When it comes to picking a gaming chair for your setup, there are several options available. Some brands sell refurbished chairs on Amazon, while others are famous for their high-end, high-quality gaming chairs.

Among those brands, GTRACING has been the talk of the gaming community recently. So, if you want to know the answer to the question, ‘is GTRACING a good gaming chair brand, you are at the right place.

Is GTRACING a Good Gaming Chair Brand

This blog post will guide you on whether the gaming chairs of GTRACING are worth using or not through the review of two of its most-selling gaming chairs. But apart from this, it will answer some general questions regarding this topic. So let’s get started without wasting any time.

Who Are We and How Are We Qualified to Talk About this Matter?

We are a group of IT lovers who love exploring tech accessories and gaming chairs are among those accessories. After researching this topic for several days and personally testing multiple entries from GTRACING, we have documented this guide on the two best-selling gaming chairs of GTRACING.

So, if you are searching for ‘are GTRACING chairs worth it, you will find the answer to this question through the reviews of two gaming chairs.

Overview of GTRACING Gaming Chairs:

In 2013, GTRACING unveiled its first collection of gaming chairs. The firm, which has its headquarters in Azusa, California, currently manufactures several gaming-related hardware, including keyboards, mouse and workstations.

However, this company is famous for dividing its gaming chair product lines into different categories.

  • Ace Series.
  • Footrest Series.
  • Luxury Series.
  • Music Series.
  • Pro Series.

Is GTRACING a Good Gaming Chair Brand?

As mentioned earlier, we’ll find the worth of the GTRACING brand by reviewing two of the best GTRACING chairs (GT002 and GT890MF). We’ll review each chair in different sections. This way, it will be easier for you to follow what’s happening.

Review of GTRACING GT002 gaming chair

First, let’s start the review of the GTRACING GT002 gaming chair by talking about its size and ideal target audience first. After that, we’ll move towards its comfortability, features and overall build quality. So, let’s get going.

1.      Size and ideal target audience:

The GTRACING has advertised this gaming chair with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. But according to our experience, the specs of this gaming chair make it suitable for people who weigh less than 230 pounds and have less than 6feet, 1-inch height.

As far as the seat height adjustment of the GTRACING GT002 gaming chair is concerned, you can adjust it between 16.9-inch to 20.9-inch.

*** Note: We have estimated this measurement from the floor to the top of the seat cushion ***

Thus, considering the seat height of the GTRACING GT002 gaming chair, it’s perfect for people between 5feet, 4-inch to 6feet, 1-inch. However, if you’re taller, you may feel a little cramped on this seat, even in the tallest setting.

The width of the seat is also on the smaller side, as it measures exactly 15-inch wide (discounting the bolsters). So, again, according to our experience, it would only comfortably accommodate people below 230 pounds.

2.      Comfortability of external pillows:

Like most gaming chairs, the GTRACING GT002 comes with two external pillows. Both pillows are an asset to the GTRACING GT002 because their height is adjustable.

For instance, you can move the neck pillow up and down around 4-inch, courtesy of the cutout behind the backrest. The simple design of the neck pillow provides continuous neck support regardless of your sitting posture.

On the other hand, the height of the lumbar support pillow is also adjustable and stays in its new position.

3.      Comfortability of seat cushion:

Typically, the seat cushion that comes with the gaming chairs in the $200 price range is about 4-inch thick. However, the seat cushion of GTRACING GT002 is only 3.12-inch thick. So, it is a bit of a mixed bag compared to the other gaming chairs of the same price tag.

But the good news is that it is surprisingly supportive and more comfortable for the average build person.

To put this in numbers, according to our experience, the amount of support and flex of this gaming chair would be ideal for a person who weighs 143 pounds. However, if you weigh 243 pounds, that’s where you will need a gaming chair with a thicker cushion.

4.      Features and adjustment options:

The GTRACING GT002 gaming chair supports both recline and locking tilt functionality. So, if you want to lock the tilt, (just) push the lever on the inside. In contrast, pushing the lever out enables tilting and you can rock the backrest about 15 degrees.

If you want to use the reclining functionality, you will have to use a separate lever. That’s where things get interesting with this GTRACING reclining gaming chair.

You can recline the backrest to an almost horizontal 170 degrees. Moreover, you can even continue to tilt the chair in its fully reclined position.

The armrests of this gaming chair are 3D, as they pivot inwards and out to support your arms at different angles. So, the tilting, locking and reclining features and ergonomics of armrests are the highlights of this gaming chair.

5.      Build quality:

The build quality of the GTRACING GT002 gaming chair has met our expectations, considering it is a budget gaming chair. However, comparing it with high-end gaming chairs won’t be fair because even though the key components are all metal, you’ll find more plastic parts in the GTRACING GT002 compared to higher-end chairs.

The swivel, tilt and recline functions of this gaming chair work smoothly and even after the backrest is almost horizontal, its balance is good.

According to our experience with most budget gaming chairs, squeaking is universal in most of them. The same is the case with GTRACING GT002.

It squeaks a little when you recline or exit the chair, which isa significant nuisance with this gaming chair. But besides this, this gaming chair is among the quieter ones we’ve encountered.

Review of GTRACING GT890MF gaming chair with speakers:

When reviewing any chair, the most important thingthat matters for any gaming chair is its comfortability because if a gaming chair is not comfortable, you won’t use it. So, let’s start the review of GTRACING GT890MF by discussing its comfortability first.

1.      Comfortability:

The GTRACING GT890MF passes the comfortability test with flying colors. It is a comfy chair because we liked it as soon as we sat there. The older versions (four to five years older gaming chairs) of these gaming chairs had cheap foam, which was why they had a hard seat.

However, in this edition, the company has used high-density foam, which is good because the seat cushion is now thicker in the GTRACING GT890MF. Plus, the PU leather material of the seat cushion and backrest makes it more comfortable.

2.      Available customization options:

Like most gaming chairs, the GTRACING GT890MF reclines at 155 degrees and sits at 90 degrees in the idle state. However, in the reclined position, the integrated footrest of this gaming chair comes out, which adds more to the comfortability of this gaming chair.

The footrest’s build quality is sturdy and can easily hold your weight while sitting comfortably on this gaming chair in the reclined state.

Another thing that is customizable in this gaming chair is the armrest. The armrests of this gaming chair are vertically customizable, which means they go up and down.

However, we recommend setting the armrest height according to your desk height because doing this will give you a smooth transition from your elbow on the armrest to your hand on the mouse.

3.      Size:

As far as the size of the GTRACING GT890MF goes, GTRACING has rated this chair to hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. So, it worked fine when we tested it with an individual of 220 pounds.

But if weight is an issue for you, you can check out the other luxury items of GTRACING, as they have many available options.

4.      Durability:

What’s the point of getting a gaming chair if it’s not going to last long? So, the next point in this review focuses on the durability of GTRACING GT890MF.

We have been through more than a handful of gaming chairs. So, compared to the low-end and cheap gaming chairs, the GT RACING GT890MF is sturdy, courtesy of its complete metal frame that gives it more support.

5.      Additional add-ons:

The GT RACING GT890MF gaming chair is one of those entries that come with built-in speakers. The company has integrated Bluetooth speakers at the back of this gaming chair.

So, if you are looking for a GTRACING gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers, this one is worth trying. But how do the Bluetooth speakers function?

You will find a rechargeable Bluetooth receiver in the back pocket of the gaming chair, which is connected to a wire. So, if you want to charge it, just unplug that device and plug it in with a USB Type-C cable to recharge its battery.

Speaking of its battery, the battery life of the speakers is 16 hours, which is on par with a lot of gaming headsets. As a result, you can play games or listen to musicfor long hours without worrying about the battery dying.

But as far as the sound quality of this gaming chair’s speakers is concerned, we did not have high expectations because having speakers in a gaming chair is not a convention.

In a Nutshell – the Conclusion:

To answer the question ‘is GTRACING a good gaming chair brand’ in one line, GTRACING is a good brand of gaming chairs. They have an extensive product line of gaming chairs covering the needs of low-end, mid-range and high-end users.

But like every other brand, you can’t expect much from their low-end gaming chairs. On the other hand, the mid-range and high-end gaming chairs are the categories that excel this brand and put it in competition with other brands, such as ‘Secretlab,’ ‘DXRacer’ and ‘XRocker.

1.     Which company’s Gaming Chair is best?

Undoubtedly, ‘Secretlab,’‘DXRacer’ and ‘Corsair’ are among the most popular gaming chair brands. But if you want something reasonable, you can try the gaming chairs of ‘XRocker’ and ‘GTRACING.

2.     What is the difference between GTRACING and GTPlayer?

GTRACING and GTPlayer are the two product lines of the same brand. However, the ‘GTPlayer’ only targets the ‘European Union’ region, whereas the ‘GTRACING’ covers the gaming community worldwide.