Did you know they’re more than 50 idioms and phrases in the English language that refers to our feet? We guess not! Feet are important. If those idioms and phrases indicate anything, you use them for more than walking so they need to be taken care of.

We walk, we run, we jump to conclusions, we put our best foot forward, put them through doors. There is loads that you do on your feet so obviously, you need to stop taking them for granted right from this minute.

However, for some people, work doesn’t really happen on the feet. They sit against the desk, sometimes in comfort but sometimes not while their head takes care of the entire game. The creativity that flows through your fingertips to your keyboard is enigmatic.

But you can also take care of your feet while working because you don’t know, even without putting any pressure on your feet, you’re still causing them a lot of hassle, and here is how footrest can come to the rescue.

Why Should you Consider an Under Desk Footrest?

You might not agree but office chairs and desks are designed while keeping a standard-sized human body in mind. But truth be told, there is no ideal size of a human body since we come in all shapes and sizes. These desks and chairs can be the cause of a lot of discomfort and unease.

Sometimes you will find that your feet aren’t sitting comfortably on the floor while others you may even encounter that your feet aren’t even touching the floor. This could be a problem since eventually, your feet will get tired and you will lose your focus.

Why should you consider an under desk footrest

Tension in the calves, ankles, and feet can all start because there is discomfort at your high-desk and chairs. Some people even develop chronic back pain and blood circulation problems because of an uneasy desk.

So, this is where a footrest can prove to be a blessing in disguise. It can relieve you of all the office stress you’ve been facing and enhance your overall productivity.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using an under-desk footrest in a lot more detail,

Benefits of Using an Under Desk Footrest!

Some of the most imperative benefits of using an under-desk footrest have been mentioned below.

1. Provides enhanced support to your back

According to various researches, it is proven that upper body mobility is drastically improved by using a footrest underneath your desk. It alleviates your posture and saves you from several kinds of back pain that can take place otherwise.

In simple words, a footrest can really make or break your productivity. Just know this, the way you stand is greatly affected by your feet’s position, your sitting posture is affected in the same that how your feet are resting on the ground.

Whether you’re standing or moving around, having a footrest will keep your feet in a relaxing posture and provide great support to your upper body. It helps you stay relaxed and more responsive to your surroundings.

Not to mention, who doesn’t like more productivity out of their day?

2. No pressure on your legs anymore

Anyone who has a desk job knows exactly how it feels how the entire hectic routine can take a toll on their health. In an ideal situation, it will be important for you to get up and move around. But in case you can’t seem to find time for that, what you can do is rest your feet on the footrest and relieve them of added pressure.

You can’t always support your legs on your toes. It puts more pressure on your thighs and hips. However, with a footrest, as your feet are elevated, you will feel the stress leave your body at once.

3. Better blood circulation

Moving isn’t always an option for someone with a desk job whereas sitting in the same posture for hours isn’t right in any way as well. But with a footrest, your feet will stay in an elevated position meaning your blood circulation will stay normal throughout the day.

For improved results, you can try and readjust your position every few minutes. Even if you can’t walk around the office, try and move your legs as much as possible.

Benefits of using an under desk footrest

4. Say goodbye to back pain

The human spine and straight-back chairs don’t work well together. Though there are several ergonomic chairs available in the market that you can get for yourself.

If that is not a possibility, then having a footrest will certainly make a difference. It will take the pressure off your spine and will keep you from slouching. Also, having a straight-up sitting posture is also great for your back.

5. Relax your feet

What does the word “footrest” indicate? It means you can rest your feet on a simple tool. Relaxing your feet while you work constantly is imperative. You need to feel relaxed and hypes up during the tough day and a footrest can make that possible.


While most people don’t really understand the importance of a footrest, as you can see now, it holds a great deal of comfort and support for your body. You need to be more careful with the choice of your office chair as well.

But if that is out of options, finding the best underneath footrest won’t bug. There are several best under desk footrests available on Amazon that you should check out. They don’t really cost a lot but the level of ease they bring is priceless.

We hope this article has been informative for you. If there is anything you’d like to add to our thoughts, don’t forget to leave us with your feedback down below.