Videos games have a way of bringing a whole new world to use. It opens up our horizons and takes us to a new dimension that we can’t obviously experience on our own. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the world you live in better than the one you explore.

Of course, there are several gaming desk ideas that you can conveniently explore on your own. Gamers enjoy gaming much more when they’re in an environment they can relate to. We have enlisted 20 ideas that can help you transform your gaming room and absorb your favorite game on a whole new level.

Take a look at these DIYs and we are sure you’ll be able to push an idea to reality with ease and efficiency.

Top 20 Gaming Desk Ideas for Inspiration

1. Create a Small New World in Your Room by Using LED Strips

Wanna upgrade your gaming setup? Make use of these readily available LED light strips and transform your gaming desk into something completely different at a very affordable price point.

Create a small new world in your room by using LED strips

It doesn’t cost a lot and LED light strips are available in numerous colors. Channel your aesthetic sense and stick these strips around your baseboards, wall hangings and even below the table to create the perfect vibe.

2. Use a corner desk for space efficiency

If you don’t have enough space in your room to create two stations, especially when you work and game in the same room then a corner desk will come to your rescue. You can use a gaming desk such as the Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Home Gaming Desk. It allows you to work and later play in the same area.

3. Make use of backlighting

If you have used lights before then you know exactly the kind of difference they make. However, if you aren’t fond of using LED strips all around your room then just a simple backlight will be enough to do the trick.

4. Try Anime theme

If you enjoy playing games on your PS5 and are also fond of Jujutsu, then why don’t you combine both of them together? An anime themed gaming room can surely stimulate your senses.

Try Anime theme

You can opt for a white gaming console with colored background and loads of anime-themed wall frames. Trust us, it’ll surely channel your inner Titan.

5. A little pretty in pink

Are you done with those dark and brooding gaming setups? Then why don’t you try adding a little color to your room. We would recommend going for a little pink desk, with pink background and maybe a little pop of color here and there.

6. Make use of controller and headphone organizers

Do you have a habit of causing havoc on GTA, that doesn’t mean you cannot keep your gaming station clean? Look up headphone and controller organizers on Amazon. You will find plenty of products to customize your game desk.

7. Create an immersive screen setup

We absolutely loved the triple monitor setup. You can literally divulge into a new world. Get yourself a three monitor screen and see how your entire experience gets transformed.

Create an immersive screen setup

8. Try a bespoke racing system

Do you enjoy playing racing games like Need for Speed or Dirt 5? Then why don’t you transform your desk into a complete racing gig? There are several ideas on Pinterest that you can try out. Also, check racing gigs on Amazon and see if anything suits your sensibilities.

9. Stick with a theme of lamps

We absolutely love adorning our desk space with lamps. It adds a soothing vibe to the corner and gives us a more commendable experience. You can try out different sized lamps, desk or corner lamps and set them up accordingly.

10. Go retro with personalized lamps

You’re also going to enjoy a retro vibe with a personalized gaming lamp. There are many. In our case, we loved Mario and GTA lamps. They added a retro vibe to our desks.

11. Check out gaming-focused desk

If you’re in for spending some extra money, you can try out gaming focused desks. There are several options available on Amazon that you can check and opt for.

Check out gaming-focused desk

12. Add dynamic red and black color to your room

Gaming rooms always provide a more dynamic vibe with red and black color. With all your black devices, having a red background with a black color drop is going to look majestic.

13. Make it storage oriented

Making your dynamic experience is of course all the hype. But you also cannot forget the storage aspect of your area. Maybe try and opt for desks with larger storage capacity. You’re absolutely going to enjoy not having to go to the other room to get your gadget.

14. Go immersive with speakers

Gaming will not make any sense if you don’t have dynamic and immersive speakers. So don’t forget to invest in them.

15. Keep it clutter free

Try cable organizers to keep your space clutter free. It can truly make a difference and you will love your space.

16. Little things can also make a big difference

Don’t get disappointed if you can buy exotic lights or high-end gaming consoles. Even a small but dynamic mouse pad can make a huge difference if you know where to look.

17. Oak desks look very stylish

We also loved oak desk setups. They look stylish and minimal, something worth trying.

Oak desks look very stylish

18. Save space with wall mounted monitors

Wall mounted monitors are becoming all the rage. If you don’t have larger space for your concole, they might just be what you were looking for.

19. Switch to a standing desk

Don’t compromise on your health. A standing gaming desk is another option to go with. They are a bit expensive but are all the rage these days, not to mention extremely beneficial for your health.

20. Use Stormtrooper figures

Go for a black and white background and add Stromtrooper figures to your gaming room. You are going to love the ambiance they create.


So, these were a few tips that are truly going to pump up your gaming area. Try them out. You’re absolutely going to love the transformation. Do let us know about how your experience was like.