Are you a gamer and want to be a pro gamer in the future? But you are facing a problem in sitting while playing. So you do not have to be worried about this because we are presenting a very conformable chair known as Habada Gaming Chair for you that will prove as the best companion to you not only for gaming but also for reading and streaming videos!

For a comfortable sitting, a chair must have a large sitting area. The gaming chair is easy to place, and its portability makes it more appealing. Gamers are always on the verge of backbone disorders; that’s why Hbada has a very soft seat cushion combined with the fortress that is extra soft and can pass air. The chair’s frame also has great strength because it is made up of metal. For a better gaming experience, the backrest gives support to the back and boosts the gaming time.

The overall seat is made of leather with a huge space to accommodate a bulky man with bulky thighs. The wheels add more fun to the experience because they make it highly portable and scratch-resistant with a high-strength base that can carry the heaviest load.

Hbada Gaming Chair helps in customizing the sitting because of its easy to adjust features according to the desire and needs of the person. It is available in three highly appealing colours that fit perfectly with the interior of your home. The perfection of this seat with the posture convinces the customers because of its one year warranty, a return and a refund policy with an easy assembly. And incredibly, Hbada is for all ages but specifically considered as one of the best gaming chairs for Teenagers

If you are interested in buying this amazing gaming chair and want to add comfort to your sitting and playing more and more, then you must scroll down to read the complete review with detailed specifications!

Hbada Gaming Chair Review – Best of All Gaming Chairs

4.5Hbada Gaming Chair



  • 330 lbs carrying capacity
  • 17° rocking
  • Recline back
  • 360° wheel rotation
  • Easy to install
  • The armrest has no padding
  • The chair is heavy to move

Product Overview

Hbada Gaming Chair is considered the best addition to your gaming room. Its ergonomic design with seat cushion and backrest are highly-perfect and comfortable for the spinal cord. The lumbar pillow supports the neck and prolongs the gaming time. The incredibly marvellous dimensions with 21.6″ × 27.55″ × 47.24″ – 50.39″ (L × W × H) and a huge Seatpost with a 21.6″ × 20.86″ area gives enough room to sit. It contains a heavy-duty nylon base which is amazing in its strength and has a load capacity of 330 lbs. Its high-quality metal frame makes it more sturdy and efficient in working. The chairs wheel can rotate up to 360° to add fun while gaming. Its SGS Certified 4-level cylinder is proof of its secure use. The product is versatile in function because the chair can be locked at a specific angle between 90°-155°.

Key Specifications

Product weight49.9 lbsAngle adjustability90-155 degrees
Max load capacity300 lbsBase movementSwivel
Dimensions32.68 × 13.39 × 25.98 inchesWheel rotation360 degrees
Seat materialPU LeatherFramePolyurethane
Armrest height2.75″Seat height3.15″

Features in Detail

Speedy Installation

Customers always prefer articles that require less technical skills to assemble. For this, the package is equipped with all the necessary equipment used to assemble the parts without the aid of a professional person. You can assemble it on your own.

Customized Sitting

With the help of the Hbada Gaming Chair, you can customize your sitting according to your desire and priority. You can control the rocking feature and adjust the height of the seat.

Hbada Gaming Chair
Infographic: Hbada Gaming Chair

Recline Back

Sitting in the same position is restless. To avoid this inconvenience, Hbada offers you a quality recline back feature. You can recline back by adjusting the angle of the chair. With the locking feature, once you adjust the angle, you can lock the seat on that particular angle and can again change after unlocking. It has an angle range between 90° to 155°.

Ergonomic Design

The best ergonomic design makes this chair most perfect. Its lumbar pillow and seat cushion with a backrest enhance the comfort for sitting without any fatigue.

High-Quality Material

The chair’s material decides its comfort level. The greater the quality greater will be the comfort. This chair has a PU leather seat material and metal frame of Polyurethane material with additional, Native Sponge, SSG-Certified 4-level cylinder, a nylon base and armrest, to fulfil the comfort criteria.

Removable Headrest

The headrest feature is specific to increase comfort. At the same time, gaming or reading but sometimes it becomes uncomfortable, or some people do not like it, so you are not bound to use it and can remove it according to the preference.

High-Strength Base

A chair completely depends on its base because a high-strength base carries a maximum load. For this purpose, Hbada has a nylon base that makes the chair capable of carrying a 330 lbs load to accommodate the heavyweight person. The most recommended is 300 lbs.

Rocking Functionality

There is a lever present under the Hbada chair. With the help of this lever, you can control the rocking. Rocking up to 17° increases enjoyment while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the lumbar pad removable?

Yes, it is removable according to your preference because sometimes it becomes restless to the neck.

Can the armrest be removed?

No, there are no options to remove armrests; you can only adjust them. And it is highly suggested to use the armrests because they are very conformable in use.

Do the armrests fall?

Never, they can not fall until the clip is broken because they are high in strength. 

Is the chair suitable for the fat person?

Although it has a load capacity of 330 lbs, some of the fatty clients claim that they are not comfortable sitting in the chair and have to spread their legs for proper adjustment.


Hbada moving chair is the finest addition to your home because it is perfect for pursuing gaming with high comfort and fewer negative reviews guarantee its quality. Its ergonomic design is the main feature that makes it worth buying. Although it is a little heavy to move, you can compromise with this feature because of its pre-assembly and affordable price. Visit official site of Hbada.