If you are restless because of your chair that you are using at home for playing and find several health problems but are so passionate to play esports, then you must not be worried about this because we are presenting a very comfortable and decent solution to you and that is our very own GTRacing Ace Series M1!

GTRacing Ace M1 is surprisingly the best affordable chair with all the quality features available in any costly gaming chair. Along with the reasonable price, it offers a very wide space to sit without spreading the legs; even if you are bulky, you can play and enjoy the steaming. Its pro ergonomic design makes it more appealing and classy.

The PU leather is far more firm than other models of that series and the other expensive gaming chairs. A gaming chair is popular due to its comfort. More the comfort zone available more it will be preferable to the buyers. The comfort depends on different characteristics like the armrest, seat cushion, and headrest.

Moreover, the adjustability enhances the ease of sitting. GTRacing Ace M1 is built to meet all these requirements and has a powerful base with zero bumps, high-quality covers, and other premium features. And to add joy to the sitting, the wheels are rotatable that allow you to move the chair from one place to another and are strong enough to bear the scratches and the wear and tear of the routine damages.

A gaming chair is all about its sitting features, and for this purpose, the GTRacing Ace M1 offers a very soft cushioned seat that is highly breathable and does not create any irritation even when you sit for hours. The removable back and headrest make it more perfect because it allows you to sit on your preferences.

Suppose you are curious to get this easy to assemble the product and make your gaming experience more thrilling and prolonged with no health issues. In that case, you must read the article ahead to clear all the confusion regarding the model features!

GTRacing Ace Series M1 – Best Command Centre Control Chair

4.5GTRacing Ace Series M1



  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic style
  • 350 load capacity
  • 4D armrest with adjustability
  • The back cushion is not satisfactory

Product Overview

GTRacing Ace Series M1 is a nice addition to your computer room for experiencing e-sports. It can increase the gaming time up to the highest level because its lumbar pillow supports the backbone and prevents any shock or damage. This super build chair has a 4D armrest that can be adjusted according to the need and is large enough space for bulky arms. Its 57.9 lbs weight has a very strong aluminum robust base; although it creates some rocking while sitting, it is sturdy. With its removable headrest, you can priorities your desires. Moreover, the chair assists you to adjust the seat height with 360° rotation and a huge space for sitting. The product is multi-functional because it can recline back within the range of 90°-170°.

Key Specifications

Load capacity350 lbsHeadrestRemoveable
Wheel rotation360° swivelBaseRobust Aluminium
Reclining angel90-170 degreesCushionsCold-cured high density
Seat materialPU leatherArmrestAdjustable
Product weight57.9 lbsFrameCarbon fibre

Features in Detail

Robust Al-Base Rocking Mechanics

Every gaming chair relies on its base strength; if the base strength is higher, it will accommodate the heavy person without any risk. To meet the client’s needs, GTRacing ACE M 1 has a very strong Aluminium base, and for smooth and perfect movement, it is equipped with 5 high-quality casters that allow every type of movement.

Ergonomic Design

Its unique ergonomic design creates a clear difference between this chair and the other chairs because it has a very comfortable style as it contains a removable backrest and headrest that customise the sitting. And for more focused gaming, it contains a very wide backrest that gives the most relaxing space with 360° rotating wheels.

High-Density Foam Cushions

The cushions prevent you from irritation because it has a cold-cured high design cushion that allows the air to pass, and you can play games 24/7. Moreover, the shape is perfectly made for the back. So if you have back pain, this gaming chair is perfect for you.

Before you purchase GTRacing Ace Series M1
Infographic: Before you purchase GTRacing Ace Series M1

Load Capacity

GTRacing welcomes all persons because of a wide range of quality features, for example, a wide backrest, sturdy aluminum base, and class 4 gas lift with a maximum carrying capacity of 350 pounds. Do not hesitate if you are bulky!

Adjustable 4D Armrest

You can prevent your arms and wrists from cramping and pain with the help of an adjustable 4D armrest of GTRacing ACE M1. You can set your angle up, down, left or right according to the situation.

Lumbar Support and Headrest

The lumbar support is specifically made for the spinal cord, and you can enjoy more comfort with a removable neck and head cushion.

Recline Back

The ideal backrest of ACE is matchless because it can recline back to offer more support and relaxation as it can adjust between the range of 90° to 160°. Its multi-tilt feature gives a perfect posture to the owner.

Locking Mechanism

The chair exhibits a locking mechanism for this first, you must adjust the posture or the angle, and then you can lock the chair at that specific angle.

Carbon Fibre Wrap Design

To add beauty and the high strength texture to the chair, the manufacturer made this article with high-strength carbon fibre fabric to create a supportive frame.

Premium PU Leather

The seat, with its wide space, has premium quality PU leather stuff. This material can tolerate the daily damages and avoid scratches to the maximum level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the maximum weight the chair can manage?

It can carry 330-350 lbs, bulky man. So if you are heavy, then you can easily sit without becoming restless.

Q: Does the padding reliable?

The padding is not much reliable because it loses its firmness with time. Especially the neck padding. And the back padding is more comfortable without the cushion.

Q: Is the rocking mechanism durable?

No, it is not much durable. Although it has a locking feature still the rocking of this chair is difficult to manage.

Q: Is the backrest ergonomic for the neck?

Definitely yes, but it is only possible when you use a head cushion to support the neck in a comfy way; otherwise, the neck padding of the cushion is non-existent.


GTRacing Ace Series M1 is the most recommended chair to experience gaming with enhanced comfort. Its all premium quality features are the reason to attract the customers, especially the pro gamers from the globe. You can go up to the maximum load with its high-strength base and remain relaxed during the gaming period due to its adjustable specifications and comfy seat, headrest, and backrest. Although the locking mechanism is not appealing with this affordable range, you can compromise with this little inconvenience. Visit the official site for more information.