If you are looking for a gaming chair as the best combination to your game recreation room with classy black color and all high-quality features, then we are presenting here our very own Vertagear SL5000, a reliable partner of many customers!

This amazing gaming chair series is specifically made to fulfill the desires of the intense gamers for whom esports is not only a hobby or a passion but a source of earning. Its racing design is the reason to attract most gamers worldwide. This easy to assemble product takes just a few minutes to get ready and to make a start with its incredible features. The frame is very high in its strength and exceptionally durable, with an ideal time of service in any replacement or damage.

This marvelous product is perfect in its use, and among the unique features, one is RGB / LED wireless kit that is sold separately to take your gaming experience to the next level. With its sturdy base, it has enough load capacity that you may not feel hesitant whenever you want to sit. Its ultra comfort synthetic leather gives high durability and maintenance against the wear and tear of the daily routine.

This perfectly fine product has a class 4 gas lift, which proves its safe use at an ideal height. The style is ergonomic because it gives high adaptability of its parts, the backrest has an independent adjustment angle, armrests have 4-way movement, deep tilting capacity with locking and rocking mechanism. In additional components, it includes a lumbar pillow and headrest pillow, enabling you to enjoy the superior feeling.

If you want to enjoy one of the best experiences of sitting with all-new premium features with high rebuilt and heavy-duty foam, then you can read the whole review to know every detail about the features of Vertagear-SL5000!

Vertagear SL5000 – Best Charcoal Gaming Chair




  • Penta RS1 2.5″ tyres
  • Extra comfort
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • 10 years warranty
  • Secure sitting with class 4 gas lift
  • The reclining function is a little rough
  • Wheels sometimes pop off

Product Overview

Vertagear-SL5000 with high strength alloy steel synthetic leather has an effortless mounting and the easiest assembly and setup that makes the most comfortable sitting for one person in a few minutes. The base is durable and firm as it is made with strong aluminum alloy material that is enough to carry the maximum load of 260 lbs and 5’9″ height with 61lbs of product weight.

The chair has no complexity in its features with a highly ergonomic design that provides a removable lumbar and neck support to fit the body posture best. The chair is equipped with 4D armrests with adjustable backrests, and that recline back up to 140°. You can adjust the locking mechanism according to the preference by reducing the tension. So what can be better than a racing-inspired gaming chair!

Key Specifications

Load Capacity265 lbsRoom TypeGaming recreation room
Product Weight61 lbsWheel25mm Polyurethane coated
MaterialAlloy steel synthetic leatherDesignErgonomic
Armrests4DNeck and Lumbar PillowRemoveable
FoamHR densityRecommended forGaming

Features in Detail

Perfect Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is a major feature that should be present in a gaming chair. Vertagear-SL5000 has a very fine ergonomic style because it can be adjusted according to needs and preferences. The backrest is highly adjustable, and the chair’s angle is adjustable to fit the body posture with high comfort even for extended hours.

Class 4 Gas Lift

Suppose you are not satisfied with your chair because it compresses whenever you sit on it for longer hours. In that case, Vertagear-SL5000 gives you an amazing opportunity because it is equipped with a class 4 gas lift that increases the chair’s durability and keeps the chair at a proper height.

Infographic: Vertagear-SL5000

Fine Construction and Comfort

Penta RS1 Wheels

The Penta RS1 are 2.5 inches wheel coated with Polyurethane gives highly smooth movement on the ground.

PUC Leather

This unique synthetic leather is best for resistance against daily wear and tear and gives extra softness and comfort.

Heavy Duty Foam

The foam does not compress or deform like the other forms of gaming chairs.

Steel Frame

You can enjoy gaming fearlessly with a high-strength steel frame that is strong enough to carry a bulky man with a weight of 265 lbs. Moreover, the 10 years limited-time warranty gives you extra peaceful sitting.

Armrests and Tilting Mechanism

Armrests are 4D means they can move in 4 directions to keep the forearms and shoulders cramps free along with high tilting capacity that increases or decreases the tension up to that limit that gives extra comfort to your body. You can set the chair at a specific angle, maximum it can go up to 140 degrees and then lock your seat at that comfortable angle to take a nap.

RGB LED kits

RGB LED separately sold wireless kit has 16.8 million colors that make your gaming experience the most innovative one according to your mood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have an ideal height of 6 feet with 260 lbs. Is this chair appropriate for me?

Obviously, yes, the average carrying capacity range is 265 lbs, and it fits perfectly with 6 feet height.

Q: I always get cramps whenever I spend long hours on the gaming chair. Can I get comfortable hours with this?

Fortunately, yes, this is the solution to your problem because it has 4D arms that move according to your need.

Q: What if broke some parts? Is there any alternative to this?

Yes, you can enjoy the ten years warranty with fearless sitting.


Vertagear-SL5000 is one of the wonderful gaming series that fits perfectly with any body type. With its little assembly and high-quality features, and 10 years service warranty, you can play endlessly without any fear and complete comfort. The armrests and backrest are best to give you relaxation during the most strenuous gaming hours as they release all the pressure from the back and the shoulders. The tilting of the chair keeps the legs stress-free with the high weight capacity. Its recognizable design gives a wide range to support the person in every playing position. So what can be better than such a nice charcoal gaming chair!