Considering how most people don’t lead healthier lifestyles anymore, a lot has to be blamed on our office work. Not only do we have to keep our eyes straight at the computer screens, we also have to sit against the desk for prolonged hours. This kind of hassle not only affects our eyesight but also causes back pain which isn’t okay.

And this is why we suggest standing desk exercises. Sitting against the desk or even on our couch for an entire day is no way healthy. If you’re already using a standing desk, then you’re on the right track. But, what you can do is make use of these 10 best standing exercises for more efficiency and lesser pain.

It will only take five minutes of your time when you’re working but will love to far more productivity than you can hope for. Take a look at these exercises and don’t forget to perform them while you work.

1. March on the Spot

After you get tired of standing in the same spot for a few hours, march on the same spot for a few minutes and relax your body muscles. It is an extremely effective exercise that will boast your productivity quite a notch.

2. Back Stretch

Now this is the simplest and easiest exercise you can do after you get tired of standing straight. Put your hands on your hips and stretch back for a few seconds. Come forward in the initial position and do it again.

Back stretch

Stretch back for a few times in between your working hours and voila, you will efficiently relieve yourself of any back pain.

3. Leg Extensions

Why don’t you tone down your legs? It’s hard to find time to do some exercise to build strength due to the hectic daily routine. But, you can easily do it while you’re at work.

All you have to do is get yourself a chair, sit and extend your right leg up to your hip level in a straight-up position. Hold for as long as possible and then switch to the other leg. Do this routine a couple of times and you will see the difference only if you perform this feat regularly.

4. Squeezing Glutes

Want to make sure your back remains free from all kinds of injuries? Try squeezing your glutes with a simple exercise that your colleagues won’t even notice you doing.

Just stand in a straight position, squeeze your glutes for 45-seconds minimum and release. Do this for 10-15 times and then get back to work. You can do this exercise a few times of the day, gradually increasing the time.

5. Chair Dips

Chair dips

Chair dips is a very effective workout routine for building up your triceps. All you have to do is sit on the edge of your chair with your legs right in front of you. Now, take your arms back and hold on to the edge of the chair tightly.

Lower your body down and then back up like you do when you’re performing sit ups. The only difference between this and that is you’re doing it with the support of a chair.

6. Abdominal Curls

We loved the fact that you can target your abs while making sure not to put on hold any incoming conference call. Sit back and raise your arms above your chest. While squeezing your abs, curl down your chest towards your hip tightly.

Hold this move for a few seconds before let it go. Repeat it with both sides for a few times.

7. Desk Pushups

Another exercise that you can do while against your standing desk is desk pushup, only if your desk is solid and strong enough to take your weight.

Desk pushups

It’s very easy. Stand at least two feet apart from your desk and place your hands on it. Now lower your body on the desk by bending your elbows but don’t forget to keep the elbows close to your body.

Repeat this exercise 10-15 times and you’re done.

8. Hamstring Stretch

Decreased mobility is often the result of tight hamstrings. But, you can easily release this muscle stiffness by performing a simple exercise.

You will have to raise your leg and rest in a chair. now lean forward by pushing your hips and reach as far as you can, maybe try and grab your foot if possible. If it isn’t, then put your hands on your hips and go forward to stretch.

Hold on for a few seconds, 30 to say the least and then switch to the other leg.

9. Squats

Most people, who have exercised before are pretty familiar with squats. Gluteus maximum is the largest muscle in your body but unfortunately is often forgotten though it could prevent lower back pain effectively.

You need to stand with your feet apart at the shoulder’s width. Now, bend your knees but push your buttocks out and stay in this posture for at least 10-seconds. You can also do squats with a chair.

Repeat the same exercise a few times before going back to your work. You will feel a massive difference of pain relief in your thigh muscles with this exercise.

10. Side Stretch

Last but not least, once you have taken a lot of time standing still, doing a side stretch will be a great way to open up your body and relax your muscles. If you have done yoga before, then you will know about this move for sure.

You need to stand with a neutral spine to perform the side stretch accurately. Once you’re standing straight, bring your arms together over your head while lifting your ribcage. Now inhale, slowly, and gradually stretch to one side while exhaling. Don’t forget to inhale again when you come back to your initial position.


So, these are some of the best standing desk exercises that you can perform daily. Hopefully, this article has been useful and we didn’t end up wasting your time.

If you have any suggestions in this regard, feel free to leave us with your feedback.