If you are searching for a gaming chair from a renowned brand that can set your gaming experience to the fire with ultra-durability and comfort, then here is a very trustworthy chair that you can buy without thinking anymore, and that is the OFM gaming chair!

The OFM gaming chair is high quality and versatile and is the customer’s number one choice. We all need a gaming chair that can give us an exceptional comfort level with high adjustability and relax us with high excellence.

In the case of the OFM gaming chair, you find flipping arms that enhance comfort during long working and gaming hours.

This bonded leather gaming chair has a variety of colors depending on the preference of the user.

You might be confused about the name OFM; this acronym depicts its multitasking ability because this Office Furniture Manufacturer chair is suitable in an office, computer room, or house for reading or educational purposes.

This chair meets the highest industry standards as it has a unique ergonomic design that is a significant feature of all gaming chairs. Its integrated armrests and headrest are the two comfort-providing components.

This ultra-classy chair has contrasts in its colors which is why it attracts all buyers worldwide. With its highly adjustable specification, it can move with the help of its wheel rotation and carry the load efficiently due to its firm base.

The seat’s padding is different from the other gaming chairs because of its unique design and extra smooth working hours.

During the most stressful hours, you can enjoy a nap without going to bed because of its fine tilting capacity. If you are curious to buy this elite gaming performance chair, you must know about the all key features first.

Here is a complete review of this product. You can also have a look at the OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair review.

OFM Gaming Chair – Best in Computer Racing Style Chair

4.5OFM Gaming Chair



  • Amazingly comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect armrests
  • Smooth rotation
  • Create no scratches on the floor
  • Armrest fabric is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Ridiculous to accommodate taller adults

Product Overview

OFM gaming chairs are one the most popular & premium gaming chairs, and one reason for their popularity is the positive reviews of its brand. This racing-style gaming is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Its highly adjustable specifications make it different from other chairs of its type.

It can recline back to a certain angle to give relaxation to the user, and its swivel wheels are sturdy and can rotate up to 360° to pick stuff from your desk without standing up. This ergonomic video game chair is perfect for use as it has segmented padding that is body friendly and is a source of comfort with its premium leather soft stuff.

Its frames are tested and verified to use with complete safety. It can roll over 40 miles with the next level of comfort. So what can be better than an intensive-use gaming chair?

Key Specifications

Load Capacity275 lbsHeadrestBreathable
Product Weight37 lbsDesignErgonomic
Room TypeOfficeRotationSwivel 360°
FabricBonded LeatherRecommendedIntense gaming
ArmsFlip-up paddedProduct dimensions30.5″ x 28.25″ x 44.5″ (D × W × H)

Features in Detail

Load Capacity

A decent chair is one that never becomes a source of hesitation to a person who wants to sit on it. In the case of the OFM gaming chair, the load capacity is 275 lbs or 124.7 kg, which is sufficient to support a heavy than a normal person.

And an amazing fact is that the product is not much huge; it is 37 lbs in weight.

Excellent Rotation

No doubt, when we are playing esports, we are completely indulged in the game, but it is also a fact that we have to manage many tasks on the table like the operational setup of our PC, etc., and we have to move.

This movement is available in the OFM gaming chair with its swivel wheels that can nicely rotate up to 360 degrees.

OFM Gaming Chair Review
Infographic: OFM Gaming Chair Guide

Padded Headrest

A headrest is a crucial element in a chair that decides the level of relaxation and comfort because if a headrest is not comfortable, you cannot pursue your gaming, or you may have to quit earlier.

To keep the gaming hours extended, OFM has a padded headrest which gives a superior feeling, and it has a window to keep the air passage normal.

Flip-Up Arms

A chair with premium quality armrests is considered best because they prevent the user from getting cramps and pain in the arms. OFM is equipped with padded arms, and one amazing addition is that the arms can be flipped up so you can place them down when you need them, and when there is no requirement, you can flip them up.

Segmented Padding

Seat cushion is another element that should be considered while buying a gaming chair. OFM gives a unique cushion design because its back and seat area have segmented padding, which supports the backbone and gives an ultra-comfortable sitting arrangement.

Stable and Verified

This incredibly amazing product is very stable and firm and is verified and tested to use even with the heaviest weight limit of 275 lbs without any risk.

Durable Roll

The wheels or the casters are very reliable; besides getting rotated up to 360°, they can roll over 40 miles without any damage and is highly resistible for routine use.


We have reviewed many top-quality offices and home chairs but this OFM Gaming Chair is something that you would maybe want only for its price. This chair doesn’t provide that much support to your body, especially the lumbar area. There are other good chairs that provide you with that.

We tested this chair for a limited amount of time and found that there’s no special kind of back pain reliever in this chair. In fact, the only thing supporting your back and lumber area is the foam padding of the backrest. You can only enjoy sitting on this chair if you don’t have any previous medical history with your back. 


The level of overall comfort that it brings at such a small price is a great deal. Actually, during our test, we found that the chair doesn’t have padded armrests.

But fortunately, in exchange for those armrests, we got a lot of comfort from its seating and the back cushions. And then the leather surface material of the chair also looks great and feels like a luxurious chair at a very small price.


This chair is quite an adjustable chair overall because it has a good adjustable height option for you that goes as high as up to 21 inches from the 17 inches point. And these measurements are from the ground so you should consider it for this feature because against a table, it is a pretty good height adjustment.

People have complained about its armrests not being adjustable but thankfully enough, its armrests are angled toward the ground. That’s why you won’t feel any problem even when they are not adjustable.


Breathability is somewhat subjective on this for how long you usually sit on it. When we tested this chair, we sat on it for hours and felt that although it gets hot and it would’ve helped a lot if they used the mesh material on the seats.

But still, we think that we were pretty comfortable and didn’t feel that we needed to get up from the chair to let it get normal. Actually, you can sit for however long you want but its leather material is not breathable as a matter of fact.

But according to our previous test results of some other chairs, we found that those chairs also didn’t perform well in terms of breathability. But still, they were a lot more expensive than this pocket-friendly chair.


If you compare its price and calculate the price-value ratio of this chair, you will find that the chair is pretty much reasonably priced. The brand is selling it for under $100 while most of the other chairs are sold for over $215.

Also, the maximum weight capacity is pretty good at this price counting at 250 lbs. This weight capacity is because of its robust metal frame which gives it so much durability as well. So overall, if you have a good budget, then there are many other options for you on the market. But for people with a little low budget, this is one of the best options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safer to place the order online because sometimes the packaging is not satisfactory?

Yes, the packaging is amazingly satisfactory, which you will receive at your doorstep so that you can place your order now without any hesitation.

I have some skin issues. I get rash very quick, so is the stuff appropriate for me?

Be careful about using the chair if you have sensitive skin or any skin issue because the fabric at the forearms has a little crisp that creates irritation if you spend a lot of time with bear arms.

Is the chair easy to assemble?

Unfortunately not, it needs some tricks to tighten up the screws, and you have to push it, which is not comfortable if you do it alone.


OFM gaming chair is a prime quality featured chair and is perfect for those who desperately want to buy a gaming chair. Although the upholstery is some mesh but overall, the chair is a picture of perfection because of its adjustability and ergonomic design.

Moreover, the smooth turning capacity of its wheels and breathable headrest gives an ultimate luxury. Its segmented padding makes it ideal and worth buying!