Esports are prevailing day by day all over the globe like the creeping insects that get their place in every nook and corner. It is beneficial for the youth because it provides a gaming platform and allows earning a handsome amount. For this, you have to get a gaming chair with advanced features and high quality that you can find in Ficmax Gaming Chair!

This amazing video game chair has ideal characteristics and gives you ultra comfort due to its premium quality features. Its ergonomic design is perfect for sitting and working for long hours. This decent-looking chair has a sturdy build with adjustable massage lumbar support, which is backbone friendly as it keeps it away from external pressure and can be powered by USB. The thick cushion adds more comfort because it is soft enough to provide the user with a stress-free seat.

This incredibly perfect article has a high load capacity and a high strength base; it can rotate up to a certain angle to manage the work without standing up. For added stability to the chair, armrests are ultra-soft and adjustable to customize the setting according to the preference. You can either play or rest in the chair because of its reclining angle and locking ability that sets the chair at a specific angle.

This marvelous product has a different and unique type of rocking mechanism to adjust the range. The life of the chair is highly extendable because of its soft and thick memory cushion. The chair does not bind you to have a particular height to sit on it because it accommodates every size and height of a person very decently.

If you are looking for a perfect gaming chair that will be your game and comfort partner, you must choose this one. But for more information about its features, you must scroll your screen down to read the complete review!

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review – Best Massage Gaming Chair

4.5Ficmax Gaming Chair



  • Lumbar massage pillow
  • Sturdy base
  • Comfortable for longer sitting
  • 350 lbs load capacity
  • Surprisingly nice look
  • No instructions for assembly

Ficmax Gaming Chair Overview

Ficmax Gaming Chair is a unique chair in its type because of its high-quality features. The amazing fact about this chair that distinguishes it from others is its lumbar massage feature that releases all pressure from the back, which a 5V USB port can power. It has an exceptional weight capacity of 350 lbs which is more than enough to accommodate a man with pancake thighs.

The chair can recline back between the range of 90° to 180° so that you can enjoy hours of comfort with the strong fortress. You can adjust the locking mechanism by turning the knob. It can swivel with the help of the wheel in any direction up to 360° rotation. So what can be more appealing than a soft and adjustable headrest in a gaming chair that will support your back.

Key Specifications

Load capacity350 lbsArmrest2D
Product weight51 lbsStyleErgonomic/Recliner
Room typeOfficeChair baseSwivel
MaterialPolyurethaneLumbar pillow (Massage)Powered
Reclining angle90 to 180 degreesCushion thickness4.8″

Features in Detail

Load Capacity

Gaming with high weight capacity is always a required preference for those who know the basic features because, without this, a gaming chair is not valuable. Ficmax has very high stability and is equipped with a sturdy base; that is why it can carry a load that is considered more than enough, which is 350 lbs.

Soft Armrests

The armrests of ficmax are very adjustable because they are 2D. 2D armrests are capable of moving in two directions. They can either move up or down and can rotate around their axis. So the ficmax can lift to 3″ height for the preferable adjustment to avoid cramping.

Ergonomic Front Pad

The front pad in Ficmax gives extra rest to your buttocks. Because it is adjustable and ergonomic, it can move up and down to adjust according to your height.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review
Infographic: Ficmax Gaming Chair

Recline Back

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is popular because it only serves as a gaming chair, but you can take a peaceful nap in it as it has a reclining back feature. The chair can be set in a range of between 90° to 180° angle and can be locked by using the lever beneath the seat.

Adjustable Massage Lumbar

The lumbar pillow in Ficmax Gaming Chair makes it a better choice than the other gaming chairs. The lumbar is powered with a 5V USB, just like a power bank. A lumbar pillow is so efficient that it relieves pressure on the back, and you can adjust it by moving up and down for a more comfortable posture.

Soft and Thick Cushion

A cushion is a seat on a chair. Its thickness and softness decide the comfort level. In Ficmax, the memory cushion is 4.8″ thick which perfectly releases all the pressure on your legs and keeps the blood circulation normal, and allows you to prolong your gaming hours. It also helps in extending the life of the chair.

Rocking Mechanism

The gaming chair has a very functional rocking mechanism; you can move it in any direction by turning the knob. The lesser the tension, the more convenient the rocking will be.

Sturdy construction

The construction of this gaming chair is very sturdy because the top layer of the exterior side is faux leather. This PU leather layer doesn’t wear out nor does it tear or catch pills even when you’re fond of taking drinks to the gaming station. Its leather stops dirt accumulation and can be cleaned very easily with any wet microfiber cloth. But still, you should keep in mind that this is not real leather so it won’t last as much as real leather does. Although, you can prolong its lifespan by keeping it in good condition with proper maintenance.

Furthermore, the frame of this chair is made of heavy-duty metal alloy that is highly durable. Other than that, the wheelbase is quite heavy in its performance and this is also made of super strong material to last forever. 

Easy assembly

Assembling this chair was easy for us as reviewers but we’ve seen people saying that it is easy said than done. Although the chair weighs 51 pounds still we were able to assemble it easily. The only thing you should follow is the instruction manual and step by step you will see how fast and easily you do that.


Gaming chairs are always very beautiful. Therefore, following the path of its ancestors, this gaming chair is also a great aesthetically appealing chair. The chair looks like a racing car seat with great looks overall and comfort level and the ergonomic design adds to its ultimate beauty.


The brand has priced this chair only under $200 which is a great deal if you look at the features it brings to the table. It has great comfort, adjustability, and build quality and this is not so common in this price range.


The brand is so confident in its product that they have given its customers a full refund warranty of 30 days from the day they buy it. And the returns will be even free because eventually, you’re getting a full refund if you don’t want to have this chair for any reason.

Can I get all the parts in the case if I need them or I broke one of them?

Yes, you can contact the company or send your queries on their email I’d: [email protected] to get all the details about replacing the parts.

Is the cushion suitable to sit for long hours?

The cushion is wonderfully strong and does not compress like the other chair cushion.

My height is ideal and over 6 feet, and I’m 300 lbs in weight. Is this chair appropriate for me?

Yes, this chair has a very high load capacity of 350 lbs and a very adjustable height so that you can sit on it without any hesitation.


Ficmax Gaming Chair is a nicely built chair that provides an enhanced comfort option in a lumbar massage pillow. Its ergonomic design makes it highly adjustable both for comfort and height.

It releases all the pressure from the waist and the legs and keeps you relaxed even during the most strenuous hours. Its Polyurethane material makes it sturdy and worth buying!