Gaming chairs provide comfort and support that is quite essential when you work or play for long hours. However, some reclining mechanisms should be there for working or playing for long hours while sitting on a gaming chair. So, if you want to know how to properly sit on a gaming chair while maintaining a good posture, we have got you covered.

This blog post will explain everything from the ideal gaming chair head pillow placement to why is your gaming chair neck pillow too low. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve into this discussion.

How to Properly Sit on a Gaming Chair and Maintain a Good Posture?

How Are We Qualified to Talk About This Matter?

We are a team of tech enthusiasts who love exploring tech accessories and gaming chairs are among those accessories. After researching this topic for several days, we have documented this guide and practically implemented the steps discussed in this guide.

During our research, we have explored the primary reasons why people face backpains and bad posture issues with gaming chairs. So, here, you will find everything related to the proper sitting mechanism of a gaming chair.

How to Properly Sit on a Gaming Chair?

No matter which gaming chair you buy, you won’t get the best results if you cannot use it correctly. So, follow the below steps to sit longer and feel better while being more productive on your gaming chair.

Whether you have a gaming or office chair, you may have heard about the word ‘ergonomics. It refers to the adjustability of your gaming chair. So, when it comes to gaming chairs’ ergonomics, they have three essential back support components that support a ‘Neutral Sitting Posture.

  • Armrest.
  • Backrest.
  • Lumbar.

Thus, according to an ideal situation, let’s understand the meaning of ‘Neutral Sitting Posture’ first.

Neutral Sitting Posture:

The word ‘Neutral’ means your back should stay aligned with your gaming chair, whereas ‘Sitting’ refers to spreading your weight appropriately across the seat as you sit. The word ‘Posture’ means that your legs should be straight and your feet should touch the ground while sitting on your gaming chair. So, the ‘Neutral Sitting Posture’ is the same in all ergonomic chairs.

Steps to Perfectly Sit on a Gaming Chair and Maintain a Neutral Sitting Posture:

Now, let’s see the steps to sit perfectly on a gaming chair to maintain a neutral sitting posture.

  1. First, deeply tuck your hips into the seat of your gaming chair. But make sure that you are spreading your weight appropriately across the seat as you sit.
  2. Then, place your lower back to the lumbar support of your chair. However, if your gaming chair does not have lumbar support, you can buy a lumbar support cushion to support your back.
  3. Lastly, place your feet firmly on the floor and ensure that your feet have a solid base. But suppose you have a short height or cannot put your feet on the ground while sitting on your chair. In that case, you can use an ergonomic footrest to keep the feet strain away.

How to Configure the Back Support Components of a Gaming Chair?

Now, after discussing the steps of how to properly sit on a gaming chair, let’s discuss how you can configure each back support component of your gaming chair. This way, even if your gaming chair is uncomfortable, you can sit perfectly on the gaming chair by making a few tweaks.

1.      Armrest:

Armrests on a gaming chair help prevent fatigue while using the mouse or keyboard in a lengthy gaming or working session. So, the ideal armrest angle is when it is set to the height of your desk because this way, it can provide the best support. But make sure that your feet have a solid base while sitting on a gaming chair.

However, if your desk is too high, you will face wrist and shoulder strain issues. So, as discussed earlier, if you are in such a situation, you can add a footrest to solve this issue.

2.      Lumbar support:

When you sit on a gaming chair, the lumbar support helps in keeping your back straight and aligned to your gaming chair. Most gaming chairs have a built-in lumbar pillow that helps fill your lower back curve. However, as mentioned earlier, if your gaming chair doesn’t have one, you can purchase it.

Anyway, adjusting the height of lumbar support is critical because setting too low will curve the hips forward, whereas setting too high will do the same. So, the rule of thumb is to adjust the lumbar pillow to fill your lumbar curve.

3.      Recline functionality:

One of the significant benefits of gaming chairs over conventional chairs is their recline functionality. So, if you have followed this guide, you will have successfully maintained a neutral sitting posture by now.

The default backrest recline on most gaming chairs is about 105 degrees. You can easily switch between upright and leaning-back positions from this angle. But since gaming chairs are ergonomic-friendly, you can toggle the backrest recline of your gaming chair. This way, you can work at your desired angle and enjoy gaming.

How to Sit Correctly in a Gaming Chair? – the Final Verdict

When it comes to playing video games or working on a gaming chair, two main components work together to give you the best experience possible. The first is the chair and the second is your body.

Gaming chairs aren’t just some items from Walmart that do nothing but break after a few months of use. They have evolved. That is why nowadays, manufacturers consider different factors when designing them. So, to get the most out of a gaming chair, you must ensure that you know how to properly utilize it to maximize all its features and deliver enjoyable gaming or working experience.

There can’t be a one-liner answer to the‘how to properly sit on a gaming chair’ question because its answer will vary from person to person. So, read the above blog post to find the perfect solution according to your body type and needs. But after reading the above blog post, if you still have confusion, head over to the ‘FAQs’ section to get more information about this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     Are gaming chairs supposed to lean back?

Yes. Most gaming chairs can lean back because they are more ergonomically friendly than conventional office chairs. You can certainly lean back on some office chair models as well. But gaming chairs offer more comfortable sitting options than traditional office chairs.

2.     How to set up a gaming chair with a screen for PS4?

The entire purpose of setting up a gaming chair with a screen is to feel the audio effects while sitting on your gaming chair. So, if you want to know how you can achieve the perfect gaming chair setup with screen of PS4, try the following steps.

  • Generally,an audio gaming chair comes with a kit that includes audio cables, a power supply and an instruction manual. So, the simplest way to connect your gaming chair to your screen is to connect one end of the AUX cord to the bottom of your PS4 controller.
  • Then, hook up the other end of the AUX cord to the built-in AUX input of your gaming chair.

However, if these steps do not work for you or you want a comprehensive guide on connecting your gaming chair to PS4, check out how to hook up a gaming chair to PS4[T1] .

3.     How do I make my gaming chair more comfortable?

Manufacturers design gaming chairs to add aesthetics and more comfort to users’ setups. However, if you do not feel comfortable in your gaming chair, there are a few things you can do.

  • You can use a gaming chair seat cushionto add support between your back and the gaming chair.
  • You can cover the armrests of your gaming chair with gel armrests or arm pads.
  • As discussed in the above guide, your feet should not be dangling. So, if your gaming chair’s height is higher, you can use an ergonomic footrest to keep the feet strain away.
  • And last but not least, the display of your setup should match your eye level. It is crucial in making a gaming chair more comfortable because it avoids neck strains.

If you want a comprehensive guide on how to sit comfortably in a gaming chair, you can check out how to make a gaming chair more comfortable[T2] .

4.     How high should you sit in a gaming chair?

There are no accurate numbers to answer this question. But a general rule of thumb is when you sit on a gaming chair, your system’s display should match your eye level. Doing this will prevent neck strains. So, your gaming chair should be high enough that your eye and your system’s display are at the same level.

5.     How to sit on a chair for gaming?

Although you can use the above guide to sit correctly on a gaming chair, here are a few key takeaways from the above discussion.

  • Spread your weight appropriately across the seat as you sit.
  • You should adjust the chair’s height. So, you can kneel at the correct angle.
  • Keep your legs straight and your feet flat on the ground
  • Maintain a closer seating position to the desk and change the monitor’s height according to your eye level.

But these are just key takeaways. So, if you haven’t read the above guide, we don’t recommend applying these tips.

6.     What is the best gaming chair for back pain?

The Razer Enki Gaming Chair is ideal for you if you have back pain and want to overcome it without taking leave from work.

7.     What is the best gaming chair for posture?

If you want our recommendation on the ideal gaming chair for posture, you can try the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair.

 [T1]Here, you can add the link to the “How to Hook Up a Rocker Gaming Chair to PS4” article

 [T2]Here, you can add the link to the “How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable” article