People almost in every part of USA are usually sitting through the entire day. They don’t really like it, they know it’s not healthy for them but they’re carrying on with this sedentary lifestyle anyway.

Take it this way, an average US citizen sleeps for 8-hours a day, then spends around 7.5 hours at the office or school by sitting and sitting only, later one comes to home and enjoys some me-time by sitting in front of a TV or a computer or reading a book while sitting.

Do you see what we are talking about? On an average scale, following this routine, it only leaves us with 3-hours in a day when we are actively standing. It is high time that we look at how we carry ourselves throughout the day and realize the importance of active sitting.

What is active sitting?

Various researches have shown that regardless of how much a worker exercises outside of work, long hours of sedentary work damages the body anyways. You must have seen a lot of people who do regular exercises everyday yet they have back problems, core and abdominal issues, knee issues, hand and arm sprains, obesity, disc degeneration, the list simply doesn’t end.

What is active sitting

When we say active sitting which also means dynamic sitting, it indicates the worker engaging at least some of his/her muscles while sitting in the chair. These muscles can be your back muscles, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles or leg muscles.

Standing desks, bouncy ball chairs and treadmills incorporate excellent movement strategies but some of your difficult office tasks require sitting for long hours. Active sitting will help you get your work done while engaging you in an exercise that’ll keep your body active and healthy at the same time.

Instead of sitting against a computer desk for consistent 8-hours, active sitting will help you make minor changes to your sitting position to keep your muscles active.

Benefits of active sitting:

Let’s talk about the benefits of active sitting and why you should consider it right away!

You need to keep one thing in mind that you can only benefit from active sitting if you opt for chairs that promote it. There are various active chairs available in the market you can choose from.

1. Encourages Consistent Movement

Instead of keeping your muscles inactive for long hours, active sitting encourages consistent moving. We don’t mean that you will be running miles while sitting against your desk.

Take it this way, your body isn’t designed to sit for long hours. So, instead of moving your body, active sitting keeps your muscles activated. It not only stabilizes your posture but also keeps your joints and muscles in motion without making it look like you’re moving.

2. Enhances Core Strength

Chairs that promote active sitting ensure core strengthening. To be more concise, an active sitting chair will keep your upper and lower abdominal muscles, shoulder and back muscles along with lateral muscles engaged and active at all times.

For an instance, if you work in a regular office chair, you will have to move away from the backrest and sit straight to work your core muscles. But an active chair will provide you back support and help you engage your core muscles effectively, without putting extra strain over your body.

Benefits of active sitting

3. Better Posture

The biggest benefit of active sitting is the fact that your posture is immediately improved. This doesn’t happen in a regular chair because when you get tired of sitting, you tend to lay back that will cause your spine to form a C-shape.

A c-shape posture causes additional fatigue because it forces your shoulders forward and pushes your hips backward. You will feel strain in your back which can be efficiently avoided by using an active sitting chair.

4. Say Goodbye to Back Pain

With an improved posture and your muscles engaged at all times, you will be able to say goodbye to back pain forever.

One of the biggest reasons why so many office workers complain of back pain is because they don’t have an ergonomic chair that improves posture and keeps their muscles engaged. With the help of an active chair, you will be able to turn your back on your pain and not feel fatigued at all.

5. Burn Calories

Don’t take it the wrong way. Active sitting isn’t really going to burn calories the way you do when you exercise. But, it does help you get rid of a few calories that a worker sitting in a regular office chair won’t.

Burning calories while you sit also improves your metabolism and saves you from bloating that you might feel at the end of the day.

6. Improved Concentration and Circulation

Now that your muscles are activated through they do and they keep working, you will have a better blood circulation. This means oxygenated blood is pumped throughout the body improving your health and keeping your mind concentrated at work.

You will also feel less fatigued hence improving your productivity in more than one ways.


Not many people take seriously how problematic it is to sit against a desk through the day. It has become a very common norm which is why most people don’t really understand how hazardous this is.

If you want to improve your productivity through the day, be more active, feel less fatigue and improve your health while only sitting against your desk, you need to consider buying the best active chairs for office.

A lot of people have realized the importance of these chairs and they can certainly make a difference. You will see once you experience it for yourself. Do leave us with your feedback in the comments below. Let us know if you have used an active sitting chair before and how was your experience with it.