Gamers who have a habit of gaming for long hours often complain about backaches, wrist problems, shoulder issues, and various other bodily ailments. That is mainly because of the sedentary lifestyle they adopt when they start gaming.

Although, investing in high-end gaming equipment like the best gaming chairs, monitors, keyboards, tables can truly narrow down the risks of playing all day long. Yet they aren’t the most efficient. With all of the things we have just mentioned, you also need to understand the importance of the right gaming posture because if you don’t, you’ll end up right where you started.

There are hundreds of injuries and syndromes that are only caused by having a poor posture. If you only pay some attention and work on your posture, you will be able to prevent a lot of bad injuries from happening to yourself.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about some major steps a gamer can take to ensure his health. If you’re planning to get on with a gaming session, especially if it is going to last for hours, you must ensure you follow all the steps we are going to mention in this article. When you really start practicing the right gaming posture, you will never ever have to complain about aches again.

Before we head to guide you about the right gaming posture, here are a few things you should take note of.

Set a Time Frame:

Gaming or working for long hours poses a serious threat to your body that not many people understand. It is capable of causing pressure points that can, later on, create nerve damage that may be irreversible. It also restricts the blood flow in your body.

Also, when you sit for long hours, it can cause diabetes or become responsible for heart diseases. So it is imperative that you set a time frame for yourself especially if you’re a regular gamer.

You can take small breaks in between and manage your health that way. Taking a small break every other hour gives your body some time to relax and you can relieve your legs of any build-up stress. So make sure you set a time frame and also take small breaks in between to walk around.

Bad Posture:

Did you know that most Americans complain of having back problems as early as the age of 19? It is mainly because teens start gaming quite early in their teenage and when they grow up, they start complaining about these aches because of the bad posture they adopted earlier on.

It is extremely important to tell our kids the importance of the right posture right from the beginning. If we don’t pay attention to this right away, we may cause them more harm than we can imagine.

Bad posture

Tips for Proper Gaming Posture

Moving on, here are our top 5 tips for maintaining a proper gaming posture!

1. Accurate Monitor Height

Whether you have the monitor placed on a console or attached to the wall, it is imperative that monitor is at the correct height so it prevents the gamer from looking down below or having to arch his neck too high.

This can cause issues with neck if you plan to hold the same arched position for far too long. You need to make sure the monitor is raised at the right level so you can have direct eye contact with it, without having to arch your neck.

2. Accurate chair height

Accurate chair height

One of the common reasons that lead to a bad posture is incorrect chair height. The chair you use for work or gaming should be in the correct proportion to your body’s height. So, when you’re setting the height for the chair, you will need to see if your legs aren’t too cramped up and your back remains to align to the spinal cord.

Also, you can check out the best gaming chairs on amazon to fix this problem. These kinds of chairs are designed specifically to cater to the needs of professional gamers.

3. Accurate chair back position

One of the most important tips to prevent bad posture is to position your back in alignment to your spinal cord. Unfortunately, when you’re playing games, it is very easy to slouch over and lean into the screen especially when the game gets intense.

So, opt for a gaming chair that remains in an accurate position and keeps you from slouching. It will help you maintain a proper posture without having to ask for too much effort on your part.

4. Keyboard and controller position

When positioning your keyboard and controller, you must ensure they remain distant enough for you to maintain a 90-degrees angle of your arm and wrists. Also, don’t push your elbows too far. They should remain close to your body in a convenient and resting position.

Keyboard and controller position

Also, you can position the keyboard and the controller in a way that your arms rest in your lap for added convenience.

5. Hip, thigh and feet position

For correct blood flow and to prevent hip or leg cramps, a proper posture needs to be maintained throughout the time you play. If you’re a gamer, you must sit with your hips at the bottom of the chair so your back is resting against the back of the chair.

It will reduce stress from your hip muscles and your legs will remain aligned. Also, avoid cross-legging while you play.

Hip, thigh and feet position


Maintaining a proper posture is one of the most important things to do when you work. You don’t wanna add up to your cramps by not paying attention to it.

We hope the article has given you a lot to think about and you now position yourself properly while playing.