One of the essential factors in how long a gaming chair will last is its gas lift function, which allows for height adjustments for your legs. However, over time this gas lift function may begin to fail or fail more often than usual. If this occurs, you might wonder how to remove gas lift from gaming chairs and replace it with a new one. So, if you are in a similar situation, we have got you covered.

Here, we will discuss the most straightforward steps for how to remove gas lift from chair base. But removing a gas lift and leaving it as it is will make the gaming chair useless. So, in such a situation, it becomes essential to discuss the steps for how to install a gas lift. That is why we will cover both procedures in this guide.

Who Are We and Why Should You Believe us?

We are a team of tech enthusiasts who love exploring tech accessories and gaming chairs are among those accessories. Over the years, we have repaired several gaming chairs and customized them by ourselves. But now, we have decided to document our experience as blog posts. So, we assure you that you are in good hands.

Steps for How to Remove Gas Lift from Gaming Chairs:

To make the steps of how to remove gas lift from gaming chairs easier for you, we will divide this guide into two sections. One will cover the steps to remove the gas lift, whereas the other will cover the steps to install the gas lift. So, let’s get to the steps.

Procedure for how to take a gas lift off a chair

  1. First, turn your gaming chair upside down or place it on a table in a horizontal shape.
  2. Then, gently hit the bottom of your gaming chair with a hammer to dislodge it.

*** Note: It may take more than one hit to budge your gaming chair. So, be patient ***

  • Now, pull off the base and keep it separately.
  • Then, expose the top of the cylinder.
  • After exposing the top of the cylinder, cover it with a cloth because we’ll grip the exposed area with the pipe wrench, as it is a gas lift removal tool. So, to avoid damaging the exposed area, it is better to cover it.
  • Twist the pipe wrench to release the cylinder.
  • After a few twists, you can easily pull out the cylinder.

Procedure for how to replace gas lift on gaming chair

  • Now, pick the new gas lift cylinder and place its top into the chair. Then, press gently.
  • After that, take the base and put the bottom into the cylinder.
  • Once you have done all that, your gaming chair will be ready to be seated. So, have fun.

Can’t Remove Gas Lift from Chairs; Let Us Help You Out – the Conclusion:

A gas lift comforts your back and neck and adds weight to the chair. In most cases with gaming chairs, adding weight is a good thing. But sometimes, you want to make your gaming chair lightweight. In such a case, you will have to remove the gas lift of your gaming chair. That’s where you can take assistance from this guide.

However, gaming chairs are meant to be comfortable. So, if you want the same comfort in your gaming chair, you will have to install the gas lift again. You can also take assistance from this comprehensive guide in such a situation.