As much as the gaming industry is flourishing, so is the gaming chairs industry. It’s becoming so big that now everybody wants to have a gaming chair in front of their computer desk whether they’re a gamer or not. And that’s why the gaming chair brands are increasing with each passing day.

Can a gaming chair fit in a car?

But one problem with gaming chairs is that everybody has to face and that is can a gaming chair fit in a car? It’s not a big deal if you have enough money or knowledge of the chair assembly because then you can rent a van or professional mover or try other ways. But how will you do it?

You’re right! This article will tell you all about fitting a gaming chair in a car.

Can a gaming chair fit in a car?

For a short and crisp answer, we’d say yes, a gaming chair can easily fit in a car. It doesn’t really matter if you have a sedan, SUV, minivan, or truck. All you need to know is the dimensions of your car’s back seat and the gaming chair’s height, width, and all other information.

Everybody who likes to have a gaming chair always has a favorite brand of gaming chair. Or at least they have heard about some good brands from somewhere. But whatever it is, you should just know that all the brands have mentioned their product’s dimensions in their description.

Also, you can even check it out on the instruction manual of the chair that they give with the chair. After reading all the details about the chair, just measure the back seat of the car and you will most probably come to know that it fits in your car.

Let’s see how and what to look for when getting to know whether the chair fits in your car or not.

Does a gaming chair fit in your car or not?

First of all, you should know that there are multiple types of chairs even in the gaming category. So, you have to find out whether the chair you selected will fit in your car or not. And there is a certain process of knowing this so please follow this guide thoroughly.

Check for the seat dimensions of your chair

Knowing the seat dimensions of your chair is very easy as you just have to go online and look it up. All the manufacturers have already shown their chair seat dimensions on their websites so find out about the seat dimensions of the chair from their web pages.

You can also see the chair manual as that also always contains everything that you need to know about the product.

You can easily buy a chair that easily fits in your car after reading about it without wasting your money on buying it and then finding out about it.

Measure your car’s back seat area according to height, width, and depth

In this step, you just have to measure the height, width, and depth of your car’s back seat and take notes of those measurements. Notes are not compulsory but a good practice so that you don’t confuse them with the measurements of the chair.

Later, you will need to measure the chair’s dimensions accordingly. This is so that you know if the dimensions of the car seat a bigger than the chair’s dimensions, then your chair will fit into the car. Otherwise, you’d have to choose another chair or a transport method.

It was so easy, right? But how will you measure the dimensions, let’s find out.

Width measurements

Measuring your chair’s width is easy. Just place one end of the measuring tape on one of the chair’s armrests and take the tape to the other armrest. Then you will find out about the total width of the chair.

Height measurements

Measuring the height of the chair is even easier as you just have to place one end of the chair at the top of the headrest of the chair. And then let go of the measuring tape to make it fall down to the floor. Then measure the height it becomes, it will give you the exact number for height.

Depth measurements

Measuring the depth of your gaming chair is a little different as most of the time people get confused about where to start and where to complete. So, first of all, place one end of the measuring tape on the front side of your chair where you would sit. Then take the measuring tape from underneath the chair’s seat to its backside at the end of its torso. It will give you the exact number for the depth of your chair.

Hence, you will have to write down all these numbers and then compare them to the other numbers. If any of the measurements of the chair is bigger than the measurements of your car seat, then the chair won’t fit.

But don’t worry if your chair doesn’t fit in your car seat properly. We have other helpful methods as well. You can dismantle the chair to let it sit properly in place.

Dismantling the chair

Yes, this is another best solution to this problem if your gaming chair doesn’t fit in your car. There are multiple types of chairs and you just have to look at the chairs manual or ask your chair provider whether you can completely dismantle it or not. If your chair can be dismantled, then it is possible to fit it in your car no matter how small your car seats be.

But first, you need to make sure that the chair fits without dismantling it. If it is not the kind of chair that can fit without getting dismantled, then dismantle it into pieces and you’ll be good.

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Gaming chairs are of multiple types but most of the time they are bigger bulkier and a lot heavier than normal office chairs. So, if you are asking can a gaming chair fit in a car? Then you should know that there are certain types of chairs that can fit in any car easily. The problem comes when you have a two-seater. But in that case, a chair that can be dismantled can be of some help to you.

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