Aren’t we all familiar with the dangers of working in offices on a day-to-day basis? Of course, most of us don’t really have a choice because if we don’t get to the office, how are we ever going to make a living for ourselves?

These dangers include sitting against a chair and causing yourself back pain. Then cramps and stiffness you feel through the entire day. Not to mention there are plenty of other risks of a sedentary lifestyle. But one danger that not many people talk about is the strain you feel on your eyes due to poor lighting. This can further cause your postural and muscular strain which is why you cannot take this lightly, at least not anymore.

It is of extreme importance that you make sure to have a sufficient and correct amount of lighting while working. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 ergonomic lighting tips that can really help reduce strain on your eyes. It will help you improve your productivity while not causing any adverse effects on your eyesight. Also, if you are looking for an office chair that comes under 200, check our list.

Symptoms of Eye Strain Due to Bad Lighting

If you’re straining your eyes then you may suffer from blurry vision, dryness, irritation and itching, eye fatigue, and so on. This can further contribute to irritability, poor sleep cycle, and headaches which isn’t good in any way.

This is mainly because of the levels of blue light. This is a specific type of light that is emitted from the computer screen. It travels straight to your eyes and causes disruption over the course of time. if you’re a consistent user of laptops or computer screens then there is a great chance you may develop eye strain after some time.

Symptoms of eye strain due to bad lighting

It is essential for you to take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes. You can easily do this by altering the level of light around you and minimizing the consumption of this blue light. If you continue to work in poor lighting, it can lead to following,

  1. Higher error rate
  2. Low productivity
  3. Poor focus
  4. Eye fatigue
  5. Inability to match and select colors
  6. General sickness
  7. Bad headaches

As you can see, all of these will affect your daily life badly. You will perform poorly at work which isn’t tolerable for you and the people you work for. So, what steps can you take to improve the lighting ergonomics of your office? Let’s find out.

Effective tips for reducing eye strain

Positioning your computer correctly

In case, there is a window nearby your desk then you will have to consider how the natural glare affects your screen. A window that shines directly on your screen will obviously make it difficult for you to see. The same way, if the window is located right in front of you, it will also affect your vision because the light will shine directly into your eyes.

In an ideal situation, it would be better to keep your computer away from the window but that’s not always possible. But what you can do is sit parallel so the glare is sideways. Through the day, the lighting will change several times. You will also have to make use of blinds but just make sure, whenever you feel you’re squinting or leaning forward into the screen, it’s time to reposition.

Effective tips for reducing eye strain

Adjust the screen brightness

Another thing that you can do to reduce strain on your eyes is to adjust the screen brightness. Your laptop or computer, whatever you’re using, has a setting that will allow you to adjust the glare along with the font size and text type.

You might be thinking why is the text type and font size important? Well, it is because too little font and incorrect text type will make it very difficult for you to read. Also, make sure your posture is correct when you’re working.

If you hunch too forward, then it also means you need to adjust the size of the font so that it’s more visible to you especially if you’re writing.

Restrict fluorescent lighting

We may not like it but it’s true, the post offices have fluorescent lighting. It adds extra strain to your eyes and if it’s possible, you must limit this kind of lighting to softer tones that make it easier for you to focus.

You may think that it’s not possible to replace the fluorescent lighting but it is. You can ask your employer to turn down the lights a bit or maybe dim them. You can then use desk lamps to reduce harsh lighting. We understand this isn’t a viable solution but you can do your best to make out of a worse situation.

Take breaks while working

When you’re on a 9-5 desk job, it is more imperative than ever that you take regular breaks while working. Give your eyes a rest. Walk around the office, straighten up your back and let your legs relax.

Sitting against a desk for consistent hours isn’t healthy in more than one ways. You need to make sure you relieve yourself of unnecessary fatigue by taking small breaks throughout the day. It will make world of distance without compromising on your productivity.


Reducing strain on your eyes is your next step towards improving your day-to-day productivity. You will be able to concentrate more without causing yourself harm. It isn’t possible to work under stress, especially the eye fatigue is something that won’t allow you to continue to work for much longer.

Hopefully, we have given you some helpful tips that you can try and utilize in your office. Do let us know which tips were the most effective in relieving yourself from the eye strain. We would highly appreciate your feedback.