Office chair has separate importance in office furniture and equipment, and it is undoubtedly a good investment not only in the context of your health but also in the productivity. No one can deny this fact tough, and everyone desires a comfortable solid office chair, right? Your answer will probably be yes, then what is stopping you from buying one for yourself? Yes, we understand it very well the main reason behind it is the office chair price, which is a little high. Stop worrying then!

It’s just a myth that a good office chair costs you high. You can even get a quality office chair for under $200. Under $200? Yes, you read it right! (Wink) We’ve got a list of the 10 best office chairs under $200 (only top-rated chairs of Amazon). You can select any chair out of these ten without any hesitation. But first, you’ve to read to review of each chair and the buying guide to decide what you actually want.

Let’s talk about these marvelous chairs without any further pause!

List of 10 Best Office Chairs under $200

  1. Home Office Chair
  2. ComHoma Office Chair
  3. Amazon Basics High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair 
  4. Hbada Reclining Office Chair
  5. Homall Executive Ergonomic Office Chair
  6. Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair
  7. Starspace Executive Office Chair
  8. ETasker Ergonomic Office Chair
  9. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair 
  10. KCream Gaming Chair

1. Home Office Chair – Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon

4.9Home Office Chair



  • Fixed armrests 
  • 250 lbs weight capacity 
  • BIFMA certified 
  • Breathable back 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thin and flimsy seating board 

If you are looking for a soft computer chair that is comfortable and adjustable, then here is an ergonomically designed mesh chair known as Home Office Chair!

To satisfy your daily comfort and setting needs, an office chair should be comfortable in all aspects. Home Office Chair gives you superior seating because it has a mesh-designed back, which keeps the flow of air normal to keep the temperature of the back optimum, and the nylon lumbar support gives you extra support and comfort. 

This BIFMA-certified chair has a load capacity of 250 lbs, which is enough to support the bulky man with greater stability because the nylon wheels and the 2500 lbs base are sturdy to last longer and bear heavy loads, and can rotate up to 360° swivel. With the help of the lever, you can adjust the height of the chair and the seat within an amazing range between 17.1″ to 20.3″.

This newly patent and modern design of the chair has the heart of many customers because it has very comfortable and supportive but fixed armrests, and you can set the chair’s tension according to your need. The high-density cushion gives you ultra comfort with a breathable mesh surface that extends your working hours.

Moreover, this amazingly middle-back designed incredible chair gives you freedom and flexibility to work with an easy tilt lock and rocking mechanism with the easiest assembly that increases the attraction of the customers for this chair, and the other amazing feature of this chair is you can put it anywhere even in the small space. Shop this rectangular ornament chair now!

2. ComHoma Office Chair – Amazon’s Choice in 2021 for Office Chair – 300 lbs Load Capacity

4.7ComHoma Office Chair



  • 300 lbs load capacity 
  • 90° flip-up armrests 
  • Well made chair 
  • S-shaped mesh back support 
  • 90-105 degrees reclining 
  • Creates pressure on the lower back 
  • Not appropriate for high sitting 

Versatility and comfort are all we want in an office chair that supports our long working hours and makes never feel us tired, so here is the best chair of 2021 that can carry a heavy load with greater stability and gives you ultimate comfort with all new features and that is ComHoma Office Chair!

If you have any issues with your chair, you might not have with this because ComHoma has all the solutions for your sitting problems as it has 90° flip-up thick breathable cushioned armrests that can support your arms to your desire.

The chair can bear a maximum load of 300 lbs which is quite efficient to carry a heavy man and gives you the flexibility to sit and makes your sitting customized with 360° rolling of the chair and the highly adjustable premium features. You can adjust the seat height and recline back between 90° to 105°, which gives you enough support to lean back during the busiest office working hours.

This highly versatile chair is perfect for placing anywhere in the house, office, and bedroom desk. This easy-to-assemble and sturdy chair has an adjustable headrest and a durable, breathable mesh back that keeps the body, especially the temperature of the back, optimum.

ComHoma Office Chair

Furthermore, with this chair, you can get a thick and large padded heat-reducing seat cushion for extra comfort and a high-quality gas lift for the safest use, perfect posture ergonomic design, lumbar support, and S-curved backrest to reduce spinal and back pain with elegant white color. Get your comfort pack now!

3. Amazon’s Basics High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair  – Amazon’s Choice in 2021 in Category of High Back Office Chair

4.5Amazon’s Basics High



  • 275 lbs weight capacity 
  • Padded and fixed armrests 
  • BIFMA certified 
  • Comfortable high-back 
  • Pneumatic seat height 
  • Not high enough for taller people 
  • Does not recline back 

If you are searching for a highly rated office desk chair that gives support to your back with its extra comfy material, then here is the premium quality Amazon’s number one choice office chair named Amazon’s Basics High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair!

This highly anticipated and patent computer chair with an upholstered form factor has all the features that can help you sit at the best comfy position with the Polyvinyl Chloride and the Faux bonded black leather, which is soft and resistant to routine wear and tear.

This BIFMA verified chair has a high load capacity of 275 lbs which is supportive enough to accommodate a bulky person. The armrests of this office chair are padded to give support to the arms and keep the elbows away from fatigue with the required technical assembly. The seat cushion is also padded and perfect for the bums and back and helps absorb shocks with the adjustable pneumatic seat height. You can enjoy working with full freedom and manage your tasks sitting in the chair with its 360° swivel. 

Additionally, with this incredibly amazing chair, you can get the health benefit because it is body friendly. Its head support keeps the neck, head, and shoulders in their position. With this perfect body posture executive chair, you can enjoy a 12 month limited time warranty with the assembly required. The chair has minimal waste and is very well packed to attract buyers with an easy instructions manual. You will surely fall in love with this chair!

4. Hbada Reclining Office Chair  – Best Budget-Friendly Chair

4.4Hbada Reclining Office Chair 



  • 250 lbs load capacity 
  • Adjustable armrests 
  • 2D headrest 
  • Anti-collapse thick cushion 
  • Locking tilt with the best reclining 
  • It feels shaky when reclining back 

Suppose you are searching for a comfortable chair that can give you some time of rest during the most strenuous working hours in a surprisingly affordable range that is not a burden on your wallet. In that case, Hbada Reclining Office Chair is the customer’s favorite!

This ergonomically designed incredible chair has an amazing recline feature that is the most prominent character of this office chair. You can lift, tilt and lock the chair at a specific position to keep your legs and the foot at the most suitable position as it can be set back at 90° for working mode, 120° for relaxation, and 155° for resting position.

The high-back S-shaped ergonomic chair has a high-strength mesh back to keep you cool during the warmest weather. The armrests are adjustable as they can move forward and backward, but the 2D headrest is more appealing because it can be rotated and adjusted. The height is adjustable, and so is the lumbar support is a gift from the manufacturer because it releases all the pressure from the back. The tested load capacity is quite incredible because it can carry the maximum weight of 250 lbs which is supportive for a heavyweight person. 

Moreover, this chair has a durable steel frame construction that ensures its long life, the pullout footrest that keeps the circulation of the blood normal, an upholstered form factor, 8 cm thick, flexible and anti-folding seat cushion that feels like a soft couch, and high-density and not easy to deform backrest. Hbada has 37 lbs total weight and has a high rating among users all over the globe. Buy your reliable chair now!

5. Homall Executive Ergonomic Office Chair  – Best in Video Gaming Chair

3.9Homall Executive Ergonomic



  • 300 lbs load capacity 
  • Non-adjustable armrests 
  • High-back with lumbar support 
  • Great reclining 
  • Gas spring cylinder for height adjustment 
  • Not much comfortable as it is heavy and has fixed arms

If you are a gamer and play not only for your passion but also as a profession, then here is the best video gaming chair for you – a complete package of comfort and upgrade design named Homall Executive Ergonomic Office Chair!

This incredible and phenomenon chair has a 300 lbs load capacity, which is exceptional and ideal for a gaming chair, and it welcomes smart people and heavyweight people. This durable chair has rolling casters that smoothly roll over the floor without damage. The three-gas lift helps in adjustment and makes it more amazing and safe in use. This sturdy and stable chair has PU leather fabric that is ultra-soft and flexible in use because it is body friendly. The high-density cushion makes the sitting extra comfortable due to its elasticity.

This convenient multi-tasking chair gives exclusive seat height adjustment with marvelous reclining capacity as it can recline in the range between 90° to 180°. For an upright position, you can lock the chair at 90°, and to lean back, you can either set the chair at 120°, 150°, or 180°. The high-strength yet stylish five-star base is the most appealing factor, but the armrests are fixed and non-adjustable.

Moreover, the chair can rock back and forth smoothly with the help of the lever, anti-collapse spongy seat, and PU racing-style wheels. The headrest in the Homall Executive chair is also made comfortable along with the lumbar support exclusively to keep the body posture in its best position. Buy this orthopedically approved gaming chair now!

6. Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Adjustable Office Chair

3.7Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair



  • 264 lbs load capacity 
  • Height adjustable armrests 
  • Mesh sponge back 
  • Stellar lumbar support 
  • High strength steel frame 
  • Firm cushion 

If you have dreamed of a comfortable chair with premium quality features and a mesh upholstery design with ergonomic style, then here is a surprise for you in the form of a Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair!

This amazing chair has a breathable mesh back, which keeps the circulation of the air normal and helps optimize the body’s temperature. This BIFMA-certified chair ensures stability and has a weight capacity of 264 lbs, which is enough to accommodate a bulky man. This 36.5 lbs weighted office chair offers an amazing lumbar and head support, and the highly adjustable waist pillow has a separate fan base because it can move up and down and back and forth on your preferences and the rotating headrest and its height-adjustable feature keeps the sitting experience to the next level because you can enjoy a fatigue-free time.

The chair can rock amazingly back and forth in the range between 90° to 135°, along with the incredible reclining capacity. It can lock randomly at specific angles of 90°, 120°, and 135°, which is perfect for attending the important zoom calls at the upright position and relaxing for some time. The armrests are height adjustable for extra comfort.

Furthermore, this chair has multi-directional wheels, perfectly fit lumbar support with firmness adjustability, a thick padded seat for an enhanced level of comfort, 45° rotating headrest for neck support, a seat height range of 17.5 “-21.5, back size of 20 “×21” (W×H), seat size of 20.5 “×19.5” (W×Dthethe ), the overall dimension of 28.5 “×29” ×44 “-52.5” (L×W×H), plastic PU spongy material and classy black color with a sturdy steel frame for enhanced elegance. You can get your ergonomic chair now!

7. Starspace Executive Office Chair – Best Budget Sturdy Leather Chair

3.6Starspace Executive Office Chair



  • 250 lbs weight capacity 
  • Flip-up adjustable armrests 
  • Comfortable rocking 
  • Rocking pressure adjustor 
  • Thickly padded headrest 
  • The backrest can only tilt back at 110°

If you are searching for class and quality in a computer desk chair with high adjustability and highly patent features, then here is an amazing budget chair for you which is known as Starspace Executive Office Chair!

This incredibly marvelous chair has all the comfortable features that you can enjoy during office hours and customize your seating arrangement with the flip-up easily swivel arms that are thickly padded that keep your elbow and arms in the best position to keep them away from pain. The PU leather material has no scent like the other chairs, which is the best feature of the upholstered form factor.

The ergonomically designed S-shaped backrest and the lumbar support with a high back are supportive for the neck and shoulders. This extra comfortable executive chair has a reclining function and a tilt locking mechanism between 90 to 110 degrees to relax the muscles. The seat height can be adjusted to use the chair for multiple purposes. The double padded seat cushion is the most comfortable element and has a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs to sit unhesitatingly, even if you are healthy.

Moreover, with the Star space Executive Office Chair, you can get the smooth and solid nylon rolling casters that roll over the carpet or the floor without creating any scratch or damage. The long-lasting nylon base is all a user wants to enhance the chair’s life. Along with its premium construction, it is comfortable, stylish, and modern, and its easy assembly enhances the chair’s worth and appeals in the customers’ eyes. The 12 months limited-time warranty makes this chair worth buying!

8. ETasker Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Home Office Desk Chair

3.5ETasker Ergonomic Office Chair



  • 300 lbs weight capacity 
  • SGS level 3 cylinder 
  • Height adjustable padded PU armrests 
  • Nylon chair base 
  • High density mesh back 
  • It has an irritating chemical scent 

If you want an executive and ergonomically designed chair with upgraded features and characteristics with high adjustability, then here is the best home office chair named ETasker Ergonomic Office Chair!

With ETasker, you can invest blindly in your health because the S-curved high-density breathable mesh backrest is made to fit perfectly with the spine and is body friendly to enhance your working hours. To maximize your performance, the chair has seat height adjustment so that the user can place the foot on the ground to keep the blood circulation appropriate. The tilt tension control is the best element to keep the muscles relaxed and rest; moreover, the tilting is free between 90 to 130 degrees as you can set the chair upright for work and lean back for relaxation.

The PU padded armrests are made exclusively to support the arms because they have 11 height adjustments so that the user can place the arms and the wrists in the most suitable position. This incredible chair can support a maximum of 300 lbs which is an exceptional limit for the computer office chair. This BIFMA-certified chair offers its customers a 10-year long time warranty to give them the ultimate peace of mind. 

Additionally, this phenomenon chair has only 10 minutes required easy assembly, and the seat cushion is spongy and reduces the pressure around the legs and thighs. The sponge is not attached to the glue but is integrated and can not collapse. The wheels have 360° swivel movement to give the user freedom and have continuous back support. Buy your multi-tasking chair now!

9. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair – Best White Leather Soft Office Chair

3.4Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair



  • 250 lbs load capacity 
  • Padded and fixed armrests 
  • Adjustable pneumatic height
  • Tilt lock mechanism 
  • 5-star reviews 
  • Lumbar support is not comfortable for a high waisted person 

If you are looking for an office chair that is worth investing in because of the elegance and the ultimate look that it will give it to your office room, then here is the most favorite and our very own white office desk chair with a classy gold frame and is named as Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair!

This premium quality chair has a waterfall seat edge that reduces the pressure around the legs and offers ultra comfort with a thick padded cushion.

The armrests are fixed and integrated, but they have the most amazing appeal because they are made with gold metal and padded for extra comfort. This BIFMA-certified chair is safe to use and helps you adjust the tilt tension and the resistance to keep the normal blood circulation, and the muscles relaxed.

This white leather soft chair has pneumatic height adjustment with the lever to keep your foot in the best position and also prevent your legs from pain and cramping. This swivel ergonomic chair has dual-wheel casters at its five-star metal base that gives 360° rotation and a sturdy base that can bear the maximum load of 250 lbs.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair

Moreover, this contemporary designed office chair is commercially tested and graded for 8 hours of continuous use. It has a mid-back body-friendly design with lumbar support to keep the lower back at its optimum posture. This 28 lbs weighted chair has a 40.7″ assembled height and has a very wide range of use because this chair is not only perfect to place in a conference room, but you can place it anywhere for proper working. Buy this easy-to-assemble chair now!

10. KCream Gaming Chair  – Best Ergonomic Office Racing Chair

3.3KCream Gaming Chair



  • 3D armrests 
  • 350 lbs weight capacity 
  • 90-155 degrees reclining 
  • Racing chair special leather 
  • The seat is deep for shorter people

If comfort and gaming are priorities for you and you are looking for them in a premium quality adjustable racing style gaming chair. Your destination is here because KCream Gaming Chair is all you need at this time!

This computer racing chair has excellent built quality compared to its price, and no other gaming chair under $200 is tested for one month. This large, incredible gaming chair has 3D rotating wide and comfortable armrests that will never feel tired and pain in your wrists and arms. This chair has a sturdy full steel construction that is firm enough to bear up to 350 lbs which is quite an exceptional range of weight at such an affordable price. This upholstered racing chair has a 48-55.5 smooth gas lift function.

The most comfortable part is the backrest which is S-shaped and molds itself according to the user’s position and fits the spine perfectly with an added seat cushion and the bonded leather, which is soft enough to categorize under the body-friendly material. You can enjoy extra support and comfort along with the freedom to sit because this chair has a headrest pillow and lumbar support with 360° rolling casters for free movement and smooth-rolling over the carpet. 

Moreover, KCream has a 90 to 155 degrees knee tilting angle for either working or resting as at 90° you can work, 120° you can relax, and 155° you can take a nape. The seat height is also adjustable to conveniently perform multiple tasks in the chair. It has an amazingly perfect ergonomic design for the back and neck support with an adjustable footrest. Buy your modern splicing style chair now!

Comparison Table for Best Office Chair under $200

NameLoad CapacityArmrests Type
Home Office Chair 250Fixed
ComHoma Office Chair30090° flip-up
Amazon Basics High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair 275Padded and fixed
Hbada Reclining Office Chair250Adjustable
Homall Executive Ergonomic Office Chair300Non-adjustable
Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair264Height adjustable
Starspace Executive Office Chair250Flip-up adjustable
ETasker Ergonomic Office Chair300Height adjustable padded PU
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair 250Padded and fixed
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair 3503D

Best Office Chair under $200 Buying Guide

The need for office chairs varies from person to person or according to the place. The office chairs are good enough if you want to add comfort to your daily working and office routine. These are affordable according to budget, but their ease value can’t be explained.

If you are looking for the things that must be ensured while choosing the budget office chair under $200, a complete guide is written for you below!

Best Office Chairs Under 200 Buying Guide
Infographic: Best Office Chairs Under 200 Buying Guide

#1. Working Area

The size of the chair under $200 depends on your areas, such as choosing the compact chair for tight areas and large-size chairs for open areas.

#2. Body Needs

Choose the chair according to your body needs, mainly your weight. If heavyweight, consider the chair under $200 with the maximum weight capacity.

#3. Chair Features

All the chair features should be ensured because today’s selection of chairs under $200 will bring you up in your comfort zone forever.

#4. Durability

The duration of the office chair matters because the chair’s durability reflects the age of the chair it will spend with you.

#5. Budget

The office chair price under $200 should be good and pocket-friendly. The features of the chair are adjusted according to its price.

#6. Best in Design or Style

The design of the chair makes it efficient and different from others. The look of the chair adds beauty and attractiveness to your office.

#7. Suitable for Commercial Office

An office chair under $200 should be so flexible for use. Several people can sit on your chair if you use it in a commercial office.

#8. Height and Seat Adjustment

You can move seats upward or downward according to your height. The large chairs have maximum seat height; adjust them according to your height.

#9. Back Support

The office chair should be good enough to give the right support for rest while working. The back of the chair should be soft to give more comfort.

#10. Multi-Task Chair

The basic chair has few features, but the multi-task chairs are good for many features. The office chair should ensure the different functions.

#11. Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic chair is that which is best in its design. An office chair under $200 should be ergonomic to have a backrest and wrist support.

#12. Cushioning

A person’s comfort can be ensured if the cushions are thick and generated with foam. The foam chairs don’t cause any discomfort at all.

#13. Warranty

In the warranty time, you can replace the chair in case of any default. So the warranty time is the main consideration when choosing the office chair under $200 for you to add mental satisfaction.

#14. Weight Capacity

The material used to generate the chair is according to the weight capacity to some extent. Make sure your body weight, and after that, order the office chair that suits you and allows you to sit.

#15. Upholstery Material

The material used to make the chair will decide its life. The quality of the materials and chair should be ensured while selecting the office chair.

#16. Adjustable Armrests

The chair arms are attached to your armrest when you feel tired during work. They are slightly movable for final adjustment according to your arm length or degree of comfort.

#17. Caster Wheels

You can move here and thereby drag your chair which is possible due to the wheels attached below it. The caster wheels are good for you to drag the chair with your weight efficiently.

#18. Cleanliness

If you are paying thousands while buying an office chair, give a glance at its design to ensure cleanliness. Many chairs are beautifully designed but not easy to clean properly.


It’s a fact that a good quality best office chair is crucial to work in the office (or at home on days of lockdown). The market offers many cheap office chairs under $200. The only issue was to explore them, and we’ve done this for you. All the office chairs on our list are worth buying. All these have their excellent specified features which can’t be overlooked. Hopefully, now you can find your best buddy for your office, good luck!

1. What type of chair is the ideal for office work?

The ergonomic chairs are mostly used for office purposes. They are specially designed to offer maximum comfort and reliability to the user. They are structured considering the curves and contours of a human body and hence are the best for office use.

2. What are the mesh chairs?

Mesh chairs are one of the types of office chairs. As the name indicates, there is a mesh between the human body and the back of the chair to keep the passage of air through the mesh unlike the leather or other material.

3. How long can I use my mesh chair?

The mesh chairs are less expensive but they are also not long-lasting. The maximum period of use of a mesh chair is typically 2 years. The reason is, that the mesh is not as durable as cloth or leather.

4. Why should I have an office chair?

When you have long working hours at the office, you may develop various health issues, especially related to the spinal cord and lumbar area. In order to avoid such a condition, you should consider buying an office chair. It will not only help you improve your posture but will also increase your productivity at the office.