Do you work sitting against a set desk for an entire day? Do your hands ache after you’re done and feel them cramping up? Maybe it’s due to the mouse you’re using? Let’s find out.

It’s quite common. Whenever we experience any sort of ache, the last thing we would expect is a mouse to be causing it. We don’t really consider small things to be responsible for the ache we feel but it’s highly likely.

We are always keen on investing in ergonomic office chairs under the budget or maybe even wall mounting computers but we would never even consider the idea of having our mouse replaced. But the thing is, the keyboard and the mouse have just as much part to play in your hands cramping up as a regular chair plays role in causing your back pain.

Have you ever considered buying a vertical mouse? Have you ever even heard of it? If not, we are here to tell you all about so keep reading.

What is a Vertical Mouse?

A vertical mouse is an ergonomically shaped mouse that maintains a handshake position of your hand while you work. This specific mouse helps reduce strain on your hands by keeping your wrist parallel which isn’t possible when you use the regular mouse. It greatly reduces risk of causing strain on hand muscles and tendons so you don’t feel fatigued after a long day at work.

We also found out recently that vertical mouse reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a syndrome that may narrow the carpal tunnel in your wrist, causing nerve compression and various other issues in your hands.

What is a vertical mouse

So, let’s get everything down in order. We are going to be talking about the pros and cons of using vertical mouse so you can decide for yourself whether they are a good investment or not!

Pros of Using a Vertical Mouse

So, why should you go for a vertical mouse, here are a few pros!

1. Avoid muscle fatigue

The best part about vertical mouse is that it allows your forearm and wrist to stay in a neutral position. This limits the use of muscles which will ensure once you’re done working, you won’t feel any muscle pain or cramping even if you continuously work for hours.

2. Reduced risk of carpal tunnel

Since your forearm and wrist would be in a parallel position, there will be a lesser risk of wrist or forearm pronation which may eventually cause carpal tunnel syndrome. If this continues and your wrist and forearm experience pronation consistently then this would cause muscle inflammation around the wrist area.

Eventually leading to narrowing down carpal tunnel that will press on the median nerve. The vertical mouse is also known for keeping your wrist above and off the desk, decreasing pressure in the wrist area.

3. Doesn’t cause pain while mouse operating

If you happen to be someone who is already suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, then a vertical mouse could be your best bet. The handshake position that vertical mouse offers allows you to put all the pressure on your forearm instead of your wrist. This will effectively alleviate wrist strain that you may have and prevent them from further expanding.

4. Way more comfortable

What is the one thing you desperately look for whenever you work? You want to stay comfortable, right? The vertical mouse will make sure your wrist remains comfortable even if you have to commute for long hours.

It’s easy to use, has a firm grip and is way more responsive than regular mouse.

Pros and cons of using a vertical mouse

Cons of using a vertical mouse

Where there are several upsides to using a vertical mouse, we can’t deny there are downsides as well. Let’s look at some of the cons of using a vertical mouse,

1. Costly

Regular mouse doesn’t really cost you anything. They are far more economical than any other component of your PC. But, a vertical mouse is very costly which is one of the first downsides of buying it. Not many people opt for vertical mouse because of the cost. Most of these vertical mouse cost around $100 or more which means not many of us are going to go ahead and purchase it in one go.

You will have to establish a budget for this. See if it fits your pocket and then go for it.

2. Battery operated

Most regular have a cable that you can connect to your PC directly. There is no battery that needs to be recharged which means you won’t have to worry about the mouse dying down while you’re on to something. Though regular wireless mouse does operate with a battery but not many people opt for it because it’s inconvenient.

That is the same case with the vertical mouse. They are battery operated and you will have to change the batteries or recharge them every other day. This causes a lot of inconvenience to the user which is why not many people wanna go for a vertical mouse especially when you’re paying a lot of money for it.

3. Takes time to adjust

Vertical mouse is a new component. It will take time for you to adjust to it obviously. This may make you experience a time frame where you aren’t as productive as you used to be. That could be another reason why not a lot of users go for it. They like being accustomed to the components they use.


A vertical mouse has a lot of benefits especially when it comes putting strain of your hands and arms. We absolutely recommend it if you afford it. On a whole, the way we see it, the pros of a vertical mouse do outweigh the cons which is everything you need.