Review Policy

Whenever you read a review about anything, it’s always positive. In fact, some of the products are even loved by reviewers. And that brings us to one of your fair questions

“Have you ever seen a product not good enough?” This is a pretty fair question because every one of you might be wondering whether the review you guys write is just good. And the product has all the winning features that it should have.

Well, “yes” we have. There happened to be too many products including chairs, chair speakers, chair consoles, and other related products that we didn’t like at all. In fact, we still think that we have wasted a lot of time and money on such worthless things just to review them.

Sometimes, their marketing game is so strong that you just don’t want to miss out. And sometimes, the expectations from a chair are not that high but it over-delivers. So, that’s how you meet the best of the best and worst of the worst products of all time.

Our goal is to keep you safe from fraud and wrong decisions and the repercussions of those decisions. Therefore, we only bring up the most beneficial and trustworthy products so that you don’t need to waste your precious time and money. Since we have wasted a lot in this matter already, we just want to go pick the best products and don’t worry about them being an under-delivering product.

Only writing about the worthy chairs and not all of them

Yes, it’s true. We don’t write about all the products that we have tested so far. It’s because they’re not worth mentioning on any platform and don’t want to waste your and our time on such things. Whenever we find that a chair or its relevant product is missing some key features to compare to others, we discard the whole review about it.

We only write about the good products because they’re worth mentioning everywhere since they have all the key features. When we compare those chairs with any other chair, they outperform others. Also, we know that people read our reviews since we are the experts on this topic.

This is why; we know our worth and try to make it as much value as possible. This happens when you only get to hear the good and promising chairs from us. It’s because this is a form of marketing of those chairs that is called “de facto” marketing. Hence, when we write and post about a chair, we know that it is something we have to make worthwhile for us.

If you are still not getting our ideology of this de facto marketing, we would suggest you read our principles. These are the principles that guide us through the decision if a chair is worth mentioning in our review or not.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency is the most important aspect of any review website. We believe that if we stay honest about things and try to make our reviews as transparent as possible, we will be reaching the goal of our own brand awareness. Therefore, do not mention the chairs that we don’t think you should even try when it’s in front of you.

On the other hand, we only write about those products that are still worthy of a mention in the article even if there’re flaws in them. This is because not every product is completely perfect. There are good and bad about each chair on the market but since we have to be honest with you, we need to write about everything.

You must have noticed that we write both; the pros, and cons of each product. Now pros can be understood that we want you to try this product. But cons, really? Yes, we want you to know everything about the chairs completely. That’s why we tell you about almost all the cons of the products as well.

This way, you feel a lot more confident if you want to buy it or not because sometimes the cons aren’t that discouraging for many of you.

Personal Experience

Personal experience is the key factor in reviewing a product. It’s because how can someone tell others good or bad about a product if they’ve not even used it themselves? Therefore, sometimes, we buy products and sometimes we rent products from the stores that offer such a thing. We review it, see what fits us and what does not, and then post it on our website.

The only thing you should trust is a person claiming anything about a person if they have proof of having used a chair. That’s why, even though, we aren’t any experts in any subject like psychology, physiology, sociology, mechanics, or style (ology). We can still say with confidence that our reviews are the best because they’re based on true experience.

Also, we don’t guarantee that a product that was great for us will be great for you too, but most of them do prove to be great for you too. So, don’t worry, it’s just some exceptional cases that the products don’t work out for them even after reading the reviews.


Affiliations with brands and product stores are a form of marketing that is a win-win for both; customers, and the brand/endorsers. So what happens in this type of marketing?

With this type of marketing, the products i.e. chairs in this case, we say are the best in all terms out of all, will be listed on our website. Different brands approach us and offer their fees for their product’s marketing. And we add their store’s link to their products, like the chairs in this case.

So, when you proceed to that link and buy that product from our link, we get a small amount in commission from the store.

NOTE: You don’t pay a penny extra for our commission as we get it from brands because they keep enough marketing budget in their finances. So, don’t worry and buy whatever you want.

In case, you don’t believe us, you can go and search for the same product on google and look for an online store that is selling that product. With this method, we won’t get anything from the store, fair enough.

But as long as we are transparent and honest with our reviews, it is fair to have this win-win deal where you buy the best product, we get a commission, and the brand gets sales.

Some of the online store platforms like Daraz, and Amazon, ask you to put an affiliate disclaimer on your pages to let people know that you are getting commission from their purchase. And we’re cool with it because there’s nothing to hide.

So, now we believe you know how our review policy works.

We wish you the best of luck. J