If you are searching for a gaming chair that is easy on your budget and body with high built quality and the guarantee of a trustworthy manufacturer, then we are presenting a very decent collection known as Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair!

This amazingly perfect product is just a hub of comfort; the chair has a lever under the seat at the right side for tilting and lifting to make it most relaxed. The padded integrated armrests are built in such a way that they keep the wrists, elbows, and arms in a suitable position to prevent them from pain. Its perfectly designed gamified bonded leather seat wonderfully extends your intense gaming hours and never lets you stop.

This exclusive racing-style gaming chair is equipped with an adjustable footrest that keeps your legs in a posture that allows the proper blood flow and does not result in any cramping. Its ergonomic style is body contouring with an adjustable headrest and a lumbar pillow for extra support. You can play esports with full potential without taking breaks and with a superior gaming experience.

The chair is smoothly reclined back as its cares for its users, and the wheels have swivel movement up to a certain angle which allows the users to move freely on the floor. With this award-nominated brand, you can enjoy an utterly satisfactory gaming and video streaming experience. Its 4D adjustability makes it unique and ideal for responsible and customer care service.

Suppose you are curious to avail yourself of this perfect phenomenon experience with zero hesitation about your heavyweight in such a manageable budget. In that case, you must read the complete review with all details of its premium quality features ahead!

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review – Best 4D Adjustable Video Gaming Chair

4.5Respawn 110 Racing Style



  • 4D adjustability
  • Enhanced footrest
  • 275 lbs load capacity
  • Easy and clean assembly
  • Perfect back padding
  • Armrests feel flimsy
  • The seat cushion starts compressing

Product Detailed Overview

The Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is award-nominated, and with its affordable range, you can get an idea about how popular it is among the people. The segmented padding of this 4D adjustable racing style exclusive chair makes it perfectly body-contoured, and its integrated padded armrests give ultra comfort to the arms.

However, they can not move in any direction but are still better in use. The headrest is adjustable, and the lumbar support provides the best comfort. Its upholstery with the bonded leather and classy color combination makes it more aesthetic, and the reclining angle between the range of 90°-155° makes it more appealing.

The 360° swivel and the 275 lbs load capacity encourage them to sit unhesitatingly. With its 5 years-limited warranty time, you must avail yourself of the chance to get this budget video gaming chair!

Key Specifications

Load Capacity275 lbsRoom TypeOffice
Product Weight46.5 lbsRecommended forIntense Gaming
ArmrestsFixed and PaddedSwivel360 degrees
Arm Height27″FabricBonded Leather
Recline Angle90 to 155 degreesForm FactorUpholstery

Features in Detail

4D Adjustability

A good gaming chair gives users a wide range of options. If it bounds the sitting, then it might not be preferable in the eyes of buyers. Respawn Racing Style Gaming Chair has incredible 4D adjustability because it helps adjust the height and the angle according to the preferences.

Recline Back

The one central element is the tilting ability of a gaming chair. If a chair is smooth in its tilting, it will become the consumer’s number one choice. This durable chair can recline between 90° to 155° for a relaxed posture and a peaceful nap during intense gaming hours exactly the same as Autofull Gaming Chair.

With its locking mechanism, you can lock the chair at your desired angle.

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review
Infographic: Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Armrest and Footrest

The footrest is extendable and ergonomic in design; it enhances the position for the reinforcement and never feels flimsy by keeping the pectoral portion in its best posture to avoid any pain. The armrests are fixed and padded for ultimate elbow comfort.

Headrest and Lumbar Support

The headrest in the Respawn 110 is adjustable. It keeps the neck, head, and shoulder in a relaxed state; if you want to change the position of your head in case of any inconvenience, then you easily can. The lumbar pillow is backbone-friendly and offers the best spinal cord service so you can say that this could be the best gaming chair if you have back pain.

Premium Makeup

The surprising fact about this chair is that it is the best combination for your office room because the color combination and the segmented padding of the seat make it worth buying. With this heavy-duty and reliable chair, you can unhesitatingly go with the maximum weight of 275 lbs.

Warranty Service

Respawn is one of the most trustworthy chairs because it cares for its customer’s requirements. Its five years limited warranty gives you extra peace of mind so that you can enjoy a superior gaming experience.

Bonded Leather

This mixed leather fabric enhances the chair’s life because it does not get damaged like genuine leather. The estimated life of bonded leather is higher than real leather.


Since the Respawn 110 chair is composed of PU leather, there isn’t much to boast about in terms of breathability. A mesh office chair would make it much simpler for the air to flow, but if you’ve ever used a huge and tall office chair, you know how hot your back can get, especially if you sit in it for hours on end.

To learn how they affect your comfort, see our page on the best material for gaming seats. Contrary to the Noblechairs Hero, the Respawn 110 includes air vents just below the headrest, allowing for a lot more air circulation in an effort to address this problem.

Value for money

The Respawn 110 has a lot to offer in comparison to many other gaming chairs in a comparable price range because of its retractable footrest, extensive back support, and all-around adjustability. The chair’s weight capability of 275 pounds demonstrates how strong it is and how simple it is to assemble.

If this particular model doesn’t suit your needs, you can also go through our guide to the top RESPAWN gaming seats to find one that does. For a chair that can support 400 pounds, see our evaluation of the Anda Seat gaming chair if you require a greater weight limit.


The majority of the Respawn gaming chair is covered with bonded leather, which is quite pleasant to the touch and well sewn to the chair to give it a clean, tidy appearance. Unlike the X Rocker Pro H3, it has padded armrests that are quite pleasant for you to rest your arms on. Its seat also features a waterfall design to enable blood to flow through to your legs. 

I always find issues with the seat’s height, even with the gaming chair with adjustable height. Does this chair have an appropriate height range?

Yes, this adjustable height is ideal. You can adjust between the range of 19.26″ to 22.4″.

I’m 300 lbs in weight. Is the footrest suitable for my sitting?

No, the footrest can hold a maximum of 275 lbs weight. If you try to sit and misuse the footrest, then it will feel flimsy.

Chair is 4D adjustable. Does it also move the armrests because I get cramps in my arms in the same position for long hours?

Unfortunately not, the armrests are fixed but padded and not a bad option.


Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is a super quality with premium upholstery chair. Its bonded leather makes it more durable and long-lasting in use. This kind of chair has extendable footrests with all adjustable features like headrests and back support.

You can request the replacement of the product’s parts until the warranty is over. Enjoy a stress-free setting with this high-rated gaming chair!