If you are looking for the best customer’s choice professional office gaming chair which will act as your best companion in your office and at your house, then here is a very amazing product that suites your standard, and that is X Rocker Gaming Chair!

This incredible product allows people to play games professionally and offers them to feel the games with all its comfort and feasibility to play up to infinity. The marvelous feature is that it makes the person a part of the game because it has an integrated sound system with headphones that give a prominent and clear sound while playing esports. This feature becomes enhanced with the help of a backrest subwoofer system. Its classy color will make the room unique where you place it. The multifunctional chair has a perfect wireless system that makes video gaming and music convenient for live TV and movie streaming.

This ergonomic chair has a padded armrest that increases the comfort level with its pedestal swivel. It allows the users to move freely on the table to pick stuff of their requirements. The one more amazing fact is that you can fold it to place it under the table when you do not want to use it or free up some space for other tasks.

With its modern design, the chair does not compromise on weight because it has a sturdy plastic material that is efficient enough to carry the heavy adult load. This hi-tech gaming chair has an adjustable headrest that supports the neck and head. This chair is considered as one of the best gaming chairs for around 150 dollars.

If you want to increase the timing for gaming and have a desire to earn more and more from esports, then you can buy X Rocker Gaming Chair that is compatible with keeping anywhere, for example, in your office, living room, or computer room. Read the review of this product ahead to know more about its details!

X Rocker Gaming Chair – Best Pedestal Gaming Chair

4.5X Rocker Gaming Chair



  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Nice comfort
  • Perfect for adults
  • Wireless audio connectivity
  • Wireless Sound system
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Audio cutoff on loud volume

Product Overview

X Rocker Gaming Chair is popular because of the main feature from other gaming chairs of this age. Its integrated 2.1 wireless system gives a very realistic sound system while gaming on the PC. You are free to enjoy steaming and video gaming because there is no crowd of wires that get entangled in your legs. It can be connected with every operating system, although Bluetooth connectivity is not available. With its modern design, it accommodates the adults perfectly. It gives high stability due to its pedestal base that maintains balance even when playing the game with full excitement. The armrests are padded, and the headrest is adjustable and provides mobility and avoid every type of pain and aches. Moreover, you can fold the chair to store it under the table or a cupboard within five minutes.

Key Specifications

Product Weight39.36 lbsFurniture based movementPivot
Product Size32.28″×25.98″×40.55″(L×W×H)TypeHi-tech gaming chair
BasePedestal SwivelTransmitterIntegrated/Wireless
Room typeOfficeDesignSleek and modern

Features in Detail

Ultra Unique Design

The chair is unique in its style because it has a pedestal base that bears weight perfectly and allows you to play the games uninterruptedly. For a more amazing experience, the chair is health-friendly because it has a lumbar pillow and neck support that keeps the backbone and the neck at its relaxed position, and you will have no issues with the spinal cord.

Subwoofer and Speakers

This versatile chair has very different features because it has an integrated subwoofer and 2 speakers with headsets that assist in getting the most realistic gaming experience and make it a hi-tech gaming chair. Check out the best gaming chairs that come with built-in speakers.

Ergonomic Modern Design

This innovative product has an ergonomic swivel design with an ultra-classy red and modern black look so that you can place it anywhere in your office, game room or dorm with full confidence.

X Rocker Gaming Chair
Infographic: X Rocker Gaming Chair

Swivel Pedestal Base

The base undoubtedly decides the comfort for sitting because the stronger the base, the more comfortable you feel. But it is also true that in the case of a chair, only the base does not matter the armrest, and the headrest should be adjustable and offers mobility and maximum support to the person sitting on it. Moreover, its swivel pedestal base has enough capacity to carry the load.

Collapsible Design

The chairs always take much room to place and hence the space is covered, and you can’t put anything there. So if you have a small office or computer room, you can fold X Rocker Gaming Chair to store it where you want.

Compatible with Most Gaming System

Whenever you think about a chair, it seems like a piece of sitting. Still, in the case of X Rocker Gaming Chair, this piece is something beyond the limit because it gives wireless connectivity with devices through a transmitter system so that you can enjoy gaming, movies and music along with comfort.

Size and Weight

With its high-quality features, the chair is not much heavy because its weight is 39.36 lbs with the size of 32.28″ × 25.98″ × 40.55″ (L × W× H).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there any possibility to get this chair with a Bluetooth transmitter?

Sorry, but you can not connect it with Bluetooth, and there is no availability of this chair in the market yet. But you can connect the operating system with its integrated transmitter.

Q: Does this chair lower in height as compared to the office chair?

No, unfortunately, there is no option to adjust the height in this gaming chair. It has a default height of 18″.

Q: Does that chair has a power cord?

Amazingly yes, the chair has a power cord.

Q: Is it mandatory to keep the chair plugged in while using?

Yes, because there is no battery to charge, it has a power cord connection to work smoothly.


X Rocker Gaming Chair is a perfect smart chair that allows indulging in esports completely. You can not only play but get emotionally attached to every move of the game. Its padded armrest and lumbar support give you ultra comfort, and its subwoofer and speakers take you to the next level of fun.

So what can be better than a swivel pedestal base and foldable chair! Visit the official website for more info.