A branded high quality, premium-featured, and perfectly designed gaming chair with ultra comfort is a preference of all of us and a dream of many of us who have a passion for playing esports in our leisure time and as a business. Here is an upholstery video game chair that is reliable by many customers, and that is OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair!

This very well-built chair is proof of its manufacturer guarantee and support to the long working hours. This easy to assemble chair has no ambiguity in its components and has high adjustability in the features. OFM essentials collection is ideal because it has arms that have a flipping up feature, and the chair can be adjusted according to the user’s height. The rotation of the chair is very smooth and nice that it let you work on your preferences.

To give a classy look, the upholstery enhances curb appeal along with its ultra-soft leather fabric. This PC gaming or perfect office chair has a strong base, and that is why it can carry heavy loads without any risk of damage. The chair is equipped with a padded headrest and armrest that are enough to give a superior feeling.

The padding is unique in its style and is according to meet all the luxury needs of comfort. The centered tilt control can recline the chair back up to a certain angle that supports the back and assists in taking a peaceful nap during the most stressful hours and freshening up to get ready to start a new cycle.

You can customize your sitting with the help of this ergonomically designed gaming chair because it is a wise addition to your office or home with such a nice price (this gaming chair comes at around the price of $150) and premium features. It meets all the safety standards, which is why it is at the top of the list of preferences. If you want to purchase this amazing article, read the complete review to know all the details!

OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair – Best of the OFM Series Racing Style Chair

4.5OFM Essential Collection



  • Affordable in price
  • Five years warranty
  • 275 lbs load capacity
  • Flip-up arms
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Weird instructions
  • Assembly is tricky

Product Overview

OFM Ess Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is perfect for video game chairs and appropriate in your office. With its five-year warranty and high-quality features, it has an ergonomic swivel style that has the heart of all customers worldwide. Its smooth 360° rotation of the wheels helps to manage all the tasks easily and quickly. Its seat is made of leather which gives a more classy look with a shiny grey colour. With the help of its central tilt control feature, you can lock or set the chair free by controlling it with the lever after reclining it back up to a certain angle. Moreover, you can adjust the chair’s height according to your height and can flip the arms up and down according to your need. With its segmented padded seat, you can enjoy the next level of comfort, and if you add a lumbar pillow, you can play with luxury. Its maximum load capacity of 275 lbs with all quality features make it worth buying!

Key Specifications

Load capacity275 lbsSuggested forPC gaming and Office use
Product weight33 lbsArms typeFlip-Up
FabricBonded LeatherRecliningAvailable
Product dimensions‎30.5″ x 28.25″ x 44.5″Form factorUpholstered
Room TypeOfficeWarranty5 years

Features in Detail

Leather Fabric

A chair with a plastic covering or seat is considered the cheapest chair, but if the seat is made of leather, it is ideal. In the case of the OFM Ess Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair, the seat is made of sofThread leather, and for the more cool and classy look, it has shiny grey colour with black stitching, which attracts people as it seems the most beautiful addition to the office room.

Load Capacity

A nice chair always accommodates the user; if a chair cannot carry the load, it is not worth buying. The OFM Ess Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair has an ideal weight capacity of 275 lbs with 33 lbs body weight, so never be shy to sit on it.

OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chairs
Infographic: OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Design

This ergonomic style chair is famous among people globally as it has an adjustable height and headrest features with flipped armrests. Moreover, the chair can rotate due to its smooth swivel wheels that rotate up to 360 degrees. Also have a look at, the Hbada Ergonomic chair review.

Padded Segmented Seat

The comfort for sitting relies totally upon the seat or cushion type. In this OFM series, the gaming chair has segmented padding, making your sitting unique and different in comfort and luxury.

Recline Back

With all the adjustable features, you can customize your setting by using the central tilt control with the help of the lever that can lock the seat at a specific angle for taking a nap after gaming for several hours.

Flip-Up Arms

The chair’s arms are another significant component because their shape and adjustability help avoid any pain and cramps in the arms and wrists. In this version of the gaming chair, the arms can flip up when you do not want to use them and straighten your arms for proper blood circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I get an extra wheel because I lost one of them just after completing the assembly?

Yes, no doubt the wheels are a little faulty you can send the order information or visit the website for further details and place your complaint with your order.

Q: I am short-heighted. Is this chair suitable for me? What can be the lowest limit of its height?

Although the seat height is adjustable, the basic range of the height is between 17″ to 20.75″.

Q: Is there any rocking mechanism present in this chair like the other gaming chairs?

Yes, it rocks correctly, and you can check the whole mechanism on a YouTube review before buying the product.


If you plan to get a gaming chair and has your thighs like a pancake, you must choose OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair. This chair will give you the ultimate luxury and a very high comfort level. Its adjustability and the resistance of its seat towards routine damages increase its worth in the eyes of buyers. Last but not the least, everyone wants to remain customized while sitting on a chair. That is why it has flip-up arms and swivel rotation. So what are you waiting for!