Whether you have just bought your first gaming chair or it has been a while since you’ve worked on yours, there is one thing that should be the same – cleaning. Cleaning a gaming chair may seem overwhelming initially, but once you’ve started it, it’s not much of a challenging task.

So, if you want to know the secrets of how you can easily and quickly clean your gaming chair, this guide on how to clean gaming chairs is for you.

how to clean gaming chairs

Why Are We Covering This Topic and What Will You Find Here?

A lot of people have left us questions regarding the cleaning of gaming chairs. So, considering our experience in this field, we have decided to document our method of cleaning gaming chairs. But after reading the blog post, read the ‘FAQs section if you are still confused about cleaning gaming chairs. Thus, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How to Clean Gaming Chairs?

The steps to clean the gaming chairs are similar for every gaming chair. However, the liquid you use on the microfiber cloth to clean the dirt from your gaming chair will vary according to the material of the gaming chair.

Now, we cannot cover every material used in gaming chairs here. But we can give you some tips on choosing the cleaning detergent for your gaming chair. So, let’s get started with this guide.

1.     Disassemble your chair (if supported)

First, we recommend disassembling your gaming chair to make cleaning easier. Most people don’t do this, but we recommend doing it because it makes cleaning the base and the top easier. However, you can skip the step if your gaming chair doesn’t support disassembling.

2.     Pick a cleaning detergent according to the material of your gaming chair

This step is the most critical in this entire guide because choosing the wrong cleaning detergent can destroy the fabric of your gaming chair. So, pay attention.

 Instructions for PU leather-based gaming chairs

If you have a PU leather (or synthetic leather) gaming chair, use water and detergent to clean the dirt from that chair.

  1. Get a small bucket and put warm water in it. After putting in the warm water, add a little detergent, which will come in handy to remove the dirt from the chair easily.
  2. Take a piece of microfiber cloth and submerge it in the bucket that contains the mixture of warm water and liquid detergent.

Instructions for gaming chairs with genuine leathers – how to clean gaming chair leather:

We recommend using a dedicated leather cleaning kit if your gaming chair has genuine leather. This way, there will be no risk of damaging the fabric of your gaming chair. So, you won’t have to mix the leather cleaner with water in such a case. Instead, you can directly put the leather cleaner on the microfiber cloth and get ready for cleaning.

*** Note: Before trying to rub the microfiber cloth onto the chair, squeeze out the water from it ***

Instructions for gaming chairs having imitation leather material:

On the other hand, the manufacturers of low-end (under $150) gaming chairs often use imitation leather material while building those chairs. So, if you have such a gaming chair, you can use ammonia or bleach-free glass cleaner.

*** Note: You should not spray the cleaning material directly onto the gaming chair because this way, it will leave spots on black (or other dark) colors. However, if you are searching for how to clean white gaming chairs or how to clean pink gaming chairs, directly spraying the cleaning material won’t leave any spot on those chairs ***

*** Pro Tip: If you don’t know the material of your gaming chair, use the internet to search for the fabric of your gaming chair and pick a relevant detergent for it ***

3.     The actual cleaning procedure:

  1. We often start with the sitting area of the gaming chair. So, wipe the surface of the gaming chair gently and try to clean the dirt present in the stitches of the gaming chair’s fabric.
  2. After the surface, do the same for the backrest and armrest of the gaming chair. So, while cleaning the armrest, do not forget to wipe the upper and lower portions of your gaming chair’s armrest.
  3. The microfiber cloth cannot reach every part of your gaming chair because some areas are too tight for even smaller hands. So, in such a case, use an old toothbrush to wipe the dirt from those areas.

*** Pro Tip: Use a dry toothbrush to avoid the rust ***

  • If the base of your gaming chair is made of metal, we suggest using Johnson’s baby oil to clean it. Doing this will prevent rust. So, drop a few drops of oil on the microfiber cloth and start rubbing it onto the base of the gaming chair to clean as much dirt as possible.

*** Note: Wipe everything from the wheels (area) to the top of the base. However, if you are searching for how to clean gaming chair wheels, you can use the same microfiber cloth and old toothbrush to wipe the dust off your gaming chair ***

  • Once you have wiped all the gaming chair parts and no visible dirt particles are left, assemble the gaming chair again.

*** Pro Tip: Use a gaming chair cover to prevent dust particles from entering your gaming chair ***

4.     Use basic automotive grease:

Most gaming chairs allow their users to recline forward and backward. However, after using a gaming chair for years, the metal springs that recline a gaming chair forward and back become noisy and do not work smoothly. So, you can use the basic automotive grease in such a case.

Apply any automotive grease on the circular metal spring of your gaming chair. And after that, move the backrest of the gaming chair backward and forward a few times to bring back the smooth reclining of your gaming chair.

*** Pro Tip: Use latex gloves while applying automotive grease to your gaming chair ***

5.     Tight the screws of your gaming chair’s armrest:

You may have cleaned the dirt off your gaming chair. However, if you haven’t tightened the screws of your gaming chair from day one, they will be shaky. So, to finish the wobbliness of your gaming chair’s armrest, tight their screws.

Wrapping Up – the Bottom Line:

Cleaning gaming chairs is an art in itself. But it’s not something you can learn overnight, as you will have to research a lot about it before getting started. However, to make the cleaning process easier for you, we have shared the easiest and most basic way of cleaning the gaming chair.

Unlike other guides, the procedure we have discussed here is universal. So, you can apply it to any gaming chair. However, you will have to pick a suitable cleaning detergent according to the fabric of your gaming chair because if you don’t, it will ruin the fabric of your gaming chair, or the material of your gaming chair will start peeling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     How do you clean a gaming chair at home?

You can use the steps discussed above to clean your gaming chair at home. However, before using any cleaning detergent, make sure that the detergent is compatible with the material of your gaming chair. Otherwise, you will destroy the fabric of your gaming chair and blame us.

2.     How do you clean a smelly gaming chair?

If you are searching for how to clean gaming chair smell, you will need a vacuum cleaner, baking soda and upholstery stain remover. So, after gathering the essentials, try the following steps.

  1. First, vacuum your gaming chair.
    1. Then, drop the baking soda at your gaming chair’s backrest and sitting area.

*** Note: You can also use the baking soda with fresh smell additives ***

  • Work the baking soda into the fabric of your gaming chair with the help of a microfiber cloth. Doing this will penetrate the baking soda into every part of your gaming chair’s fabric.
    • After that, let the baking soda sit for at least 30 minutes, allowing it to work its chemical magic and get the smell out of your chair.
    • After 30 minutes, Vacuum the baking soda up from the chair, which will suck up all the broken dirt particles deep in the fabric.

3.     How to clean gaming chair fabric?

The answer to this question is similar to the previous question and the instructions discussed in the above guide. So, consult the mentioned sections of this guide to find the answer to this question.

4.     What should I use to clean my gaming chair?

The things required to clean the gaming chair depend on your cleaning procedure. However, the essential items needed for the cleaning are:

  • A microfiber cloth.
  • A compatible detergent according to the fabric of your chair.
  • A screwdriver kit.