If you are looking for a gaming chair with ultra comfort and all-new premium features that do not burden your wallet, you must go for a competent and reliable option – Nekoxus Gaming Chair!

This ergonomic, perfectly designed gaming chair is the most trustworthy choice for customers. The lumbar massage support is significant, making it highly distinguishable among the other gaming chairs of this era. The high supportive back of this chair is backbone-friendly and keeps you in the comfiest position.

The 2D adjustable armrests with lifting handrail give a soft ergonomic, and comfortable place to put your arms.

The faux-leather material is reliable and is resistant to wear and tear in the daily routine. The colorful running wheels give a swivel rotation up to a specific angle. The massage pillow is powered with the connection of USB. The chair’s height is adjustable; even if the position is highly adjustable, you can recline the chair back up to a range of an angle with a high-density thick spongy seat.

This amazingly perfect chair is equipped with sturdy frame material and can carry the maximum load with zero stress. Its delicate and smooth rocking mechanism has a locking capacity, and it keeps the circulation of the blood regular to prevent the legs from cramps and pain.

The wide backrest is ideal even to place a heavily backed person and is verified to handle the heaviest pressure.

Many people have found this chair helpful as it fits the tallest person with great ease. If you want to get a nice chair with a gliding furniture-based movement and a perfect combination for your recreation gaming room with a classy black color, then for greater insight, you can scroll down the screen to read the complete review of this product! This is considered one of the most expensive gaming chairs but I would say it worth every single penny.

Nekoxus Gaming Chair – Best Massage High Back Gaming Chair

4.5Nekoxus Gaming Chair



  • SGS Class 3 safety
  • Widen handrail area
  • A new generation of tuners
  • 350 lbs load capacity
  • Massager is strong
  • Sturdy quality frame
  • Confusing footrest direction

Product Overview

If you play all day and get tired during the long hours, you can add Nekoxus Gaming Chair to your gaming room with a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. With this quickly assemble the chair, you can take your comfort to the next level because it has an adjustable backrest and 2D adjustable armrests.

Its vibration massage lumbar supports the back and helps release back pain.  The chair can recline back to 90 to 180 degrees and smoothly rotate on the ground with 360 degrees swivel. This 57 lbs weight product has an SGS Class 3 lifting rod, which can lift the maximum pressure.

The steel frame is sturdy and long-lasting with a high-density sponge and thick seat cushion for an ultimately comfortable experience. The chair with Polyurethane coated wheels is the best option to avail yourself of now!

Key Specifications

Load Capacity350 lbsMovementGliding
Product Weight57 lbsRoom TypeRecreation Gaming Room
Armrests2DLumbar SupportMassager
CertificationSGS Class 3FootrestRetractable
Tilting Angle90°-180°Rotation360° Swivel

Features in Detail

Footrest and Massage

A nice chair cares for the customer’s preferences and expectations. This premium quality chair has a retractable footrest that allows the user to place the foot in the best position.

With this reliable companion, you can enjoy a lumbar massage pillow powered by a USB, just like a power bank with which you can relieve all the back pain effectively. Have a look at the best gaming chairs for back pain.

Recline Back

This gaming chair can recline back to allow the user to rest for a while during busy gaming hours. You can relax your muscles by setting the chair at an angle between the range of 90 to 180 degrees.

The maximum angle allows you to lay straight or lean back with a body-contoured position.


The colorful wheels are stable and can rotate up to 360° with a classy, unique look. The swivel movement is smooth, and the wheels are coated with a reliable material of Polyurethane that makes the chair more ergonomic.

Nekoxus Gaming Chair
Infographic: Nekoxus Gaming Chair

SGS Class 3 Safety

The chair is equipped with a thick supper chassis, and a smooth seat lifting function which is safe to use as the chair has SGS Class 3 safety verification.

The spongy seat cushion is resistant to damage, and the wheels are so smooth that they do not create any scratches on the floor.

Load Capacity

This gaming chair has a very sturdy and firm steel frame, and with a high bearing and 30% seat thickness, it is supportive enough to carry massive weight with complete reliability. Amazingly you can go with a maximum load of almost 350 lbs.

Headrest and Armrest

The headrest in the case of the Nekoxus Gaming Chair is good enough to adjust. You can modify the thickness of the head cushion by filling the doll with cotton so that you can put your head over it and can keep your neck relaxed.

The armrests are adjustable in two directions. The handrail is used for lifting and is softer enough to give you a superior feeling.


The level of support that this chair provides is extraordinary. You can adjust it right according to your needs but during our test, its reclining feature was the favorite. Other than that, the level of comfortable material, and on top of that, you get lumber support and whatnot.

All the other aspects are very common in other chairs as well, but if you ask for one thing that we’d love to choose it for. Then this is the support and the comfort of sitting in this chair.


The chair has a little wider backrest as compared to the other chairs. And not only that, the level of comfort increases exponentially when you get the adjustable armrests regarding their height.

But let’s say it is not so important for you, but the spongy material used in its making and then the covering layer of PU leather makes it an ideal chair for gaming. There are other options on the market as well but it outperformed many of them during our test.


Nekoxus gaming chair is a lot more worthy than it is claimed to be. Actually, you get complete customization of all the adjustments in this chair. There are 360 – degrees of rotation and 90 – 180 degrees of reclining of the backrest.

You can play video games, watch movies or do whatever you want and for however long you want. We know that adjustability is the best luxury that you can get and that’s why you can adjust its seat height, and armrest height and the neck rest is also removable.


Usually, the chairs that are claimed to be very breathable are those with mesh material and provide good airflow. But with this chair, as you can adjust it to any height, and angle, you get complete breathability.

It’s because when you sit for too long on the chair, you can change your sitting angles and it becomes breathable for you.


This gaming chair is a lot more valuable than any other gaming chair because its price and value ratio is great. Overall, the level of comfort, useful features, adjustability, brand, built quality, material, and design, everything is extraordinary.

But since we are comparing with other chairs on certain aspects, so it has a drawback as compared to other chairs as well. And that drawback is that it heats up sometimes even when you change your sitting angles and all.

What about their warranty service? Can we trust it?

Yes, you can trust it blindly. I’m not clear about the warranty time, but you can email your complaint, and the company will respond to you by sending you the broken parts.

What is the maximum load it carries and the height it can reach?

Well, the load capacity is ideal and the height too. The measurement from the ground is 4,’ and the maximum load capacity is 350 lbs.

Does the chair have a foul odor?

Not in my case, but If it is, then I think it is not a big deal because many cars even smell when you purchase them.


Nekoxus Gaming Chair is a beautiful ergonomic collection with a waist massager and all reliable quality features. The proof of this product’s perfection is that it has SGS Class 3 certification. The company has tested its product and ensures that every customer can get the best of its services.

They work best with the comfortable function of the gaming chair so that their customers remain satisfied and never disappoint. So what can be better than duct?