If you work consistently on a laptop, typing your day through, then it puts a lot strain on your hands. A lot of people who have to work this way may soon begin to experience tingling in fingers and numbness which in fact is a point of concern.

The good news is there is so much you can do to prevent this syndrome from taking residence in your hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when there is too much pressure put on your median nerve. This nerve gives you feeling in your thumb and all other fingers. When the median nerve passes through your wrist to your hand, it goes through a narrow path that is known as a carpal tunnel. It is made out of ligament and bone. If you feel any sort of swelling in your wrist, then it means the median nerve is being pinched that later causes the symptoms you experience.

Prevent Carpal Tunnel While Working:

To be honest, there is no one sure shot way to prevent this from happening. If your work is going to stay about typing all day through then there is a great chance your symptoms will get worse. However, what you can do is try to prevent it by following the few tips we are mentioning below,

Try using less force

It’s quite normal that we get used to doing things a certain way that we don’t even realize there may be a better, more efficient way to do it. A lot of times, you may feel that you use more force then you actually need to.

For instance, you may be pounding your keyboard a little too much when gentle strokes can get the job done or, sometimes, you may end up holding a tool too tightly when a firm grip is all you need.

This is quite preventable only if you pay attention to certain details. Throughout your day, lookout for how much force you’re using to perform a certain task. You can try using gentle strokes while typing and hold things not too tight when it’s not needed. This would be a great start on your journey to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take breaks

Take breaks

One thing that we mention over and over again to people who work sitting against a desk for an entire day is to take breaks, as many as possible as long as it doesn’t have adverse effects on your productivity.

Sitting in front of your computer, typing, listening to phone calls then typing again not only causes stress to your arms but it’s also devastating for your overall health. You need to take breaks. You can’t sit around for an entire day, causing your muscles to stress unnecessarily.

When you begin to take a break, you will realize that you’re far more productive than before. You don’t feel fatigued anymore and your motivation level is far too high.

Don’t forget to stretch

When you’re on a short break, you can also try stretching for a few minutes to relax your muscles and improve your blood flow.

You can stretch your back, straighten up your fingers and make a fist.

Stretching is also an efficient way to release stress while you’re working. Keep your fingers and hands stress relieved if you want to ensure you don’t develop carpal tunnel syndrome. As soon as you begin to feel there is too much stress build up in your fists, maybe try taking a longer break.

Don’t forget to stretch

Switch it up

Another thing worth trying is to opt for different hand motions and movements to promote blood flow. It so happens when your body is performing the same feat over and over again, your muscles and joints become accustomed to the movement with no space to explore something new.

Try switching up your hand motions. You can also try doing the task by your left hand if you always do it with your right hand.

Don’t forget your posture

While we are only talking about your hands and wrists, it is also imperative to keep in mind how the rest of your body’s posture is because it does affect your productivity and overall health. Poor posture may make you roll your shoulders forward which won’t be a good sign. You will end up slouching and later begin to feel the ache in your back. That is another thing we would like you to avoid.

We want you to consider getting yourself an ergonomic office chair. They are commendable when it comes to ensuring healthier lifestyle and will cater to all your ergonomic needs.

Talk to your manager

If your work technique continues to trigger your symptoms, then maybe it’s time to talk to your supervisor. You may be able to alter some the tools from your workstation to promote better working technique.

Talk to your manager

You can also try and talk to your coworker to maybe trade of some work that is not healthy for you. Instead, you can take on tasks that won’t trigger your symptoms.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is avoidable but only if you keep your health in check. Instead of becoming a workaholic, we suggest you adopt a work-life balance so it doesn’t have a negative impact on your health.

Professionals who work consistently on the keyboard and have a lot of typing work are more prone to developing this syndrome. If any time you feel none of these tips are helping and your symptoms are getting stronger, you need to get in touch with a physician right away.

Hopefully, this article has added value to your time. We would be thrilled to hear if you have prevented carpal tunnel syndrome yourself and what were tips helped you do it. Leave us with your feedback for our readers as well.