Transporting a chair from one location to another is not an easy task. Many people try to transport office chairs in sedans because they don’t want to pay the high rents of vans. But they are unable to fit it on the sedan.

So the question arises; can an office chair fit in a sedan? If you are also one who wants to know the answer, this article is for you.

As we are going to discuss how to fit an office chair in the sedan. Let us dive straight into the answer to this particular question.

Can Office Chair Fit In Sedan

Can an office chair fit in a sedan?

The answer is “yes” you can fit an office chair in a sedan but if you have a chair whose size is not that much bigger. A completely built office chair often won’t fit inside a vehicle due to its bigger size.

But by detaching the cylinder and base from the seat and backrest, you should be able to squeeze any office chair into a vehicle or sedan. The majority of office chairs are simple to dismantle.

And can easily fit in a sedan.

Here is the way to dismantle your chair and fit it in the sedan.

Method to dismantle your chair

The height of an office chair is made up of two main components. The chair’s five-star foundation and gas cylinder are the parts that make up the lower portion, while the seat cushion and backrest are the parts that make up the upper portion.

You should be able to easily fit both sections inside a car after you detach the bottom half from the higher part.

Here is the method

  1. To disconnect the gas cylinder from the chair’s upper section, you will need a pipe wrench.
  2. Tighten it to the cylinder as near to the mechanism as you can with a pipe wrench.
  3. The pipe wrench must be turned a quarter turn after being tightened to the cylinder before it releases.
  4. The base and cylinder may be removed by loosening the cylinder, which is not bolted on. The cylinder doesn’t need to be taken out of the base.

You can see how easily both components fit into any automobile, including a sedan after you separate the bottom half from the higher part. Both pieces can fit in the trunk or the backseat.

But some of you may not want to dismantle your office chair. Below is the method to fit an office chair in a sedan without dismantling it.

Fitting chair without dismantling it

You have to generally measure your office chair’s height and width first. Then check your sedan trunk size, if the office chair is smaller than the trunk size then it can fit easily in your sedan.

But if not then the sedan may accommodate an office chair without having to disassemble it If the passenger seat is fully reclined, the chair is inserted through the passenger door, and the chair is moved into the backseat.

The office chair should then be turned upside down with the wheels up.

Just take additional care to protect the office chair with bubble wrap to prevent road rashes like scrapes and bumps.

Below are the other methods of transportation for office chairs.

Other methods for office chair transportation

Some of you must have office chairs that are too tall or too wide, and they will not fit in a sedan without dismantling. The next best alternative is to hire a larger automobile if you lack the confidence to disassemble your workplace chair.

Rent a van, or borrow a bigger car from a friend (if they have one) as a favor. and transport your chair.

If you want to transport several chairs, you can also rent a trailer. You can also hire a professional mover for this job.

Can a desk chair be placed on the carpet?

The wheels of an office chair have a significant role in whether or not they damage the carpet. Cheap and low-quality office chairs with wheels can damage carpets, especially if they break down and develop jagged and sharp edges. However, office chairs with caster wheels in the rollerblade form won’t damage the carpet.

Are headrests on workplace chairs a good idea?

Headrest-equipped office chairs aid in easing the ache that comes with working long hours. The most typical health issues linked to using an office chair for an extended amount of time include neck, shoulder, and back pain. Headrests on office chairs assist in preventing these issues.

How can one fit a desk chair inside a sedan?

The backrest should be lowered until it is nearly parallel to the car floor. Enter through the passenger-side door with the office chair. Frequently, the front passenger seat door is smaller than the rear doors. So that the wheels are up, maneuver the office chair into the backseat.

How much does shipping furniture or chair transportation cost in the USA?

Local furniture delivery can cost up to $250, whereas cross-country or interstate furniture delivery often costs $300 to $600. You are paying for a service that saves you time and energy; therefore, it is true that it is not cheap. To get the deal, speak to experienced movers.

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So, there you have it, everything you want to know about transporting the chair in the sedan. If your chair is small, you will have no problem transporting it.

But if the size is larger than your sedan trunk, then you can fit and transport your chair by using one of the previously described methods.

We hope this article about the transportation of office chairs in the sedan has helped you a lot.