Programmers and gamers have almost the same jobs except for the brain-eating logic that makes the programmers feel busy in their heads. They have to sit in front of their desks and use the keyboards and look at the screens for hours.

And that’s why they both have to be very careful about their health and comfort. Therefore, choosing the right type of chair for their job is very important and that’s why many people ask to swap the same chair for both types of usages.

Is gaming chair good for programming?

We have been asked so many times is a gaming chair is good for programming. In this article we’re going to tell you about it in detail so please stick to it.

Is gaming chair good for programming?

Yes, a gaming chair can be used for programming. In fact, the level of comfort and ease gaming chairs give you is the most important factor that you should be looking at gaming chairs as well while buying a programming chair.

Although programmers shouldn’t be sitting on too many relaxing chairs as they have to be active while working. Whereas gamers can lie back on their chair and relax even while gaming.

But still, gaming chair has a lot of benefits over any other kind of chair regarding comfort and usage capacity.

What a gaming chair should have to be the best option for programming?

There’s a huge list of chairs available on the market through which you have to choose which chair you would buy. But there are certain specifications a chair must have in order to qualify for the list of some great chairs for programming.

Below are those important characteristics of the chairs at which a programmer should weigh their chair.


The ergonomics of a chair are the most important features that one should be checking out. It helps you decide and pick a few out of a huge list of chairs and even with your suitability and comfort level.

All the features listed below add to a chair’s ergonomics except for the price and durability.


A chair of any kind, especially the work chair should offer great support in every manner. The most important area of support is your back because it holds you up while working so it should be at its comfort level while you work.

Some chairs, especially gaming chairs come with extended back support that gives you a little more space to relieve your shoulders and neck.

On top of that, having a headrest which most gaming chairs do is a bonus for your health and productivity.

Other than this support, the chair should have armrests that most people can’t work without.

Similarly, seat support is very important in a chair because it helps you keep your lower back, hips, legs, and feet relaxed so that you don’t feel sore in those areas after a few hours of continuous work.


Comfort is the byproduct of a good chair but this byproduct is the most important thing for which people spend too much.

So, don’t just overlook comfort as if it is so easy to get. We mostly confuse comfort with support but mind you that comfort is something to do with letting the worker work for hours and hours without having to take breaks.

This means you should be feeling low while working if you are sitting on a good chair.

Also, comfort has other aspects as well. People mostly sit on the chair and see how cushioned it is to see if it is comfortable or not. But cushioning is not the only aspect for defining comfort as there are others as well.

For example, good airflow is also another type of comfort that you should get from a chair. To get this level of comfort your chair should have mesh or similar material on the cushions so the air can flow and you stay cool.


A good chair is always adjustable and you should not hesitate to spend a little more on this feature if you want to feel comfortable while working. Your chair’s armrests, back support, headrests, height, and reclining limit should be enough and adjustable.

This is so that you can adjust according to your posture as nobody is perfectly aligned and in good shape. As we all have different body shapes and types, we need to sit on the right chair or make the chair right for us for this purpose.


Your chair’s mobility decides if you should be buying it or not. This is because sometimes you need to grab something from behind while working or you have to move to the other desk for work.

If your chair is movable, you will not face any problems while moving it to that part of your cubicle. Non-movable chair users have to stand up take their chair to the other place, adjust it according to their favorite position and then start working.

But these ergonomic chairs add to your efficiency as you don’t need to think about it and just move with the chair. Also, you need to look at if the chair is movable on the carpet or not.


The price of a good chair can vary from $100-$1000 easily and you will still find great options in the lowest range. But what is important is the chair has the right features for you.

You shouldn’t be hesitating if it costs a little out of the range because it is like an investment in your health.

And thankfully this investment will have a great return on your career if you think about it because you can work for more hours if you feel relaxed.


Durability is another very important factor but unfortunately, you cannot test it right at the store. It is always a good idea to check for other customers’ reviews about the chair’s durability.

In fact, check for their reviews about every feature that we have discussed here. It will give you an honest idea of the chair as you would not want to waste your money on something trashy obviously. Try the top-rated manufacturer if you don’t know anything about buying a chair.

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Key Takeaway

Is gaming chair good for programming? Yes, a gaming chair can be of great help in boosting your career. But an important thing to notice here is the features of the chair.

If the chair has these features in its characteristics then you should buy it blindly without thinking about its price tag. Otherwise, even a gaming chair will not help you get through several long hours of work.

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