Undoubtedly, sitting too much in offices may likely develop sciatica. And the problem becomes double worse and severe when you sit for endless hours on a low-quality chair! We have arrived to solve your problem, and the best office chair recommendation reviews are below-mentioned for you. These chairs are available in modern designs bringing your body in a comfortable position and supporting the spine. All in all, they give you a healthy sitting experience.

In addition, these great-quality chairs have S-shaped designs, and such a design gets a match with your spine line, how amazing it is. It is claimed by the brands that these products fully support your back and improve your sitting posture. They release the pressure on your spine and shoulder and thus end up giving you a healthy sitting time.

While sitting, you have to make sure that your lumbar spine is comfortable, and these below-mentioned recommendations endorse this element. Besides, these suggestions bring your body into multiple working positions, and you can adjust their height according to your personal preference.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Sciatica in 2022

Armrest typeLoading CapacityConstruction
Gabrylly Mesh Office ChairFlip-up and adjustable 280 lbsMesh
DAVEJONES Office ChairAdjustable armrest400 lbsHuman-oriented and ergonomic construction
ComHoma Office ChairFlip-up and adjustable300 poundsMesh
Duramont Office ChairAdjustable armrest330 LBSState-of-the-art
Serta Mid-Back Desk Chair Push-button and adjustable armrests300 poundsBonded Leather
Ticova Office ChairStainless electroplating and metal 3D armrests300 poundsMesh and W-shaped
SIHOO Office ChairAdjustable armrests150 kgHigh-density and sponge-filled
XUER Office ChairFlip-up and adjustable330lbsTextile, Mesh and Plastic construction
Oline ErgoPro Office Chair4D adjustable armrest275 poundsMesh construction
AmazonCommercial Executive ChairFlip-up armrests275 lbsBonded leather construction

1. Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair

4.5Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair



  • Thought-fully and ergonomically designed
  • It keeps air circulation and remains extra comfy
  • Withstand abrasion 
  • A bit costly

Prolonged sitting triggers and give birth to lots of health-related problems. Among them, we have sciatica. If your job is about a long hour sitting and you are using a low-quality chair, it means you will indeed become the target of sciatica problems. That is why we have Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair recommendation for you.

It ensures to treat all lower back pain problems, improves posture and allows you to work for endless hours without facing any discomfort in your back, neck or waist. We know that cheap and sub-standard chairs often bring massive pain in the hips, buttocks and lower pain; that is why doctors have advised us to invest in good-quality chairs.

By using it in your workstation, you will feel active for infinite hours. In addition, its construction, foam padding and overall design do not inject any weakness in your legs. The suggested recommendation has an ergonomic design, large mesh seat and is ideal to be used by those professionals who are having sciatica because of prolonged sitting. It comes with four supporting points as well as offer proper lumbar support. You can adjust the seat height, and headrest and even backrest in any manner you want to.

The catchy part and quality are that it comes with flip-up arms and gives you excellent sitting long hours. Those who sit for long hours in offices need to have a chair with a larger seat, and this suggestion meets the said criterion! It accommodates many body shapes and builds, and people of all weights can comfortably sit on it. 

You can now bid goodbye to lower back pain issues like sciatica because sitting on such chairs might heal your pain. With the help of its recline function, you are allowed to tilt the backrest or sit straight freely. Officer working people have praised using it because its armrests are foldable. You can either raise them or lower them down; the choice is up to you.

Besides, mesh back and mesh seat push maximum air circulation, and the user will not sweat or feel discomfort while sitting on it. Beyond, it resists abrasion and is marked as one of the excellent computer desk chairs. You can worry-free sit on it for up to 8 hours, how amazing it is!

So, it is time to replace desk chairs, and it is a must for all those who are into long day sitting professions. Try this recommendation and let us know your feedback. You will get one year warranty on buying it. The induction of a sturdy five-pointed base, high-quality frame manages to add extensive durability and stylish feel to it. 

2. DAVEJONES Office Chair

4.4DAVEJONES Office Chair



  • Generous option for adults
  • Human-oriented construction
  • Backrest mesh design 
  • It does not withstand abrasion 

If you have noticed that your current workstation chair is radiating and triggering lower back pain, stop using that low-quality chair right away and have this DAVEJONES Office Chair. Using sub-standard chairs have always been marked as the hallmark and primary cause of arising sciatica.

We recommend you order this model because it keeps your lower back, thighs, and buttocks relaxed no matter you have been working while sitting since morning.  Most importantly, it ensures to remove discomfort from your body, and you start to feel a lot of energy.

The respective suggestion has a wide and thick cushion that is ergonomically designed and withstands maximum weight. It is two inches wider as compared to using other traditional and cheap workstation chairs.

In addition, it is made by using pure new foam and remains a generous option for adults. Extended office sitting usually brings a bunch number of health issues, and sciatica is common among them. For the reason that using DAVEJONES Office Chair might protect your spine and lower back, and your whole body will remain in an energized position.

This reviewed model shows human-oriented and ergonomic construction. It contains a backrest mesh design as well as adjustable lumbar support. You are allowed to rotate it up to 90 – 125 degrees. It does not matter whether you are tall or short; this specific chair is meant for people of all ages, body types, weights and heights.

Rest it is accompanied by a stable structure and injected with a durable five-star base. The incorporation and enclosure of solid 360-degree rolling wheels will make it easy to take it from one workstation zone to another. Thus, one of the comfortable chairs has arrived that claim to bring a bit of healing effect to your lower back pain problem. Its breathable mesh manages to prevent body heat, and no minor pain will be witnessed in your back. 

Besides, it keeps your back, hips and legs completely cool enough. You will get a sweat-free experience. Some like to use it as a conference chair or leisure chair. And some like using it as a reading, napping chair. The package includes all the installation parts and tools. Customers get a 6-month warranty, good advice and satisfactory solutions from the customer support team. 

3. ComHoma Office Chair

4.2ComHoma Office Chair



  • Flip-up Armrests
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Easy to Assemble
  • May get out of stock sooner

The minute you notice that your lower back is in pain, it means you should take precautionary measures as soon as possible to prevent the situation. Those people who sit for long hours in offices; have commonly complained of the problem of back pain.

In this concern, experts have recommended using a ComHoma Office Chair. It is known to bring your body, spine, back, thighs and buttocks at ease, and you efficiently work for hours and hours. High-end office chairs are popularly known enough to treat mild aches occurring in your back. Furthermore, using it will not bring any burning sensation to your body, and you tend to work with comfort.

It is pointless to keep on aggravating the symptoms linked with sciatica. You have to take wise measures against it. These high-end chairs remove burning sensation, excruciating pain, and it gets easy for you to have prolonged sitting time. The height of this desk chair is fully adjustable. It shows the most fluid 360°swivel and is suitable for all height ranges. 

Elements like a comfortable sponge cushion and high-density mesh make it a rich choice and a highly comfortable workstation chair. It is known to be abrasion-resistant, promote maximum air circulation, and increase breathability and comfort. Now, you do not have to worry whether extended sitting hours will give you back pain or not.

Investing in this chair will solve your problem. It has become a perfect match for your back pain health-related problems. The flip-up and adjustable armrests give extensive comfort, and you give a proper rest time to your arms for hours and hours.

It gives you a good sitting posture, and no stress will be placed on your back. You need no additional tools to set up this chair. Just read the instructions and assemble it in minutes.

4. Duramont Office Chair

4.1Duramont Office Chair



  • Breathable mesh back
  • Most comfortable to use
  • Rollerblade caster wheels 
  • A bit heavyweight to move

Duramont Office Chair is one of the best chairs for sciatica. If your pain is getting worse day by day, use this chair and see the difference. It is even recommended to those people who are into jobs of extended sitting. Low-quality chairs simply make your back pain problem further severe and make your muscles and legs numb. But with the use of such comfortable chairs, you can get rid of these problems.

This reviewed chair model offer extensive adjustment options. It runs on the exclusively designed mechanism and is counted as the state-of-the-art office chair. It assures you bring your body in a relaxed seating posture. In addition, you can adjust its headrest, height and angle in any desired manner.

The breathable mesh back gives maximum support to your back, and it will also remain relaxed and heat-free no matter you have gone for a prolonged sitting working session. Now, you can cure back pain issues on your own. Capitalize on these chairs that are specifically meant for people having sciatica.

Most importantly, its recline feature lets the user tilt the backrest either backwards or sit straight.  Besides, it would be best if you follow the instructions while assembling it. Rest, its pneumatic controls will arise no problem for you while raising and lowering down its seat.

The highest quality element is assured from the brand side. You will get a 5-year warranty time. Features like a soft cushion seat and sturdy looking arm and headrests have made it a super-popular choice among office professionals. A 100% money-back guarantee service backs the product.

5. Serta Mid-Back Desk Chair 

4.0Serta Mid-Back Desk Chair 



  • Maximizes lower back support
  • Stimulate strength in your core
  • Push-button and adjustable armrests 
  • Inactive customer service

A sedentary lifestyle is more likely to develop sciatica. In this concern, Serta Mid-Back Desk Chair can help you out. It gives you relaxed sitting time, comfortable and supportive use and runs in the back-in-motion technology.

Moreover, it maximizes lower back support as well as comfort while seated. You can tilt the seat in a forward or backward direction; the decision is up to you. Rest, it promotes a lot of strength, flexibility in your core.

Lots of performance features are present in this reviewed office chair. It contains push-button and adjustable armrests. The presence of convenient and premium cable-actuated levers makes it a super comfortable chair for prolonged sitting jobs. Besides, the adjustable-height settings and convenient swivel design will surely not bring any hassle in between your tasks.

If your current office chair does not promote strength and bring pain to your core, replace it with this chair and see a significant difference. It is endorsed and certified by the brand that strength and flexibility are delivered from its side. Using such ergonomic office chairs will bring more productivity in your tasks, and you tend to become more and more efficient.

Besides, it boasts lower back support while seated. The most highlighting and appealing quality is that this product is embossed with Back in Motion Active Seat Technology. It swivels the lumbar forward and promotes spinal movement in your core. The presence of push-button and adjustable armrests and the inclusion of pneumatic height adjustment will help you customize the settings of this chair according to your body needs.

So, are you ready to experience healthy sitting time? It is now possible upon buying this product. Its multilayered cushions will give you a soft, plush feel and supportive experience and your whole body will remain refreshed no matter you had a prolonged sitting time in the office.

6. Ticova Office Chair

3.9Ticova Office Chair



  • Waterfall-edge design
  • Softer PU paddings
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • The armrests do not have a push button

Moving to more of the best office chairs for sciatica, we have Ticova Office Chair for our readers. If you have started to observe that prolonged sitting has made your back, thighs and core numb, then you should buy a high-quality chair. Try out this recommendation, and it will surely transform your exhausted and extended sitting time into a relaxed-looking one.

This one is an adjustable mesh chair, and it carries an ergonomic backrest. In addition, the unique metal armrest, headrest and quality mesh have increased the demand for this suggestion. You can adjust its height and depth depending on your personal preference that how much lumbar support you need. You can also adjust the height and angle of the headrest. 

This reviewed chair can be tilted up to 130°and shows an immense amount of rocking resilience. There is no point in using an old worn-out chair if you have a back pain problem as well. Try taking some practical measures, get a good-quality workstation chair and prevent your back pain to become worse. It eases the fatigue of your back.

The seat is made and composed of high-density foam and comes in a W-shaped and waterfall-edge design. All in all, you will see a more extensive support area while using it. In addition, it evenly disperses pressure on your hip and thighs, and you no longer feel pressure on your back.

Ticova Office Chair

If you are using some other desk chairs and you are not satisfied with them, we hope that such a suggestion will meet your requirements. It comprises stainless electroplating and metal 3D armrests. Bigger and softer PU paddings accompany the armrests. 

Now, you can bring your body in any position while working, and these milestones have become achievable with the launch of such high-quality chairs. Lastly, it ensures neck and head support, strong tensile strength and enables long hours of sitting. The brand offers 30 days money-back guarantee and professional after-sales service. If you’re concerned more about neck pain have a look at these chairs.

7. SIHOO Office Chair

3.7SIHOO Office Chair



  • Premium backrest comes with mesh fabric
  • Promotes maximum airflow
  • W-shaped design 
  • Available in limited colours

It gets tougher and simply unbearable to withstand the pain of sciatica. So, what you can do in such situations? Get hold of the SIHOO Office Chair and make your long sitting time completely relaxed-free in offices. This great chair will never hurt your back and thighs. It will, in fact, heal the shooting pain and burning sensation that is already present in your back.

Most importantly, it allows multiple adjustments, contains a well-padded seat and offer quick assembly time. You can adjust it up to five positions and thus brings your body in a relaxed pose while you are at your workplace. In addition, the backrest and headrest adjustment give you a customized seating experience.

Note that the brand has used mesh fabric in it to give the user a cool feeling and a sweat-free experience. Your back and thighs will not sweat any matter; you sit on it for infinite time. In fact, cool vibes will be felt by your back and thighs. The W-shape design ensures the user sits centrally and brings minimum pressure on your thighs and legs. Hence a high-quality chair is in front of you.

Get it for yourself, assemble it in minutes and enjoy working in your office without feeling any pain in your back and spine. Besides, it is BIFMA tested and has passed the static pressure test of 1136 kg. It supports weight up to 150 kg s.

On buying it, you will get three years warranty time. It is hoped that you will not see any quality problem as competitive and premium qualities are present in it.

8. XUER Office Chair

3.6XUER Office Chair



  • Multi-dimensional and free rotating headrest
  • Maximum support
  • Reduces the pressure on your thighs 
  • It lacks basic certifications

XUER Office Chair is meant for people who have sciatica. No doubt, this one is a high standard chair that we have suggested to you. It shows adjustable functioning, thick seat cushion, quick assembly time and worry-free experience. Most noteworthy, it is certified by BIFMA as well as SGS.

The catchy part is that it has passed the 2504lbs static pressure test and withstand a weight of up to 330lbs. Working people will have the best time on this chair because its seat cushion comprises a high-density sponge and mesh. Its headrest is multi-dimensional and can be freely rotated.

With the use of it, you will be protecting your cervical vertebra. On the other hand, the adjustable arms are entirely covered in PU. Hence, it is one of the ideal chairs meant to be set up in an office environment. It strengthens your core and back, and you remain seated in a relaxed position for infinite hours.

The induction of a W-shaped design will make it easy for the user to sit in the middle. No pressure will be felt on your thighs and back, and you can possibly sit down and work for hours and hours. If you feel like adjusting the height and back as well as an armrest, you can do so. It would be best if you read the manual before assembling it.

Say goodbye to using low-quality chairs and get an exceptional quality chair for your workstation. The recommendation mentioned above will make your working phase quite relaxed-free as no pain will be felt by your back, neck, and thighs. The overall structure of it fully supports your lower back, buttocks and legs. In addition, it relieves numbness and weakness residing in your lower back.

9. Oline ErgoPro Office Chair

3.4Oline ErgoPro Office Chair



  • Long-lasting support
  • Keeps a good posture
  • Enhance and improve your seating experience
  • The headrest is not freely rotatable

Oline ErgoPro Office Chair is marked and rated as one of the number 1 chairs for sciatica. It is fully ergonomically constructed, made of premium materials and shows tilting action. Moreover, it is composed of blade wheels and carries the sleekest design in it. If your office chair does not give you a comfortable seating time, have this option and see a noticeable difference in bringing strength in your core and back.

The right amount of support is given to your core, back and thighs on using it. You can freely adjust its headrest and armrest as well as its height and knee tilting part. All in all, it is up to you how you want to customize its settings according to your body needs.  In addition, it holds up to 275 pounds and ensures long-lasting support. The presence of breathable mesh manages to keep your whole body at a comfortable temperature.

You can recline it at an angle from 90 to 120 to 135 degrees. Through this reclining function, it gets beneficial for the user to bring his body in excellent and stable posture mode. Besides, you can adjust the incline for comfort.

You can roll it wherever you want to because it is packed with silent and smooth blade wheels. No damage will be placed on the floor, and you can worry-free move it from one office corner to another. Rest, its sleek design, and eye-catchy colour scheme make it an interesting suggestion. It gets fit in all work settings as well as gaming and prevents the back pain issue from becoming worse.

So, whenever you feel that your chair is causing trouble in your back and not strengthening your core, time to replace it with some new and good-quality chair. It is expected that this suggestion will lower your back pain, does not make your legs feel weak or numb and will be able to reduce the tingling sensation occurring in your legs and feet.

10. AmazonCommercial Executive Chair

3.3Glide & Rise Hot Brushes



  • Adjustable seat height
  • It brings your body in an ideal ergonomic position
  • Segmented padding 
  • Limited guarantee

AmazonCommercial Executive Chair might suit all your seating needs! If you own a company and you often see that your employees complain of back pain problems. And if they fail to maintain their body posture and strengthen their core while being on chairs, it means you have placed low-quality chairs in your workplace setting.

It’s time to try out this suggestion right now; it is made of bonded leather and carries imported design. In addition, it is upholstered in premium bonded leather and shows adjustable height properties. This same recommendation shows tilt tension and an extensive amount of lumbar support.

We hope that the regular use will support your legs, thighs, core and back on healthy notes. The maximum weight capacity tolerated by it is 275 lbs. So, if you are looking for an office chair that eases your back pain and allows custom adjustability, the mentioned recommendation meets all the standards.

It brings your body in an ideal ergonomic position and contains an elevated headrest and segmented padding. Note that it is upholstered in bonded leather and further accompanies itself with diamond stitch design detailing. It is its waterfall seat edge that supports and allow better circulation and 100% reduces fatigue.

Hence, this reviewed product meets all ergonomic standards. It ensures to give optimal lumbar support, maximum comfort and constantly promote healthy body alignment. Now, you can sit for long hours and prevent sciatica as suggestions like these have pushed the user to enjoy healthy and productive seating time.

Buying Guide for Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Best office chair for sciatica
Infographic: Best office chair for sciatica

Breathable and Cool Feeling

You can have the executive chair that delivers a breathable and cool feeling. It should not sweat your back and thighs and should not produce any heat no matter you sit on it for an unbounded time.

Rolls Quietly and Smoothly

High-quality office chairs roll quietly and smoothly. And you should make sure to buy such models! The PU casters and blade wheels injected on the chairs bring no damage to the floors. Those chairs that manage to roll quietly and smoothly make your work environment disturb-free.

Strong Construction

You should not neglect the factor of solid construction when buying an office chair. Look for the ergo-factor in it, and it has to be made of high-quality material. In addition, try looking for an option that looks solid and stable.

Adjustable Seat Height and Tilt Tension

For workstation chairs, you should choose the model that shows adjustable seat height and tilts tension. The adjustable height property makes it convenient for the user to adjust it according to his body and posture needs.

Stable Base

The element of a stable base matters a lot when getting an executive style chair. Try getting a durable mesh chair encompassed by a stable base so that people of all bulky weights can sit on it comfortably.


Now, you have come to know about the best office chairs for sciatica! Time to deal with back pain issues naturally and this is possible by placing high-end chairs in your homes and offices. The suggestions, as mentioned earlier, have an ergonomic backrest, load-bearing armrest, and extensive lumbar support. The top-most brands have started to make such chairs for office and home settings that successfully bring a healthy seating experience.

Our top choices are:

  • Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair
  • DAVEJONES Office Chair
  • ComHoma Office Chair

The use of these kinds of chairs protects your cervical vertebra, offer a delicate touch and strengthen your core on 100% healthy notes. In addition, their W-shape design disperses hip pressure, and your whole body enters into the relaxed mode.

So, try replacing all old and outdated chairs in your office and try out these suggestions. They have a thick sponge filling, allow front and rear adjustment and bring utmost comfort to the waist. The highlighting part is that they have passed the SGS test as well as the American BIFMA test. Stay tuned to have more updates.