole body will get curved in the healthy manner and no exhaustion and any stiffness will be felt by your neck section. All of its components are tested. Like, you will not see any quality issues in its armrests, tray, and wheels and gas lift.

KERMS Executive Office Chair

The brand has offered a free replacement or you can claim the money back guarantee option. It is time that you should get the right seat for your working needs and this recommendation is undoubtedly the productive option. It gives ultimate comfort and no discomfort or any aching will get experienced by you.

The induction of thoughtful details, lots of adjustment features, 360-degree swivel have made it is a multi-tasking option. You have to understand that your Body’s Natural Posture and movements matters a lot and this model is designed and constructed on this sole mechanism.

2. Hbada Office Chair

4.4Hbada Office Chair



  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Stronger Support
  • Customer-Centric Concept
  • The assembly process looks a bit longer

There is a natural way to deal with issues like neck pain. Yes, try out the Hbada Office Chair and see how it brings immense relief in your sore neck, stiff looking shoulders and waist. Professionals have excessively complained that their neck aches a lot and this happens because of frequently using low-quality and cheap chairs.

Instead of trying out average recommendations, you should try out the latest picks and feel free to try out the chair models launched and introduced by the Hbada brand. If it is a minor neck pain, there is no need to see a doctor and cure this issue on your own on using a high-quality chair. Those professionals who use the cheap and sub-standard options, they will surely make their neck aching problem further worsen and severe.

In addition, there is a chance that the issue will spread all down to your arms and legs. So, try taking precautionary measures and make your working routine effective and productive by using premium quality furniture. It is expected that such chairs reduce headache, numbness as well as weakness or tingling.

It comprises ergonomic design, comes with a thicker backrest and premium seat cushion. Your neck will ultimately get the stronger support on using it. You can lock it in between the range of 90°-155° and shake it up to the Amplitude scale of 20°.

In adding, you can adjust the armrest height up to 2.75 inches and the seat height can be adjustable up to 3.15 inches. The reviewed model has a strong and integrated metal frame, withstands weight up to 330 lbs and made of PU leather. It is even SGS Certified and gives the safest protection to your neck.

3. OHAHO Office Chair

4.2OHAHO Office Chair



  • Quality Material
  • High-density and thicker sponge
  • Heavy duty base 
  • Expensive

Lots of causes of having a neck pain has been identified and one of the primary and common ones are that people often use low-quality chairs and end having severe pain in their neck, shoulders and even in their whole body. So, to deal with these situations, we have OHAHO Office Chair.

It allows you make supportive and flexible body movements and does not make you a vulnerable and easy target of having exhausting and fatigue-filled body. Cheap chairs simple strain your muscles and joints and they trigger your body and its posture in the negative and healthy manner.

It has become a must for you to use a chair that does not strain and hurt your neck muscles and you can surely and undoubtedly choose this suggestion. So, the model has a thoughtful design, made of quality materials and comprises explosion proof system. The skin-friendly fabric makes it easy and quick to clean.


On the other hand, the thicker sponge makes it more comfortable to use as well as high-resilient in nature. Besides, the PU wheels do not make any noise, they remain mute. And you can silently move it from one office room to another without disturbing your office ambiance. It is one of those chairs that have met the international standards; you should try it as it claims to relax and soothes your neck pain.


The stable structure, adjustable backrest and heavy-duty base make it a healthy suggestion. You can adjust its backrest from 90 to 180 degrees and the armrests are adjustable up to 360 degrees.

4. Ergousit Office Chair

4.3Ergousit Office Chair



  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Well Padded Seat
  • Easy Installation
  • The base lacks premium quality

Ergousit Office Chair has become one of the expert picked options so far. It claims and promises to deal with neck strain and aching issues and makes your working routine and whole job day relaxing enough. Time to discard those chairs that hurt your neck and shoulders and pour money while buying and choosing these recommendations!


Most importantly, this kind of pain further hurts and sores your ligaments and bones. So, instead worsening this health condition, you should take precautionary step and we suggest you use good-quality chairs. This one is an adjustable and premium swivel model. It gives maximum and intense amount of lumbar support.


In addition, the adjustable backrest offers you double the amount of comfortable working vibe. If you sit for long hours, the practice of prolonged sitting simply injures your back and beck. For the reason that people have become very choosy when buying their workstation furniture!


If you have got the right quality desk, laptop, mouse pad and key board, then get the best quality chair as well. It has a well-padded seat, breathable mesh back, constructed of high-density foam, allows easy installation and injected with the most ergonomic looking design. We have seen that the infusion of pneumatic lifting cylinder, five star base increase the service life of it.


On the same note, you have to stop using those furniture pieces that have not passed the BIFMA and SGS testing and here in this case, you will see the approval of both of these certifications. We assure that you excellent shopping experience you will get out from it. 


The previous customers have showed 100% satisfaction and support and the same reviews will indeed be given by you. 5 years of warranty time is given and along with that, you will enjoy the professional and friendly after-sale support.

5. ZUNMOS Office Chair

4.5ZUNMOS Office Chair



  • Improves Productivity
  • Built For Comfort
  • Luxury Look and feel of Leather 
  • Outdated packaging

The next suggestion is ZUNMOS Office Chair! It promises to improve productivity, enhances body posture, reduces muscle tension and brings down strain existing in your neck. What you need to do get an exceptional and high-end looking chair and there is no harm in trying this suggestion.

It is all packed with black leather and looks great in your office or home. In addition, it allows you to make height adjustments from 19.5 inches to 23.4 inches. Rest, it is infused with double and upholstered seat cushions. You can comfortably sit on it for the longest and lengthiest hours and no pain and any stiffness will be experience by your body.

The highlighting part is that you can have it for gaming, napping or working and reading purposes. The large and wide seat adjusts and accommodates people of all body shapes and weights. If you work at a desk for too long hours and your neck and shoulders have failed to withstand the pain and soreness, it means your chair is of cheap-quality and you have to get some updated and productive version.

The sub-standard versions keep your neck, legs and waist in the bad position and only bring distress and lot of throbbing and aching in them. It has the S-shape and arch-back kind of design and brings a lot of flexibility and super support while you work at a desk. You can rock it forward and backward and it even allows you tilt it at the angle range of 90 to 110 degrees.

We are sure that you have not tried out a kind of working chair that looks water, corrosion as well as fade and scratch-resistant but the respective recommendation encompasses these qualities in it. It has become the top choice among teenagers, kids, adults and older people because maximum body support is given by it. Even if you sit on it for the longest and prolonged hours, no aching will come in your body.

Thus, you should not ignore such suggestions. The usage of durable nylon makes it a durable and one of the sturdy models. Rest, the safety gas lift, smooth rolling casters makes it one of the highest and premium quality office furniture accessories. If you have set your workplace ambiance according to the latest productivity standards, then make sure to set up those kinds of chairs that have passed the BIFMA standard.

6. OFIKA Office Chair

4.5OFIKA Computer Desk Chair



  • Relieve Fatigue
  • Safety Leather Chair
  • Easy to Set up
  • The style looks less luxurious

Having a neck strain has become a common problem among employees and we have the simplest solution to deal with it. Try out the OFIKA Office Chair and let us know your reviews. Lots of employees have tried this recommendation and they are utmost happy with the use of it.

Prolonged sitting causes neck pain and in this concern, you should use high-end chairs. A premium model brings your body in the excellent posture. With respect to this pick, it has an upgraded design, made of safety leather material, shows adjustable height and comes with an armrest.

These days, office going people largely prefer the model that has a fully supported cervical vertebrae design and this model carries the same design element in it. The segmented and padded looking high-back seat makes it a productive and comfortable to use furniture accessory.

If you believe that all of the presently available models of chairs have become hopeless and they only bring strain and pain in your neck, time to try out the OFIKA brand. 

Its design cradles your back and waist in the relaxed style and you tend to worry-free work for hours. The maximum weight tolerated by it is 400 pounds and the whole model is composed of an upscale look. You will get the maximum comfort and ache-free time.

OFIKA Office Chair

Most importantly, the wheelbase is made of heavy-duty nylon and the rolling wheels can easily get rotated up to 360 degrees. It is time to have this executive style chair and enjoy the work and nap time together.

A bunch number of customers have given five stars to it and we are 100% confident that same rating will come from your end. It is quick and trouble-free to assemble. Simply unpack it, gather the necessary tools and set up it in your respective workstation site.

7. Duramont Office Chair

4.5Duramont Office Chair



  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Rollerblade caster wheels 
  • Slow customer service

If you wish to prevent neck strain while working and sitting for long hours, you should use a comfortable and user-friendly looking chair. Among them we have Duramont Office Chair. It is a kind of pick that helps you get rid of strain and your neck and even whole body remain relaxed no matter you sit for the longest hours.

It rolls your shoulders in the ideal manner and you get into the position to work productively for hours and hours. So, this reviewed pick has adjustable properties, comes with a breathable mesh and its back support is also fully adjustable. The whole chairs looks uniquely and creatively designed and you will love its overall use indeed.

If you wish to adjust its headrest height or its angle, you can do so as well. Employees working on computer for the longest and extended hours, they have excessively complained that their neck hurt a lot because their chairs are not of high-quality and it just induct ache and burning sensation in their bodies. Now, that is an alarming sign for you. 

Throw all those furniture pieces that bring disturbance and hurdle in your employees working routine and get productive and medically approved chairs and other workstation accessories for them. This recommendation has a breathable and premium mesh back. In addition, it carries adjustable lumbar support, comes with recline feature, easy to install and offers 5 years of warranty time.

Simply follow the instructions and assemble it in a minute. Go through the instruction details and you can complete the assembly process on your own. While working, gaming or reading, your body should remain in an ergonomic position and this factor is assured by such chairs. Whether your job is to sit for the longer periods, use this chair only and see how comfortable and the most enjoyable your working day will come out to be.

8. HOMEFUN Office Chair

4.5HOMEFUN Office Chair



  • Ergonomic Recliner
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Updated Version
  • Limited colors availability

The next suggestion is this HOMEFUN Office Chair! You need to now understand that problems like neck strain and hurting muscles often arise when you use cheap chairs and do not bring your body in the right posture.

To avoid these painful situations, you have to sit upright and this practice seems possible to accomplish if you try out the chairs manufactured by the HOMEFUN brand. Starting with the main details of this suggestion, it comes in the ergonomic recliner form. In addition, it delivers comprehensive support, safe and reliable to use, available in the updated version and carries the modern look in it.

Its inclination design has grabbed the maximum attention from working people. You can incline it from 90 to 135 degrees and the height is adjustable from 16 inches to 20 inches. People of all body shapes and age brackets can use it because it is quick to adjust. Besides, the foam seat is of high-density design and your body will get the sufficient support no matter you sit on it from morning till noon and even till night. 

Cheap chairs just bring fatigue and stiffness in neck and they reduce our productivity time. Such workstation accessories reduce focus and we fail to work comfortably. That is why we have recommended you this pick! It comprises a reinforced framework and upgraded kind of gas lift design.

Moreover, the heavy-duty base and premium quality materials bring more stability and the safest usage aspect in it. The weight capacity withstand by it is up to 250 lbs, displays the modern and sleek look and offers extra lumbar support.

Once you start using these chairs, we hope that no pain and hurtful sensation will be experienced by your body. The time has come to relax yourself while you work on the toughest assignments. So, are you ready to order it? You should be! It gives the superlative support, better feeling and enjoyable working tenure.

9. DICTAC Office Chair

4.5DICTAC Office Chair



  • SGS certification
  • Detachable Handrail
  • 360-degree rotatable casters
  • The finishing lacks resistant properties

DICTAC Office Chair has become the top pick among office going personnel. They have started to believe that such chairs do not hurt their neck and instead relaxes their joints and muscles.

Most noteworthy, the reviewed suggestion is of high-quality, shows adjustable height, ensures high safety, produces no noise and comes with a detachable handrail. All in all, so many qualities are preset in it. Note that the seat is constructed of black color retro looking faux leather. Apart from offering great comfort, it will look wow in your workstation zone.

This respective fabric is easy to clean as well as water-proof. The seat surface has been designed and injected with a diamond lattice. Such a feature makes it more and extensively conducive to ventilation. The passing out and official clearance of SGS certification has further increased the demand of it.

For adjusting its seat height, you can do that from 19.3 inches to 23.2 inches. Thus, do you want to replace your office furniture set now and wants to set up some productive furniture accessories in it? You should be! Get your hands on this pick and see how your body works.

You will feel no pain in any section of your body and your mind will not get drained as well. The detachable handrail, wear-resistant property, 360-degree rotatable smooth casters makes it an impressive furniture piece indeed. Its style and design looks so much amazing that your office ambiance will look improved.

10. La-Z-Boy Office Chair

4.5La-Z-Boy Office Chair



  • Fully adjustable height
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Passed the BIFMA testing standards
  • Hassle to claim money back guarantee option

So, the last suggestion that we have searched for you is this La-Z-Boy Office Chair. It has arrived recently and came out to be the favorite pick. The fully adjustable height, tilt settings, reclining feature and ergonomic design has made it one of the best office chairs.

Your body will remain in the comfortable zone no matter you work and sit for the extended hours because the product is surrounded with memory foam cushioning element. The brand has infused it with the sturdy components, and it has even passed the BIFMA testing standards.

So, if you are looking for bonded leather office chair, you can try it out. It is available in rich mahogany color and the presence of mahogany stained wood makes it an impressively designed chair to be placed in your office. The hand-sculpted and wooden arms contoured looking lumbar panel and memory foam cushions will surely increase the workstation décor ambiance.

Employees are the asset of your organization. You have to look after their health. If they are giving their 100%, it is your duty to look after their emotional and physical health well-being as well. The common problem forwarded by employees is that their body aches a lot and neck strains. In such a situation, you have to immediately make them use high-end chairs.

La-Z-Boy Office Chair

This suggestion has easy to use levers and properly supports your body. You will enjoy having a sitting time on it and that we are sure about it. It accommodates people that are up to 350 pounds, gives uncompromising amount of stability and comfort.

Note that it is 45 to 48 inches high as well as 27-1/2 inches wide. Thus, we have ended up suggesting you exclusively designed office chair. You should give it a try as it is encompassed by a luxurious look and inject no pain and strain in your body. The usage of soft bonded leather, incorporation of solid wood arms, stylish and distinguished look makes it a classic furniture piece for sure.

Buying Guide for Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Infographic: Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

Comfortable and breathable to use

You can have the office chair that looks breathable and comfortable to use. Lots of chairs are made of PU leather and that is the utmost important element that should be present in your gaming and working chair set.

Those chairs that are comfortable and ensure breathability, they do not sweat your back. In addition, they remain easy to clean. And you should get those chairs that come with a high-quality and premium sponge padding. Rest, if it has a comfortable seat, then that is great.

Adjustable height and backrest

Avoid buying the chair that does not allow you adjust its height and backrest. It is compulsory for you to look for those chairs that are easy to adjust no matter you want to make adjustments in their height and backrest. In addition, the latest models have one tilt lock mechanism, adjustable armrest and get installed in less time.

3-stage premium pneumatic rod

The high-end chairs are infused with 3-stage premium pneumatic rods. Such a feature makes it easy for the overweight people to get adjust on that chair. Beyond, you have to avoid buying the chair that comes with a 2-stage item. If your chosen model shows the 3-stage, it means that it will be able to withstand more pressure as well as last longer.

Quiet Rolling time and Flexible Operations

The high-quality chairs offer quiet rolling time and also flexible operations. Their smooth wheels do not damage the wooden floors, tile floors and light-wool carpets. The brands have started to use nylon casters so that no noise is produced while moving that chair one office zone to another. Thus, look for those chairs that help you preventing wear and ensure smoothness of movement. 


Thus, complete reviews on the best office chairs for neck pain have been penned-down. You can choose your favorite and most-loved pick and replace it with your current working or gaming chair. Experts have chosen these picks and they got much impressed by their delivery of performance. These suggestions have a supportive backrest, offer maximum mesh support so that your neck and back does not get drained and exhausted.

Our top choices are:

  • KERMS Executive Office Chair
  • Hbada Office Chair
  • OHAHO Office Chair

The chairs are available in upgraded designs and all of them claim and remain to stay extra sturdy and super functional to use. The presence of universal casters helps you move them from one office zone to another without any trouble. Besides, they push your body sit in an upright position and you feel utmost and excessively relaxed during prolonged working hours. Stay tuned with us and do not go anywhere because we have more details and updates on the best office chairs.