If you want to enjoy the comfort and the quality at the same time with the professional pro gaming chair and also have a desire to increase the earnings from esports, then we have a superior quality gaming chair from the company Homall with all customized features that can perfectly suit your body!

This gaming chair has a soft Faux leather high back that is perfectly made to meet your requirements. This unique gaming chair has all the specifications you need in an affordable gaming chair for your professional use. It has a moulding foam with high density, elastic resistance, and long service life, so you do not have to be worried about changing the article after a few years of use.

This body and skin-friendly chair have a robust and sturdy steel frame that has enough capacity to carry the heavy load without any risk. The most significant aspect of this chair is that it is safer in use. It has an SGS certified and reliable pneumatic lift piston that is supportive enough to hold bulky persons. For ultra-convenience, the chair is equipped with swivel wheels, so you do not need to stand and manage the task on the desk because they are tested and can roll smoothly up to a certain limit.

Incredibly, this chair gives you the comfort of the next level because whenever you feel tired during the long hours of gaming and want to take a nap, then you can recline the chair back to be in a relaxed position at a specific angle. Its rocking mechanism assists in adding more comfort and adjustability to the sitting.

Homall Gaming Chair is a very impressive chair because of its huge back and easy placement in any room for watching TV, video gaming or resting. Suppose you are interested in purchasing this wonderful gaming chair with an adjustable lumbar pillow and headrest. In that case, you should read the complete review to clear all the ambiguities related to the features!

Homall Gaming Chair – Best Overall in Video Game Chair

4.5Homall Gaming Chair



  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Recline back
  • Move back and forth
  • Cheap build quality
  • Non-moving armrest

Product Overview

Homall, the office-style executive chair with Faux leather, has the heart of many clients due to its amazing features. It has a high back with a 1.8 mm thick steel frame which is sturdy enough to bear the maximum weight limit of 300 lbs or 136 kg. For an amazing gaming experience, you can rotate the chair around the table because of its smooth swivel at 360° with rubber wheels that do not make you stuck while playing. Its SGS certified class 3 pneumatic lift piston is surety to use it with no tension about getting damage. You can adjust your sorting with this high mobility chair because this can recline back between 90° to 180°. By adjusting the lever beneath the seat, you can enjoy the rocking mechanism by moving back and forth. It has high suitability for every height because you can adjust the height from 44 to 55 cm so that your foot remains on the ground and you can avoid cramps and pain in the legs. Its wide use makes it worth buying! Also, Homall has another gaming chair that comes under the price of 100 dollars.

Key Specifications

Load Capacity300 lbsFrameSteel
Product weight42.6 lbsMovementPivot
Recline angle90° to 180°Room typeOffice
RotationSwivel 360°CertificationSGS verified
MaterialLeatherArmrestsNot adjustable

Features in Detail

Load Capacity

A decent chair does not feel the user hesitates when he tries to sit on it, especially when he is bulky; it must have the strength to carry his weight. In the case of Homall, the chair has a maximum load capacity of 136 kg or 300 lbs which are enough to accommodate a bulky person.

Durable Metal Frame

A frame is a chair’s body; if the body is weak, you should not take a risk sitting on it. Homall offers you a very durable and reliable and 1.8 mm thick steel frame that is sturdy and efficient in working.

Faux Leather

For ultra comfort, the chair of Homall has a Faux leather seat which is very soft and perfect for sitting. The seat is very resistant to the wear and tear of daily damages.

Homall Gaming Chair
Infographic: Homall Gaming Chair

Safe Use

A chair that is certified and verified to use is the most popular among the customers because no one wants to take the risk of his health and life. For this purpose, to meet the security needs of users and to offer ultra protection, the chair has Standard Global Services (SGS) verified certification with class 3 pneumatic lift piston.

Rocking Mechanism

No doubt, when we sit on a chair, we do not want to stick in a particular posture. We try to move back and forth, but we will become disappointed when the chair does not offer this opportunity. But Homall Gaming Chair gives you a very fine rocking mechanism with a seat lock.


Although esports is trending gaming and earning platform and attracts adults worldwide, it is also a fact that people feel tired after many gaming hours. At that time, they want a nap on the chair to meet this need Homall Gaming Chair has a deep recline back option that can set at a certain angle of comfort between 90 to 180 degrees.


The chair is highly adjustable. The rubber wheels give 360° degree rotation that is very helpful in managing the tasks with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there any option to adjust the armrest? I get cramps in my arms whenever I spend time in the chair.

Sorry, unfortunately, there is no technique to adjust the armrests, so you have to compromise.

Q: I am 6 feet in my height. Is it suitable or ridiculous for me?

With 6 feet in height, you might look like a clown with this chair, so you must choose wisely.

Q: I am 150 kg in weight. Can I sit on this chair without hesitation?

Never, do not try to sit on this chair with such a bulky weight. Otherwise, you have to face the consequences.


Homall is a racing-style gaming chair with all standard features. Although the price varies with the colour of the chair, overall, it has a good review rating from Amazon. The chair is highly adjustable to place and use, but the armrests are fixed. This SGS verified chair is safer in use and has an average load capacity of 300 lbs. The steel frame is sturdy and high in strength, and its reclining and rocking feature makes the chair the customer’s number one choice!